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Lothalim, Sep 7, 08 12:11 AM.

The Greatest chance of Nemesis' revival is upon us!  Today begins the Open Beta for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.  So far, we have quite a showing of Nemesis members lining up to play Warhammer!   The official launch of the game is still 11 days away, and counting.  However, those who pre-ordered the game have been given early access, along with others given codes from various sites around the internet.  Please check out the forums to see where you will find us at!   LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!  We ARE YOUR NEMESIS!

The one game to Rule us All!

Lothalim, Jun 21, 08 2:00 PM.
Sorry, I had to use that line, even though it hints to Lord of the Rings Online.

I am wondering if such a game exists... one that will reunite us all.  I had hoped that LoTRO was the game, yet we only have managed to get 7 people from Nemesis there.  Many others are talking about Warhammer.  Perhaps it will take another game from Mythic to bring us back together as a family.

Personally, I don't think there ever will be a game that will bring us all together again.  I have hopes (perhaps those are just wild dreams, but let me live them for now) that one day we will reunite as a force to be reckoned with, like we were in the old days of DAoC.  There are rumors that DAoC is planning to make a server based off Old Frontiers.  However, I don't think even DAoC has enough power to bring us all back again.  Perhaps one day, the game will come.  The problem now is one of communication.  We all have lost touch with one another, with the exception of those of us playing LoTRO and the few that post here from time to time. 

If you know anyone that played with us at one point, send them to the forums.  We can never reunite if we don't communicate with each other.  We must know the plans of our comrades in arms.  So, send a note to our old friends, asking them to come back here.  That is a start.  We need some type of dialogue, so we may plan our return to fame.  Not in DAoC, but in a new game. 

Peace to you all!


LOTRO is Growing!!!

Lothalim, Mar 17, 08 5:43 AM.
Mortoth and Lidya have joined those of us in Lord of the Rings Online, on the Gladden server.  Now we have a nice group going.  One could say it is an actual REBIRTH of Nemesis!  So far, we have Xaric, Isisle, Brinley, Mortoth, Lidya, Jaada and myself!  Come join us!!! 

Send Loth a personal message for a 10 day free trial offer*, instead of the 7 day trial given by the company.

* Supplies are limited, so ACT NOW!!!

New Game for Members: Lord of the Rings Online

Lothalim, Jan 16, 08 8:34 PM.
Small Group of Nemesis Members Reunite in New Game!

As some of you may know, there has been little to no activity among Nemesis members in quite some time.  However, now there seems to be a rekindling of our long time friendships in a new game, Lord of the Rings Online.  Several of us, Xaric, Isisle, and myself, are playing on the Gladden server and would love to see more of you join us.  There is a thread in the forums with more information.  Come join the fun!

Nemesis Joins the growing Sacred Hearts Alliance!

Lothalim, May 24, 07 7:14 PM.
Nemesis Joins the growing Sacred Hearts Alliance! Nemesis is proud to be a part of the growing Sacred Hearts Alliance!  This alliance is active and tries to always RvR together, usually every night.  So join in the fun!  Let's raise the fallen bird to her former grace!

Long Live Albion! 
Long Live The King!!
Long Live NEMESIS... a Guild Supreme!!!

EA Games agrees to aquire Mythic

Lothalim, Jun 24, 06 9:43 PM.
New Changes at Mythic!   Will EA be a good thing or a bad thing for DAoC? 
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