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Welcome to Chivalry Reborn!

Some may be wondering what our guild name means. Taken out of the Webster's Dictionary are a few definitions:
Pronunciation: 'shi-v&l-rE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -ries
Etymology: Middle English chivalrie, from Middle French chevalerie, from chevalier knight 1 : mounted men-at-arms
2 archaic a : martial valor b : knightly skill
3 : gallant or distinguished gentlemen
4 : the system, spirit, or customs of medieval knighthood
5 : the qualities of the ideal knight : 
chivalrous conduct

Pronunciation: (")rE-'born
Function: adjective
: born again : Regenerated, reborn

Remember....Chilvary is NOT dead!

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Raid Night Follow-Up

Walweas, Nov 13, 11 9:30 PM.
Way to go everyone! We beat Pallorax and Venom Lord with one attempt each. You can find a list of Attendance and Loot in the Raid Forum.
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