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Sovereign Circle
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Due to our policy of not linking out to any sites that are owned by virtual item and account sales companies that are in violation of the EULA of the games we support, the link to the EQ Interface site (owned by IGE / OGaming) has been removed. Please, be careful when installing any software on your gaming computer from third party sites!

Please note, that this does not prevent guild admins from adding any links they like; this is only the removal of the specific content type.

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Welcome to the Sovereign Circle website
on guild portal.
A  family guild On Prexus.

Click on picture to Also visit our Official Website Thank you for visiting Sovereign Circle

SC News

Spring Cleaning in July

Airros, Jul 13, 05 11:35 AM.
Ok guys, It's time for an overhaul...... out with the old look, in with the new.  I'll be working on a new banner for the site too, feel free to give me any ideas or critiques you have


Airros, Apr 6, 05 9:53 PM.

News updated 2/6/05
by Gothicis De'Lioncourt

We have expanded from our Official site to Guild Portal
thus combining the two. There are alot of features this website has added that our other site could not due to lack of software and options for development on it. Also the message boards on the Official site are for "Members and Officers only. Unfortunately when you visit the main page the sign in window pops prematurely.  "Just cancel it! unless you are a member and wish to go to the boards". Members are also encouraged to Post on the boards and forums provided here. A big part of this expansion  to guild portal besides the added options, is to become a better part of the EverQuest Guild Community as well as easier communication with our Allies, and  Prospective Recruitment of New Members. As well as offer members the opportunity to manage their own roster page and profiles. The Official Website will remain such as it will continue to hold the majority of artwork and graphics as well as rosters for classes etc... and as always is fully open to the public (Just Ignore the Login LOL )  you can access the Official Website by clicking on the Picture Above, which by the way was donated by our friend Quinnidor of Noble Rage.thank you kindly  Q!

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