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The path is long and narrow.
Our vision we strive to keep strong and true.
Together we stand, a family, a pack.
Together we overcome the evil that threatens to take away from us what is rightfully ours.
Our pride shall not blind us, it will greaten our standards.
Together we learn, grow, and live.
Patience we will have for those who are uncaring, disrespectful, and ignorant of how other living beings should be treated.
Those outside our family will be treated the same as any other, regardless of their race, class or god. It is not for mortals to judge each other - it is not our role.

Together we shall preserve Norrath - our home!

~Guild Leaders~

Tulroc Bashbones
Pelvis Rezzlee

Guild News

New Year, old friends, and big loot!

Tul, Jan 6, 14 8:20 PM.
Happy New Year!

CWC is always happy to see old friends come back for another adventure in Norrath!  If you're in the mood to kill things and take their stuffs, feel free to log in and check out the new gear, zones, and upgrades in the game. The guild bank is full of items to twink your toons and get you caught up with current levels, and all the members will be excited to help grind in a hot zone or polish off a quest!  See you all in game!


Summertime fun to be had!

Tul, Jun 22, 13 2:27 PM.
Greetings!  The summer is in full swing and new hotzones are ready to give up the new augs and exp we love to get!  Don't hesitate to log in, shout out to guild, and group up for new adventures or old quests!  See you in Norrath!

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