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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 10/9/2008 11:43 AM EST : To help address one avenue of speculation regarding F...
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To help address one avenue of speculation regarding Free CTS
Dotanuki said:
There has been some petitioning by folks onlower population servers to entice people from higher populationservers to transfer there once the Free CTS begins.  I don't want thispetitioning and speculation to continue for the remainder of the yearso to help settle the issue I wanted to let you know that this will notbe a high-pop to low-pop transfer.

We will identify a list oflower population servers and allow Free Character Transfers (one percharacter) to another list of targeted higher population servers.  Thedata collection to determine these lists is ongoing and we willcontinue looking at the populations throughout the remainder of theyear.


Dotanuki said:

Sassums said:
    So in short you will be letting players from low population servers transfer to high population servers, and not the other way around.  (Which is what we want, just making sure)

    Also, what do you mean one per character, for the free transfers?  if I have 3 characters on one account, on one server, will I be able to transfer them all for free?

Every character on a low pop server will receive one free transfer to a high pop server.


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