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 Welcome to the Brood

   We are currently recruiting mature/responsible people 
   to join our family/friendly guild, all levels are welcome.

If you are interested in joining The Brood,
please fill out our Guild Application.  
Then contact one of the following members
for more details:   
Gudin, Dreana
 Imawesome, Orioins and Onque
or contact one of our members in-game.



Sunday Raids

Dreana@Everfrost, Aug 3, 10 3:05 PM.
The Sunday raids we started 2 weeks ago have been going very well.  During our first raid we were able to get down  7 of the names in Icy Keep.  Not too bad for a bunch of folks that either don't raid or were on their non-raid toons with less than optimal classes!  Last week went even better.  Although we only downed 6 names, we shaved over 2 hours off of our time.

If you're interested in joining us on Sundays at 4:00 pm Eastern, please let Dreana know.  We would love to have you!  Loot is basically done on a Need before Greed basis.  If you need it on the toon you're on, hit Need, if you want it for an alt, hit Greed, and if you can't use it on any of your toons, please Decline.  Masters are a free-for-all if no one in the raid can use it on the toon they're on.

Hope to see you there!

Brood Website Up and Running

Ringweilder, Sep 10, 09 10:33 AM.

We Are Getting There!!!

Ringweilder, Dec 31, 07 5:37 PM.

Brood Sunday beginning to look like a Raid!

The Brood was out in full force this Sunday...and it is beginning to have the looks of a real raid force.

We almost had 3 full groups and this was with very short notice.

Every Sunday...5pm EST..join us for an afternoon of instances...requirements for this to signup on this we can plan what we will be doing.

This Sunday we ventured in to Chardok, learned a lot and will go let's go folks...Raiding is looking promising, if everyone participates.

15 dkp has been given to all that attended, if you missed out because of Ring's messup on time...let her know and you will be given credit for it.

Of course DKP means nothing if we don't get in gear for raiding...but to start the New Year off with a will add up for loot to come...

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Member Hits Personal Best

Ringweilder, Nov 29, 07 9:52 PM.

Orioins, First In Guild To Hit Level 80,
A Personal Best

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"First in Guild" to Hit Level 80, "Shortest in Guild" to reach Level 80 and First in Guild" to Pack all his Ebony Strongboxes with Tier 8 Treasures...what more can be said for our one and only:
"Pack Rat Pally"

If you haven't already heard from Orioins as to "Whose Your Daddy?"  You's a promise...You would have thought he had just had his first "Baby"...putting all joking aside...

Congratulations Orioins
for "Hitting Your Personal Best!"

Interested in Relic Gear? Join Us for A Sunday Outing

Ringweilder, Oct 16, 07 5:17 AM.
Interested in Relic Gear? 
Join Us for  "A Sunday Outing"

Have you always wanted Relic Gear, got some and still need more?  Here's your chance...

We did a test run last Sunday to see what we could do...we were pleasantly surprised to have 5 Relic Chests drop and we did it with a rag tag x2 Raid Group.

So come join the fun, a Semi Raider's dream come true...the chance at Relic Gear and only competing with 12 people not 24.
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