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When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.

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Welcome to Crusaders of Justice
An EverQuest guild on Kane Bayle server

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New Web Site Please apply there and add it to your Favorites

Deleted User, Mar 28, 04 6:19 AM.
This site is no longer being checked by officers in the guild, please visit our new site at:

Leberger, if you happen to visit the site here please know that people still ask about you and wondering about your return. The guild and EQ just isn't the same with out you. You are truely missed. Please contact us soon!!

New Website Comming

536916999_Inactive, Mar 15, 04 8:54 AM.
I am currently working on the new website. No ETA as of yet.

Found out a way to log and keep summoned items

Deleted User, Mar 15, 04 8:53 AM.
Hey Aaznusn here,

                  Last night Jan.26 ,2004 I was asking people how to change the color of my name. Well someone told me how to get it purple by becoming role playing and then someone else was playing around and said that if I hit /exit I will turn my name rainbow colors. Well i tried it and it logged me off all the way to the desk top of my computer. I was mad until i logged back on to find my summoned arrows had not disappeard from my invertory. Well this is how i found out hope it helps.

Sonno's Simple Stroll in Plane of Hate!!!

Deleted User, Feb 9, 04 3:25 PM.
I would like to congradulate Sonno and all the members that assisted him in getting his Book of Souls. We might have fallen short on the Maestro's Hand but I think for having one tank we were doing ok. I am proud of all of you that were willing to go and risk it in the face of death.


, Jan 8, 04 5:09 AM.
Hiya everyone.

Sorry I haven't been on EQ the last couple of days. I am working on some javascript for the site, and also a personal project. If you need me for anything in the game just send me a message the next couple of days as for the most part, although I am not logged into the game, I just about always have the web site up, jumping back and forth between things.

If things work like I want them to I think you will like the new Time Zones page.

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