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Axes High!

Welcome to the Ironforge Regiment

An Ironforge Soldier

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Welcome to the Ranks of the Ironforge Regiment!

A small wood and stone kiosk, just outside the door to Bruuk's Tavern, has the above
words embossed in mithril lettering along the topmost edge of the western side.  The
letters are not large, but the firelight reflections in the mithril can be seen across the
Military Ward of Ironforge.  Three sides of the kiosk are plastered with a thin layer of
tin for postings, divided with shelves and drawers for forms and letters, and littered
with large numbers of small iron tacks, white stationary and unused seals.  Words
such as "Ironfist Company" and "OpOrders" label many of these compartments, written
in rough dwarvish script, and the boards are worn from use.
But the western side of the kiosk, facing the forge, carries the mithril letterings above
a large bronze plaque, on which the following is engraved:

This Kiosk is Hereby Dedicated for the Exclusive Use of the Ironforge
Regiment.  The Sacrifices of the Regiment have Defended Magni and
Khaz Modan with Lasting Valor and Steadfast Character.  The
Dwarves of Ironforge, the Clan of Bronzebeard, the Senate, and King
Magni Owe these Regimenters for the Safety of Our Mountain.
- Senator Tobey Ironmantle
Below the engraving, at dwarven eye level, two letters are left open, side by
side, behind sturdy sealed glass.
Open Letter to the Alliance
Open Letter to the Horde
Beneath the letters, a song is carved directly into the stone.

Hail Ironforge Regiment    


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