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Feathermoon, World of Warcraft
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No bio has been entered for Ugren(Hunter/Survival) yet.

Character Flags & Keys
[Key] Arcatraz
[Key] Arcatraz Heroic Key
[Key] Blackwing Lair
[Key] Celebras Scepter
[Key] Drakefire Amulet
[Key] Karazhan Key
[Key] Key to the City
[Key] Mallet of Zul'Farrak
[Key] Master's Key
[Key] Molten Core
[Key] Onyxia
[Key] Revered Cenarion Expedition Key
[Key] Revered Lower City Key
[Key] Scarlet Key
[Key] Scholomance Key
[Key] Shadow Labyrinth
[Key] Shattered Halls
[Key] Shattered Halls Heroic Key
[Key] Tempest Keep Key
[Key] The Scarlet Key
[Key] Workshop Key

Character Stats
Class: Hunter Level: 60
Race: Orc

Awarded Medals: None

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Public Journal Entries
This character has no public journal entries.

Character Skills
Cooking 375
Engineering (Specialized - Goblin) 375
First Aid 375
Fishing 500
Mining 375
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