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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 11/9/2008 7:44 PM EST : 2008 Pharple Day ( Thanksgiving ) Pictures
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Pharple Day was hosted by <HGS>, <NAVY>, Citizens of Riva Dorata and Citizens of Aventine Spaceport on November 9th, 2008.

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Thank you to all that joined us for the celebration!

Special Thanks

...Mayor Aonin for hosting the first part of the event in Riva Dorata.

...Lieutenant Commander Laryssa Dotan for hosting the first part of the event in Aventine Spaceport.

Mayor Aonin placed Storyteller props in the city of Riva Dorata.

Sentients arrived at the Dal Fiume Cantina.

Mayor Aonin.

Lona's speech

Greetings to you all. It is a pleasure to see such a gathering in these times of strife.

Many of you here are coming to understand Pharple Day and its powerwithin and around you. Dark times can cloud our minds to what we have.

Forgiveness is not for the likes of anyone to grant. It is for all ofyou. But today, the war is sectors away. Today is for values closer tohome. That is why we are here.

Take what  you have in your hearts tonight, take the power ofPharple Day that flows between you all and do not let it go. Friends.Family. Comrades. Do not forget these are what matter.

These are why you must push aside the bad thoughts and grudges.Celebrate today and spread the power of Pharple Day when you go. MayPharple Day be with you all.

I leave the rest to the day to your celebrations. Do not forget what is important. Do not forget how much you have.

Sentients head to Aventine Spaceport on Lok.

Laryssa's camp.

Entrance way to Aventine Spaceport.

Everyone was asked to show their ID cards before entering. This was the check point.

Nallu's speech:

Greetings warmbloods and coldbloods! Thank you for joining us today forPharple Day. I would like to thank Lieutenant Commander Laryssa Dotanand caretakers of Aventine Spaceport.

Pharple Day is a traditional Lokian holiday held at the conclusion ofthe harvest season. The early settlers on the planet were particularlygrateful to Felanto, a Native Feeorin and former outlaw who taught themhow to grow corn.

Without Felanto's assistance, the setters might not have survived onthe colonized planet. Pharple Day meals are traditional family eventswhere a variety of delicious foods and served.

First and foremost, Pharple is the featured item in most feasts.Stuffing, mashed potatoes with Gurk Gravy, sweet potatoes, KimogilaKranberry sauce, Lokian corn, turnips, and Smuggler Pie are commonlyassociated with Pharple Day dinner.

Guests often bring food items or help with the cooking as part of the communal meal.

In keeping with the holiday theme of putting aside differences to givethanks, during the socializing or meal, people talk about what they arethankful for or share their experiences during the past year which havecaused them to feel grateful.

Thank you everyone, for joining us in Aventine Spaceport!

Happy Pharple Day!

Amul'ette (Associate) 11/10/2008 7:16 AM EST : RE: 2008 Pharple Day ( Thanksgiving ) Pictures
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Here's a few more. 

Characters: Amul'ette Xandree

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