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Welcome to The Rat Pack

In 2006 a crack ratonga guild was imprisoned by Antonia Bayle for a crime they didn't commit. These rats promptly escaped from The Island to the Freeport underground. Today, still wanted by the Qeynosians, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Rat Pack.

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Where did all the Rats go?

Drawde, Nov 29, 07 7:28 AM.
Well it's been a while, so we ought to post some news, or else people might get the wrong idea!

So where did all the Rats go? What happened to that well respected PvP and Raiding guild?

2 things happened,

1 - Some of the more inventive rats, started to play around with various bits of the various Forges, and after a few in depth chats with some enterprising gnomes, they managed to buy, beg and steal there way into space!

Yes, that's right, RATS IN SPACE! Some of us went into Eve, and are happily flying around in very big silly ships shooting each other!

2 - Those that chose not to join the Space Race, continued to beg, borrow and threaten the gnomes until the Gnomes got so carried away, they sent them back in time!

Yes, some of the Rats ended up ion Norrath hundreds of years ago in EQ1!

So that's where the rats went!

Come look for us in Eve (based in Rens) or in EQ1.

Tarinax Downed

lyrrs, Jun 4, 07 3:40 AM.
Grats to everyone that rolled with us last night, the raid started in its usual ropey manner of afk and late people, but we pulled together and squished that mean old dragon good. Although I don't have a screeny of Tarinax himself I do have this screeny which is Suob with brand new spangly sparkly Marr's Fist from the claymore line completion - Wooot!

Bonesnapper - SNAPPED!

Drawde, May 22, 07 9:06 AM.
Rumour has it, that yesterday in a titanic battle the dread crab Bonesnapper was defeated by the brave members of The Rat Pack.

Congrats to all those involved in what has been an epic confrontation on several occasions!
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