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Can anyone help me get my corpse from the hole? I fell for 20k looking over the edge.Oh my.

- Jarhyn
"Swords raised with honor. . . . .As night turns to day;". . . . .
"From the ashes of battle . . . . .Rise the Legion of Gray!". . . . .

Welcome one and all, this website is dedicated to the mighty GRAY LEGION of Prexus. All are welcome, none are refused the chance to join our Family. If you are a member of our glorious guild please check the information section for our Guild Charter and Rules and Regulations. If this is your first time at our site please hit the join button so I can add you to our site. Thank you.

Tribute to The Founders

536914893_Inactive, Apr 10, 05 4:15 PM.

A Tribute to The Founders of Gray Legion.

a work in progress.

First to be mentioned will have to be, Shadowmarked, who worked diligently to bring together a rag-tag bunch of missfits, rejected by other guilds for being; low level, substandard, or just plain fed up with excesive demands just to join or remain in them. Known Alts: Elciea Elkhound.


the pols results on best day for an event

536914893_Inactive, Apr 27, 04 11:19 AM.
1. Saterday   21 overall points - before neg count 21.....
2. Tuesday     7  overall points - before neg count  7.....
3. Monday     6  overall points - before neg count  9.....
4. Sunday      6  overall points - before neg count  7.....
5. Friday        4 overall points - before neg count   6.....
6. Wensday   2  overall points - before neg count  5.....
Saterday hold favor for events with Tuesday, Monday and Sunday having comparable vote.

Poetry, What kind of poems do you have stored in your head?

536914893_Inactive, Mar 28, 04 6:08 PM.
the link is provided for you, its up to you to click the reply to add your own

royal rumble, my humblest appologies

536914893_Inactive, Mar 28, 04 8:07 AM.
1. i must appologize for one my being late to the MAG event
2. i must appologize for the mass carnage that ensued there with invading peeps
yes i know others stated there are peeps who go there to disrupt things, but truth be told every time i ever went there it was deserted. as it was once again this last time i checked.....i believe that anougther guild had an event going on there at the same time.
i will try to do beter in the futur

Rumble Royal

536914893_Inactive, Mar 13, 04 9:53 AM.
“Rumble Royal“                    no i didn't miss type it
at MAG6
total elimination free for all
10pp entry, +5pp for late entry

entry to arena will be via color and numbering
level ranges 1-10, 11-20, 21-31, 32-42, 43-53, 54-65

prizes will be given out for level ranges
other prizes will be handed out for:
lucky first entry. er unlucky
fastest dead. ( no suisides )
longest standing.
etc, etc... and others as we think of them
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