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Leaders amoung men
Aug 21, 05 6:23 AM
What is a Ranger?
May 7, 05 7:13 PM

Tunare, The Great Mother herself descended onto Norrath. She called forth many talented individuals from all races and cultures. She spoke of the hatred and violence that was done to her people.

In closing she said 'I will protect all who follow the ways of Tunare, regardless of their race, deity, color, or creed. I will uphold the fighting strength needed to preserve the land we call home.'

A gust of wind swirled up around her and a bright light appeared as she vanished.

This group, bound by their love of Norrath forged an alliance. To protect and preserve their homelands they would do anything. A bond of brothers and sisters inseperable by any force known.

As you can see, we are not just a guild of rangers, but of multiple classes. We are not just a guild of players, but family.


Leaders amoung men

Terevandreil, Aug 21, 05 6:23 AM.
Mission statement:

The Rangers of Tunare are looking for new members who are willing to walk the path less traveled.  We are looking for new members spanning all levels and classes to aid us in becoming a major guild that groups once or twice a week.

The path less traveled is a hard one, filled with trials and those seeking to find the easy way, but as with all Leaders... and RANGERS... it is not the path but the journey and the rewards gained walking those paths that are truely sought after...

IF you feel that you have what it takes to join the ranks of leaders... to walk with your head held high and look danger square in the eye knowing that the caliber of man / woman standing beside you is the same as you are... seek us out.

What is a Ranger?

Terevandreil, May 7, 05 7:13 PM.
This is what a ranger is ... well at least it is what Webster saies one is. 

Main Entry: rang·er
Pronunciation: 'rAn-j&r
Function: noun
1 a : the keeper of a British royal park or forest b : FOREST RANGER
2 : one that
3 a : one of a body of organized armed men who range over a region especially to enforce the law b : a soldier specially trained in close-range fighting and in raiding tactics

I think that the last one there fits us to a T, save one word missing RoT is a body of organized armed men and women who.... blah, blah, blah.  Another question quickly comes to mind.  What Law do we enforce?  The law... I dare say after reading the Guild Rules... is short and sweet... Help those who need it... Assist fellow guildmembers ... and finally have fun!...
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