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Knights Valorous Lives On!

Mysticus, Mar 5, 10 3:18 PM.
Well met old friends!

Tis much too long since last we raised our cups with one another. My prayer to all that is Holy be that we do so again in the future.

Toward this hope, I leave directions here in this, our old yet beloved, Hall with directions for how to travel to our new home. I and a few others are trying to regather our members and bring them together in future battles. A home not perhaps quite like here in Abilon, but no less adventurous. A gathering of old friends who seek those similar to themselves, mature and enjoying one another company.

Here be the directions.

Also, if you
have a STEAM account, you can add me as a friend there:


Hope you are doing well. Looking forward to getting back in touch with you!

Strength in Honor!
Nithinia Mysticus

Juliettia, Sep 20, 07 6:23 PM.
A Fond Fare Thee Well to All

Alas, tis time to lay down my weapon and move on to other adventures. The good times with the family of our guild will always remain as fond memories in my heart. I am afraid I am one of the last of our guild to strike out on her own and it is with a heavy heart I close the guild hall doors only to wonder if they are ever to be re-opened.  May you all find that which you want most in life.

Strength in Honor!
Lady Juliettia McCracken

A New Alliance

Juliettia, Feb 24, 06 4:29 PM.
Veil of Valor has graciously accepted Knights Valorous into thier alliance. You might find quite a few old friends within this alliance since it is made up of some of the older roleplay guilds. They do not have any requirements other than you enjoy good times with good company. This should offer the members of KV the opportunity to go on more hunts and find realm mates with common interests.

The Hall Protected for All

Mysticus, Dec 5, 05 3:28 PM.
*As the last of the Knights file out of the old guild hall, the Officers in charge close the great doors and secure them with iron and a wax seal.*

"My humble friends and fellow Knights." Nithinia Mysticus says. "Much has changed here in our beloved lands of Camelot. Few are left from our Order to defend the lands we once protected day in and day out. Thus, tis time to close this chapter in our history."

"Though we may not draw sword or sling spell as we once did in protection of the throne of Camelot, perhaps one day, when lands change and a fresh breeze blows into old dusty corners of our guild hall, then the standard of Knights Valorous will once more stand tall and strong above the ramparts of the sacred Relic Keeps. Till that day, my beloved friends, may this old hall keep its stories of valor and friendships safe within its bosom."

"May we come back here often to see if others have traveled far to post their mark of passing as well, and if the gods smile upon us, one day may we all reopen these doors once more together in a new and bright world."

"Strength in Honor dear friends."

The Knights Valorous Family Reunion

Mysticus, Apr 27, 05 10:33 AM.

It has been several years now that many of us first met one another. Through those years some of our members have moved on to other places or had real life issues come up where they no longer could continue being an active part of Knights Valorous.

This month, we will be celebrating the friendships and relationships that have made KV what it is today. The Knights Valorous Family Reunion will be held all during all of the month of May. During this time, we will be attempting to reach out to our wayward friends who may no longer be in contact with us regularly, through the website or in-game. We hope that they will make 'the trip' here and tell us what they have been up to and how they are doing, reigniting old friendships.

If you know any old KV members, please contact them and tell them to check out the website and more importantly the Forums. We can't wait to hear from them!

Strength in Honor!

Nithinia (DAoC)
Mysticus (WoW)

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