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Forums : Quarks (STO Chat) > Transform your door into a Tardis portal
topgun73501 (Applicant) 11/19/2010 3:49 PM EST : Transform your door into a Tardis portal

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Ive been catching up on the new DR WHO series (finally a 5th season) and its Torchwood spinoff. So i have been looking around on stuff and figured out how to make your own Tardis portal.

First the Door
I have seen 2 versions of the tardis. One uses two 4 panel doors and the other 5 panel. On both the top panel is replaced with grided windows. You can also go with a single 6 or 9 panel door. Just make sure it uses square panels or rectangular with the long side being on the top or bottom.

Second Color
There have also been several painjobs done over the years. From near black to a vibrant blue in the newest version. I prefer the new version. Check your local store for the closest match you can find to your prefered look. Paint the entire door to avoid gaps in the paintjob and the decals to applied later. NOTE: always use primer first.

Third Signs
For the windows you can just buy a couple sticker sheets and Draw the grid onto them and stick them to the door. If you want fully aunthentic you can have grided windows installed or pay more up front for a door with the windows already in. You also need a police call box sign, you can either by the Dr Who ones or get the real panels on ebay. You also need the no parking sign that goes on the left side (hint the real sign does not say or show the tardis). Once you have your decals or signage assembled the windows go on the top panel, the call box sing along the top and the no parking sing on the panel below the window on the left.

Fourth Optional Light
For the perfect final touch you need a industrial work light with the cage around the bulb (keeps the bulb from getting smashed). You can either buy the cheap plastic ones they sell with their own extension cord attached or the real deal (you may have to paint the light yellow). Then either plug it in or wire it to the light switch.

In the end you have a simply smashing unique door (inside or go all out and replace your front door) that will get all your friends chatting. Works as a perfect addition to your kid bedroom to boost their imagination. You can even do it as a bifold door for their closet.

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