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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 8/1/2008 10:25 AM EST : Wanted: Stunt Performers
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Ifbeing paid to jump from tall buildings, drive in thrill seeking swoopchases or enter a flaming base, sounds more appealing than working inbehind a holo-net terminal, then maybe you're cut out to work as an HGSStunt Performer!

While there are no specific formal educational requirements for this occupation a high level of physical fitness is required.You will have to demonstrate that you've undertaken and excelled incertain activities involving water, creatures, space, and vehicles andthat you have completed First Aid training. Fitness training, mountainclimbing and rigging skills can be useful, while acting experience anda good understanding of the holofilm and holovision industry would alsobe highly regarded. A healthy respect for life, a love of sports, andadvanced physical fitness are top priorities for an HGS Stunt Performer.

The Studio is looking for Stunt Performers who have the skill and physical prowess required to make a stunt look spectacular andrealistic. Most importantly, you must perform stunts with minimal riskto your own safety. To be successful as an HGS Stunt Performer you'llneed to have quick reflexes and be extremely fit and agile, otherwisedoing a backflip out of a blazing base won't work too well. If poortiming is your downfall, think carefully about this occupation. Onewrong move and you could really hurt yourself. Bad eyesight could becontribute to poor timing, so have these checked before undertaking anybrave moves.

You don’t have to be a performer to sign on with HGS. You can role play as a Second unit, Pyrotechnician, Special effect artist, Trickster, or anything that your imagination lends itself to.

Also note that HGS recieved official Lightsaber & Jedi Costume Accreditation from Inquisitor Adalric Cessius Brandl.The Studio uses top quality lightsaber prop replicas and authentic Jediand factional costumes. Certain films require actors to take on therole of Jedi or a member of a specific faction.

Although this can possibly be a good hiding place for force sensitive or Jedi characters, HGS Jedi and other force-sensitives must conceal their status carefully.They should not openly discuss it and should be careful to concealtheir distinctive robes and lightsaber from the prying eyes of theEmpire and Bounty Hunters.

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