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Destructive Travelers    

Happy Birthday Lilbraen - wherever you are
Congrats - how many is that now? 14? 15?
Gratz Taka on baby boy!
RIP Vanguard :(
Happy Birthday Zellek
Double XP for July 4th Weekend
Double XP for Memorial Day Weekend!
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Our membership includes a solid core of L70+ knowledgeable and helpful players, along with a few low to mid level mains and alts. We group together, work on epics and quests, and raid one to three times a week in conjunction with the Norrathian Council of Guilds. Participation is never required, but for those interested in Epic 1.5s and 2.0s, GoD and more recent progression, or just the occasional loot-mob hit, the option is there. For more information, read our

We are always looking for new members interested in this kind of semi-casual playstyle, or just good players to group with. All we expect is a certain level of maturity, patience and honesty with your guildmates and the other members of the community. If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of, just click on "join destructive travelers" and fill out an application, or look for one of our leaders or officers in game.

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War Kittens!

Enyani, May 22, 09 7:54 PM.

As the brave paladin crossed the ancient field of honor, suddenly he was ambushed by that which he most feared -- War Kittens!

July 11th EJ/DT Raid

Enyani, Jul 12, 08 7:29 AM.

Enyani, Apr 5, 08 6:00 AM.
Another fun raid for EJ/DT. We started with Fiddleback but skipped Kellak having only one puller and no enchanters.
We moved straight to Anguish where we cleared all the way through AMV in about 2 1/2 hours with only 25 people. Not bad at all, and lots of fun!

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Enyani, Mar 29, 08 6:34 AM.
Nice Yar'Lir / Anguish / Shyra run this week everyone!

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Enyani, Feb 29, 08 10:12 PM.

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