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Library : AGB Guide for Bows/Officers

Last Updated 4/14/2009 4:19 AM
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The AGB Guide for Bows  

I.  Requirements for becoming a Bow
  • Good communication skills
  • Team player
  • Registered on both websites and participates in forum regularly
  • Plays game frequently
  • Must read, understand and agree to follow the Avant-Guards Manifesto
  • Must read, understand and agree to follow the Avant-Guards Guide for Bows
  • Must be promoted by an Arrow, Flight or Point  

II. Basic responsibilities of Bows

  • Leading by example
  • Communicating with Arrows and other Bows on leadership issues
  • Communicating information and expectations to Strings
  • Recruiting Strings
  • Leading teams
  • Fostering good will among team members
  • Fostering a family atmosphere
  • Promoting current SG goals
  • Adding new invitees to the website roster

III. Communication Website

The only way for Bows and Arrows to remain current on all leadership issues is to read the forums on the website.
  • Bows should be active participants in the forums.
  • Bows should strive to set a good example for in game communications.
  • Bows will be accorded operator status in AGs Global as they will be responsible for inviting new members to the channel. 

IV. Recruiting Strings

Bows have the honor and privilege of recruiting new members to the ranks of The Avant-Guards. This should be done carefully, and thoughtfully. As stated in our Manifesto, a player does not have to be skilled in playing City of Heroes in order to be a member of The Avant-Guards. As long as they are playing the game to have fun, respectful of others, and are generally likeable, then there is probably a place for them with us. Several key things to look for in a potential recruit are:
  • Respectful of all people, in or out of the supergroup.
  • Communicates with and listens to others with a level head, willing to see both sides of all situations.
  • Willing to help other supergroup members in need of assistance and team with supergroup members on a regular basis
  • Does everything possible to keep the members on his or her team alive
  • Willing to sign up on the websites
  • Willing to play in SG mode  

Bows should send potential recruits to our web site, and have them review The Avant-Guards Manifesto found on the site’s front page.  The Manifesto should give the potential new recruit a great deal of insight into who we are. If upon reading this, they have decided that they would like to join The Avant-Guards, the following recruiting procedure should be executed.  

Phase 1 :: Interviewing ::
Remember, interviewing is as much about them seeing what the AGB is about as it is the AGB seeing what they are about. Ask and answer questions as best you can.
If they have no problem with the initial duties you will describe, seem to admire a structured SG, and like what they have read in the Manifesto, then proceed on with Phase 2.

If the potential member has a problem with the initial duties, simply mention that our group is very structured and that while we respect that this is not the best SG format for everyone, this is ours, we are very solid in it and it works for us. If they are not satisfied that they want to be in such a group, suggest that it might just not be a good fit and say no hard feelings. Call it a day.

Phase 2 :: Inviting ::

  1. Inform the new member of the following:

    1. They will be expected to sign up for the web site within the week.

    2. They are expected to “sign” (post their acceptance of) the Avant-Guards Manifesto in the “Avant-Guards :: SG Business” forum.

    3. They will need to register on the website roster.

    4. Once these three duties are completed they will receive their first promotion from you to the rank of String or Operative. Let them know they need to see you for that promotion, but if their timing does not match up with yours for some reason, ask them to consult with a Quiver Member (Any SG member with a star rank on the in game roster).

      (It is often important to point out that these are requirements, not suggestions. The items above can be communicated to them via a welcome thread in the forums in General Discussion. There is a pre written welcome letter that directs them to this thread. It is handy for cutting and pasting straight into the in game email and sending to the new member. It can be found here.)

  2. Invite the new member to the Super Group

  3. Immediately invite the new member to AGs Global chat channel.

    1. This is technically easier to do with them right there to "right click" on.

    2. Explain that we are spread over multiple Super Groups, both Hero and Villain, and that this channel is our first and last means of communication, completely overshadowing any SG channel.

  4. Immediately announce a welcome for them in Super Group and AGs Global chats.

Phase 3 :: Recruiter Web Duties
(Handle within 24 hours!!!) ::

  1. Add the new player to the website roster. Once you are finished the system will generate a welcome message you may copy and paste to the "Comings and Goings" section of the forums, as well as a checklist to help you remember how to proceed. (NOTE :: If you do not do this one, the new member will be unable to register for the roster system. Don't let this slip!)

  2. Go to the web site and place a welcome message for the new member in “Comings and Goings” within 24 hours. You may use the system generated message from the "Add Player" page of the roster system, or create your own.

Phase 4 :: One Week Followup ::
  1. Over the next week  ou should follow up with the new member several times.  Make sure the new member is having fun. Do what you can to help them feel welcome and ask for feedback about the supergroup: 

    1. What are we doing well?

    2. How could we improve? 

    3. Share any insights about their experience with the other supergroup leaders.

  2. Your new recruit is your responsibility. It will be your job to ensure as you follow up that they have done the following within their first week. If these are not done, you should not promote to String/Operative under any circumstances.

    1. Have they signed up for the web site? (Verify this by looking for their Manifesto Signature)

    2. Have they signed off on the Manifesto? (Check the Manifesto Thread to see if they have signed off)

    3. Have they registered on the website roster? (email the Master at Arms(Flight/Oversight) to verify this info)

    4. If they have completed these three things, you may then promote them to String/Operative from Nock/Trainee

  3. Report Back to Master At Arms (Flight/Oversight)

    1. Email  the Master at Arms (Flight/Oversight) on the web site, and inform them that the new recruit's initial duties are complete, they have been promoted in game,  and ask the MaA to update their roster rank and other badges.

    2. Share any comments that the new member may have passed on about the group.

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