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May 21, 2007


With much sadness SI is moving on. We are merging with MTS but the guild itself will not disband for those that wish to stay. MTS was kind enough to offer us a home and after the deminishing of members over the last few months we thought that this was best for our members. I hope you are all happy in MTS and that we can work together again as a guild should. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!



May 15, 2007

The Final SEREN - Praklion, Manaetic Behemoth

Well we had an awesome final SEREN!! We started off with doing an Epic Fight for Regonald the Praklion of the Cauldron and Gratz to him for his epic Progress. Everyone did awesome on this fight it was a little confusing to do we had to stop beating on him twice during the fight and everyone was attentive to our instructions and it was a pleasure to see the fight go that smoothly!!!!

After that we decided to take care of a PoP target that had been avoiding us for a while. The Manaetic Behemoth!! Thanks to some extra help from NCG and we also helped a group from Begining of the End get their flags also. This can be a confusing fight and takes alot of patience to set up and perservience to get thru. Everyone was INCREDIBLE!!! Everyone paid attention to the attck spider commands and did an awesome job killing them and not stopping until asked and allowing everyone who needed it to get their Flag and the winners of the loot the chance to get thier Loot!!

Loot Winners were:
Buhtoxx: Self Contained Force Barrier
Bsharpx: Innovator's Hammer

It was a bittersweet night for me. I have been prevlidged to have lead you on these SEREN raids for almost a year. I thank Wuuv and Atropol for Leading those raids when I could not due to RL. I thank all those who have been there to advise me and Mentor me as I learned how to Lead a raid you know who you are and there are too many to mention. Thanks to Kacee for asking me to be Sacred Isle's Raid Leader and setting me on this wonderful and Fulfilling path. One final thank you I have is For Atropol again Your help behind the scenes and during raids is very appreciated and I can't say how great it has been.

Enough Mushy Stuff!!

Now to some great news!!

WEAK - Wednesday Evening Arse Kicking Starts next week. This is a new Raiding Association started by the SEREN Lead Team. The rules and loot rules are posted in the NCG forums. We are starting up a DKP system for Loot and any SEREN members that join us are getting their SEREN attendance converted to DKP. Please Read the Rules on the NCG Forums and i hope to see you there.



May 8, 2007

Variglug and Tattered note in Barindu


We had a productive night!! Nealnayven got his drop from Variglug when we took him down handily.  After last weeks wipe it felt good to take him out in a very smooth fight with I think no deaths.  Gratz to Loot Winners: Serowin: Gleaming Crystal Band, Baddiefrog: Taelosian Geomancy Stone Eril. 

We next did the fight for Wuuv's Tattered Note also in Barindi gardens and after several hours It did finally drop.  I regert I had to crash about 30 minutes before it dropped but i was exhausted.  Gratz to Neal for winning this Loot Stygian Sleeves. 



May 1, 2007

Aerin' Dar, Noc Juggernaut, Variglug

We had alot of Fun!!!  We tried Aerin'Dar first and we did get him to about 10% before we wiped.  We had less than three groups and i feel we did awesome !!!!  We will try him again in the near future,  I think if we can come up with a better way of handling the adds we will take him down.  After that wipe we rezed then headed to Natimbi for the Noc Juggernaut (one of my Epic fights).  We stomped him Flat!!!!  Gratz to Khasraoz for winning the Chest loot Steel Dented Face Guard!!!  And for our final fight of the evening we headed to Barindu for Variglug (Nael's Epic Fight).  Variglug was not very nice to us.  after he had killed half of our healers and all our tanks we zoned out.  Next week we will get him we now know a little better what we will need to take him out.  We will have a strategy for him.  

    Next week we will go back to the later start time.  We tried the earlier start time to see if we could get a few more toons to join / help us and we had less show up.  So back to the later start time which is 8:30 pm edt form time and 9pm edt raid time.  For the next week or two we will be trying some Epic fights.  This is for a change and we do need some more toons before we get too deep into Tier 2 and beyond.


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