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(read)We have moved!
(read)Now for something a bit different
(read)Imperator Mar'gok Suffers His Own, Permanent (heh...) Handicap (20-man Normal - Jan. 26, 2015)
(read)Spartans At Work
(read)Garrosh To Be Tried For War Crimes After Spartans Subdue Him (10-man - Mar. 17, 2014)
(read)Spartans Raid Kills Bugs Dead... Again. (25-Man - Jan. 20, 2014)
(read)Siegecrafter Blackfuse's Assembly Line Brought To A Halt! (25-Man - Jan. 13, 2014)
(read)Thok The Bloodthirsty's Pursuits Halted For Good! (25-Man - Dec. 2, 2013)
(read)Spartans Reclaim Garrosh's Spoils of Pandaria (25-Man - Oct. 28, 2013)
(read)Happy Winter Veil And Happy Raiding To All In 2014!
(read)Malkorok Relieved Of Bodyguard Duties To Garrosh Permanently! (25-man - Oct. 28, 2013)
(read)General Nazgrim Banner Days At An End! (25-man - Oct. 21, 2013)
(read)Spartans Defeat Kor'Kron Dark Shaman - And Their Little Dogs Too! (25-man - Oct. 17, 2013)
(read)Iron Juggernaught Fall To Pieces! (25-man - Oct. 17, 2013)
(read)Spartans Hold The Line Against Galakras! (25-man - Oct. 17, 2013)
(read)The Sha of Pride Goeth Before A Fall to Spartans (25-man - Oct. 7, 2013)
(read)Norushen Eats Humble Pie! (25-man - Oct. 3, 2013)
(read)Fallen Protectors Honoured By Spartans (25-Man - Sept. 19, 2013)
(read)Immerseus' Contamination Is Contained! (25-Man - Sept. 12, 2013)
(read)Lei Shen Laid to Rest (10-Man) (Sept. 3, 2013)
(read)Twin Consorts exhausted by 25 Spartans
(read)Iron Qon needed better riding skills.
(read)Dark Animus wants anima? Spartans give him a colonoscopy!
(read)What is Primordius' Prime Number? 24 Spartans doing it for Brunswick!
(read)Durumu Downed by the Spartans! (25-man)
(read)Spartans pluck Ji-Kun! (25-man)
(read)Megaera scooped up in Spartans' net (25-man)
(read)The Lair of Tortos becomes Spartans stage! (25-man)
(read)Jin'rokh the Breaker Has Smashed His Last Statue! (25-Man)
(read)That's A lot of Pet Food!
(read)25-Man Mogu'Shan Vaults Begins! (Nov. 20, 2012)
(read)Stone Guards Fall in First Foray!
(read)Arctanis collects the Legendary rogue daggers!
(read)Heroic Dragon Soul! Morchok Down! (March 6, 2012)
(read)Grampss recieves the third Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest!
(read)Lorela takes another Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest!
(read)Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest
(read)Staghelm's Treachery Is Brought To Justice!
(read)Spartans Exterminates Beth'tilac! Firelands Fumigation Successful!
(read)A Bird In The Firelands Is Worth Two In The Regrowth!
(read)Lord Rhyolith Extinguished!
(read)We Got Shannox... and his little dogs too!!
(read)Nefarian's End
(read)Turns Out Two Heads Aren't Better Than One After All!
(read)Not All Dungeon Decorations Are A Bright Idea... (Feb 8, 2011)
(read)Spartans eliminates the Elementium Monstrosity! (Feb 8, 2011)
(read)Windbags no more! Just a turban full of epics! (Jan 18, 2011)
(read)Die Bickering Dragons, Die! (Jan 13, 2011)
(read)All in a Night's Work!
(read)There's a Dragon coming!
(read)Halion evicted from Ruby Sanctum... permanently!
(read)Spartans 25-man Victory in Icecrown Citadel!
(read)Spartans of Dalaran serve justice with a heapin' side of WHOOPASS!
(read)The Frostwing Halls Vanquished!
(read)Valithria Dreamwalker saved! (And gets the hell outta Dodge!)
(read)Good news, everyone!
(read)Is that all she's got?
(read)Spartans save the World.... of Warcraft! (again :-p)
(read)Spartans Raiding
(read)Send me your photos!
(read)Send me your photos!
(read)Send me your photos!
(read)Send me your photos!
(read)Send me your photos! Email addy in Raiding Comments!
(read)Send me your photos and screenshots!
(read)Send me your photographs, snapshots, or screenshots!
(read)Send in your photos and screenshots!
(read)Share your photos or screenshots
(read)Share your photos or screenshots!
(read)Share your photos and screenshots!
(read)Share your photos and screenshots!
(read)Share your photos or screenshots!
(read)Home Page News is open to all Spartans. Please submit screenshots of achievements or recent kills.
(read)First look at Algalon (10)
(read)Yogg (25) Defeated
(read)Recent 10 Man Raid Accomplishments
(read)General Vezax Defeated!
(read)The Keepers of Ulduar Completed!
(read)June Raiding Season begins 2 June and ends 29 June
(read)Season #2 / Achievement Season
(read)The Warrior's Heart
(read)That's right. Guess who dialed it in? - Naxxramas 25 Man Cleared
(read)Spartans Raid Seaon #1 Kicks Off 1/06/09
(read)Spartans Log on to WOTLK
(read)Tier 5/6 Trifecta! (Achieved August 24-25)
(read)Bloodboil Boiled
(read)We're Spartans and he's Dead, Jim!
(read)Akama dead! Who needs more than 1 mage anyway?
(read)Taking a peek into Sunwell
(read)Supremus in shambles!
(read)Zul'Jin Zapped
(read)Spartans + melted butter = Naj'entus on a platter
(read)The Ascent has begun... Rage Winterchill's bones ground to dust!
(read)Ready or not, Vashj, here we come!
(read)Hey Leo, dodge this!
(read)Ding! Dong! Karathress is Dead, very dead, really dead! Ding! Dong! The Fathom-Lord is dead!
(read)Had a wonderful time at the Serpentshrine beach party -- wish you were here!
(read)Spartan boots were made for walking -- and we walked all over Doomwalker!
(read)Spartans Mopped Up Hydross!
(read)Al'ar Dead!
(read)Hex Lord under Spartan foot
(read)Dragonhawk ded!
(read)Solarian flares up in smoke!
(read)Halazzi bites the dust!
(read)Sparta invades Zul'Aman!
(read)Void Reaver dies!
(read)A new chapter begins as Legio Eterna and Spartans merge beneath the Spartans banner -- Magtheridon dies!
(read)Payback for the Ironforge Massacre
(read)Cube fondlers united
(read)Karazhan and Gruul's Lair Clear
(read)Shield Nightane killlllllll!
(read)ony zomg
(read)Crossed the beams
(read)SHAMAN!! FFS!
(read)Sheild slams Prince!
(read)Maulgar and Posse Dead!
(read)Site Polish
(read)Artist formerly known as... Down!
(read)Prince and Curator progress
(read)Molten Saturday
(read)Deep Blue would be proud
(read)Kara updates
(read)Maiden of Virtue, New site look
(read)Heroic Slave Pens, ez mode
(read)Karazhan, round 2!
(read)Attumen the Huntsman
(read)Black Morass: the video
(read)Medivh saved! our future present is safe!
(read)Xenoken, level 70!
(read)Mana Tombs, destroyed
(read)Durn the Hungerer!
(read)underleveled express hooo
(read)Happy Holidays!
(read)AQ40 starts!
(read)New look
(read)Nefarian is dead! Mountain = pwned
(read)Ossarian dead!
(read)Chromaggus dead!
(read)Prophet Skeram Dies!
(read)Drake Triplets Dead
(read)Ebonroc Dies
(read)Firemaw Dies
(read)Broodlord dies
(read)Vaelstraz the Corrupt DEAD!
(read)Razorgore Dead!!
(read)Hakkar Bites the Spartan Shoe
(read)Ragnaros, Hakkar, Tigers, Panthers, AAAAAAAAAAAH
(read)Site additions
(read)we done did it again
(read)Pig Roast
(read)2 more for the bag
(read)Domain Added
(read)Forum Use

We have moved!
Jun 17, 15 11:21 AM
Now for something a bit different
May 24, 15 12:27 PM
May 4, 15 12:37 PM
Apr 27, 15 1:10 PM
Apr 21, 15 6:04 PM
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