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GM: Maxire
Site: Jaqui

Damon History was originated the first week Dark Age of Camelot was released, with 8 founding members: Maxire (founding guild master), Sariphina, Moonspinner, Sanlor, Gibb, Newkyou, Sonatina, and Aranel. The creation of Damon was developed after these players found homage with each other and the purpose to show the rest of the realm whom they were and what they stood for. Damon, the name itself, is Latin in origin and has relevance to the word "friendship" in several sitings. Upon creation, it was voted in as one of 3 final selections for the guild name.

From concept, Damon was to not exclude any part of it's MMORPG's it's involved in.  The guild was developed primarily on PvM in (Player versus Monster), then grew into RvR (Realm versus Realm) battling [ in DAoC respectfully ].  Damon is easily described as an all-inclusive guild, leaving no aspect of the game out of play.  Many crafters, hardcore PvP players, and adventuring PvM players are welcomed and encouraged to grow within the guild; allowing for a rich culture and gameplay for the guild as a whole.

Since creation, Damon has aquired many players as well as lost many players. Holding on to the value of friendship primarily, the guild has steadily prevailed and continued to strive through hard work and dedication towards all of it's members. Other guilds such as Ex Libris Nocturnis, were even merged into Damon at an early stage of the guild's life. Within a month, Damon found the need for an alliance and soon created and lead one. For many months Damon welcomed friendly individuals and players into the alliance as well as the guild and encouraged one of the most friendly atmosphere's many have known in a MMORPG. As the guild progressed with ethnicity and experience within the game, it found the use of merging it's alliance with another major guild of the realm: Colonial Marines. Damon, and most of it's alliance, then merged into Colonial Marine's alliance proving of strong realm value for months while Hibernia was at it's greatest time of prevailing over Midgard and Albion. Many months later the alliance became so out of control, Damon found the requirement to move on, and seeked out other alliances. Damon then joined Hibernia War Council's alliance and found a strong function for months to come. Sadly, a well organized alliance and many valuable guilds to the realm found, no use in HWC and it fell..   Damon then accepted alliance with Angry Elves and strengthened it's RvR division and participation.  Moving from there, AE switched servers (what then seemed permanent) and once again, Damon needed an alliance to work with.  As of latest, OOC leads the alliance Damon has found home with.

Damon has also expanded into other realms and servers [ of DAoC ] at various times, with different leading players while still being based from Merlin/Hibernia.  The other realms/servers are Morgan Le Fay/Midgard, Lancelot/Albion, and Mordred.

The history of it's members, past and present are invaluable and it has made Damon what it is today. Damon still values friendship as one of the founding qualities for the guild. Well knowledgeable, whole-hearted, honorable, and fun-seeking members is what Damon has developed to. While the trials of the past have left many of us with many pains or joys, we will carry them for ages to come, for this is who Damon is; we will never forget it.

"Damon has always been known as my home, and I've come to find a great deal of friends that are generous, courageous, and pure of heart.  I am proud to call Damon my family of friends and continue to look towards new days of amazing adventures and tales to be told."  -Maxire Talon

(ammended 10-29-03)

Dark and Light
Nov 9, 05 5:15 PM


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