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Cardolan Covenant

- ~Hughie McMutton
Game News
Welcome to Cardolan Covenant's LOTR home page.

We are a light role-play guild playing on the Landroval server. Come say hello inside, we are always looking for more friends.

To our Egyptian Life friends, you are welcome to continue using the forums. Nothing inside has changed.

We are migrating to "Pillagers of Pipeweed" kinship

justinianpontifex, Oct 26, 07 10:28 PM.
see the thread on joining another guild in the LotRO section. It has a link to the Pillagers of Pipeweed website, where we all need to post in order to be invited to their guild. Seems like most people will make the transition, and only a few alts will remain here.


edeor, Apr 17, 07 6:36 AM.
And it's official.  Cardolan Covenant exists on the Landroval Server!

Pirates of the Burning Seas

537625188_Inactive, Mar 31, 07 2:45 PM.
Pacer and I have been taking a look at Pirates of the Burning Seas lately and have been thinking of signing up for this in June when it comes out.  We've both signed up for beta but no luck there yet :)  We would love for you to take a look at it and let us know what you think.
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