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The Shoveller: We're not your classic Superheros. We're not the favorites. We're the other guys. The guys nobody bets on. We've got a blind date with destiny! And it looks like she's ordered the lobster.

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(read)We are Kingslayers!
(read)Dragonslayers once more!
(read)There we stood, united...
(read)Crimson Halls done got cleaned!
(read)We've committed Putricidecide
(read)Dreamwalker rescued!!! Another victory for AoH!
(read)Upper Spire Assault! Another victory for AoH!
(read)Lower Citadel Cleared!
(read)Avast me hardies!!!
(read)Victory in Icecrown
(read)Ice Watcher... melted!
(read)Crusaders and Gladiators
(read)A smashing success
(read)What's that outside of Ulduar last night?
(read)What's that on the horizon?

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