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Forums : General Discussion > Throwing it away!
Marthazon (SuperAdmin) 11/13/2011 9:29 PM EST : Throwing it away!
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My purse.  My handbag.  My tote.  whatever you want to call it.  For years I've fussed about having to carry a purse.  And as purses got larger, I felt like a redcap, hoisting, toting, carrying luggage.  My son in law, who can carry concealed got one of the jackets from this site.  My daughter got the woman's trenchcoat for winter.  Me -- I went for this vest!  No more purses.  It was wonderful doing my shopping without worrying about my purse, my phone, my money!  I love this vest!  I can wear it all year long.

Spartans!  With your shield or on it!
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Sabreclaw (SuperAdmin) 11/14/2011 9:36 AM EST : RE: Throwing it away!
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And women used to chide me for wearing stuff with too many pockets (and too much stuff in 'em).

I guess the difference now, is that they can make it so that your clothes don't look quite so lumpy when decked out with stuff.

Good luck and good toting!

~~ Sabreclaw ~~

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