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blank img .: Introduction

Welcome to Ignition, a social shell on Ramuh.  Pop your shoes off, kick up your feet, and come have a brew or two.

Or three, or six, or 10...

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Wintieu, Aug 19, 13 12:40 PM.
Hello, lovelies.

Betcha never thought you'd see another update here again, eh?

I'm not sure how many people this message will reach or how many even care, but I thought I'd take some time to say hello to the old crew members.

I still talk to a healthy amount of you - whether it be on Facebook, AIM, or real life - and I am thankful for that. Since leaving FF11 years ago, I've found a new vigor in life and become healthier... but this is not about me. I miss the lot of you who I am not connected with in some way (Looking at you: Waif, Bloodscream)

So don't be a stranger! Post on forums! Come back!

I have been a part of the FFXIV beta since phase 2 and will continue into Early Access on the Excalibur (Legacy server). Miss you all.

Tell me your life!

Fearless, Stalin-loving leader,

Aion - The Beginning

Wintieu, Jun 23, 09 2:16 PM.

I'm proud to announce that I've begun experimenting in both the NA beta and weekend beta events as well as testing the shores of the Chinese version as well.  So far, I see no reason not to indulge in a new legion/guild/faction/linkshell for this game.  Most of you know my cadence for starting shells and the like, so I've decided to continue this into the world of Aion.

Unfortunately, I find guildportal to be a bit inadequate and "behind-the-times", so I started a test page on Guild Launch.  This will be the home location of this new legion until a full feel of the game is grasped.  When attained and decided, a dedicated website will be built/established to coincide with this upon the NA release of the full version of Aion - including the (2) day headstart (if you preordered!).  For those interested - or even if you're not, but just curious - visit us at: http://esymph.guildlaunch.com/




Eventide Symphony.

That is, to imply that we are the voice; the song; the story of the moonlight.

....soooo...  GET TO IT! :D


The Past few weeks

Kitami, Mar 4, 07 11:55 PM.
There's been a few events over the past few weeks we've done.  I am forgetful at screeshot so most of it will be verbal


We had a few runs at KS99 again, around 6.  Each one successful with each orb owner walking away mostly happy, a few unhappy.  The drops seem to have started to suck here as of late D:

Dynamis - Jeuno

Dynamis - Jeuno went decently, except for crap on AF drops.  We did manage to get 1 THF AF so it was manageable.  We got the mega boss pulled, but ran out of time on the kill with 33% left, oh well... win some lose some.

Dynamis - Windurst

haha, okay -

The big bananas right here.  We had a rough go at this last week, but we came prepared this time.  It started out fantastically with a 100 currency dropping on the first few mobs!  Yay for paying for dynamis.  We made our way flawlessly to the Monk NM.

And! Had some sweet AF drops along the way.  Both War and Pld dropped!  Congratulation to Herrmann on Valor Leggings, and Tyven on Warrior FACE!

We made a beautiful sac pull by Rapture (yay xp loss) and continued back to take out the BLM and SMN NM.  Sadly, we had a mishap and someone aggro'd the death house; ;   Most linkshells would bicker and yell and piss away the last minutes they had and fail, but that's not how Ignition rolls.  We bucked up, and continued.  Cleared the bridge and checked for the time up.  With Rapture and Kitami's duoing talent, they were able to pull off nabbing the 20 minute time up!  So leet(/gloatoff)  We then proceeded to annihilate the BLM NM with no links, but our THF in a bad position :(  Cue team PLD!  Herrmann swoops in with a mad sac pull all around Windy while Roffa grabs the NM and the SMN goes down.  Rapture then bravely sacs the Deaths house to allow the alliance back past it and prep for the RDM NM.  Again with a sac, Rapture pulls Heaven's tower While Herrmann brings the NM to the alliance for decimation.  With the mega boss up and in position, Herrmann again sacs and Roffa grabs the Mega Boss for a big Victory in Windurst.  VICTORY!

That's right, Beauc access for tons of people!

And to add to karma...

Well deserved for sac'ing well over 10k xp

Fantastic job everyone, let's keep this up!

Thanks for a great run!


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