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Guild Roster
Feathermoon, World of Warcraft
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I heal da tanks, I heal da priests, I heal my party, and if I still have mana, I heal myself. Though I must admit...I toss a few shocks around from time to time to keep the dust off the keys :-)

Character Flags & Keys
[Key] Blackwing Lair
[Key] Molten Core
[Key] Onyxia
[Key] Scholomance Key
[Key] The Scarlet Key
[Key] Upper Blackrock Spire

Character Stats
Class: Shaman Race: Troll

Awarded Medals: None

Other World of Warcraft Characters
   No other World of Warcraft characters.
Public Journal Entries
This character has no public journal entries.

Character Skills
Alchemy 300
First Aid 300
Fishing 250
Herbalism 300
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