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Guild News

GRATZ on breaking 50mill RPs

Salvage, Aug 28, 04 10:50 AM.
Almost 51mill already, holding near 1mill a week.  Thanks 1.71 

Danzig got dropped like a Bologna sandwich!

Agony, Jul 7, 04 5:04 PM.
If your a fan of Danzig/Misfits check this link out

This link is actually the guy who punched him explaining himself:

New battlegrounds announced with 1.70

Deleted User, May 20, 04 2:27 PM.
Here are the level ranges, Herald says no RP caps at any BG

1 - 4 Proving Grounds
5 - 9 The Lions Den
10 - 14 The Hills of Claret
15 - 19 Killaloe
20 - 24 Thidranki
25 - 29 Braemar
30 - 34 Wilton
35 - 39 Molvik
40 - 44 Leirvik

Out with 2003 in with 2004

4570_Inactive, Dec 31, 03 4:40 PM.
Well, it's been a fun year as usual playing with all you guys in FF.  We've lost some members but also gained some new one's in the course of this year.  Here is to another successful year of FF.  We have withstood the test of time and we continue to keep on ticking.  Cheers!!  And I know it is cliche, but I seriously would not still be playing if not for you guys and gals.  You keep it fun.  Hugs for all!!

Autumn Resurgence !

Salvage, Oct 23, 03 2:29 AM.
Gratz FF on regaining #3 spot for Gawaine/Midgard WOOT not far to #2 now !!!  We've broken 35mill RP's a while ago, over 1mill in the last week was another high point.

Welcome to new members and happy hunting !  Dont forget to reserve your copy of ToA now.. 'how long can u tread water... ?'  in chainmail ?!?
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