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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 5/28/2009 3:22 PM EST : 2009 Remembrance Day ( Memorial Day ) Pictures
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Remembrance Day was hosted by HGS, Lona', Eabha, Pacen, and Malcar May 22nd, 2009. Remembrance Day is a 'Themed holiday', according to Pex's Holiday Player Events Guide. A themed holiday is when players celebrate real world holidays with a Star Wars Galaxies™ with an In-Character twist. This is not official Star Wars canon.

Remembrance Day commemorates Sentients whorisked their lives in military service to their planet. Many observedthis holiday by visiting war cemeteries and memorials, and stagingfestivities to honor veterans. Remembrance Day is also used as a timefor picnics, barbecues, clan gatherings, and sporting events. HGS joinsthese efforts, sending top entertainers, musicians, dancers, andcelebrities on tour to show their thanks to those who have served.

HGS had teamed up with Doctors Without Sectors (
Eabha & Pacen), and the city of River Haven, Corellia (Malcar) in this neutral event, which honors veterans and the past. It did not lean towards Imperial or Rebel alignment in the Galactic CivilWar in Star Wars. OOCly this event honored Memorial Day, observed in the United States.

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Special Thanks

...Eabha and Pacen for hosting the event at Restuss Refugee Camp, on behalf of Doctors Without Sectors.

...Malcar for hosting the second part of the event in the city of River Haven, Corellia.

...Our Guest Speaker,
Jod, for orating a speech in River Haven, Corellia.

...All players who joined us for the event.

White   Spatial Chat
Green   Cutom Emote

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard says, "Anyways, Rhiza, this is Charl..."
[Chat]  Charl looks over his left shoulder to Giallo, smirking.

[Chat]  Rhiza Ciella says, "Eet iz lovelee to meet you, Monsieur Charl."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea looks over her notes.
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret looks over at the man she spoke with earlier and smiles encouragingly...
[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian looks back down at himself before groaning. Heknew he should have brought a tie... He quickly goes about untying thesatchel from his shoulder.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea clears her throat.
[Chat]  Eabha Brea looks around.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre puts her attention to Eabha.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Greetings"
[Chat]  Thistle Crowe fidgits in her chair.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Thank you for attending this Remembrance Day event"
[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "I am doctor Eabha Brea the administrator of DoctorsWithout Sectors and I will be speaking this evening about ourorganization"

[Chat]  (polite) Taldan Ruan places his eyepeice on his face.
[Chat]  Charl looks to Eabha.

[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "For those that are unfamiliar with our work we are anot-for-profit neutral organization with the mission to aid allcivilian sentients in conflict areas"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "andprovide core-world medical services to those living in the outer-rimterritories regardless of species, faction or financial situation"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari flutters her gills, reflecting her attentive state to Eabha.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "It is imperative that we remain neutral, we have no ties to any government, galactic or planetary"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "We therefore rely one hundred percent on donations from generous sentients such as yourselves"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea beams at the audience.

[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "This evening we our opening up our refugee camp forthe first time to the public, so you will all be able to see personallyhow your donated credits are used"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "In 1ABY the city of Restuss was placed in the middle of the Galactic Civil War"
[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "Many of the citizens fled to the capital of Rori, thecity of Narmle. Those with the financial means fled to Naboo"
[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "However, many for various reasons stayed behind andmany are finding they must return even as the battle continues"
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre looks down, remembering what her cousin had told her about that battle.

[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "The recent increase of refugees returning to Restussled Doctors Without Sectors to set up this refugee camp"
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian nods along with Eabha, his hands nervously scratching at eachother.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "The following are some of the concerns that we face here on Rori"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea clears her throat.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Many sentients are suffering from severe mental trauma"
[Chat]  Adasra Efri leans forward.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Due to the sheer volume of refugees there is a potential for epidemic outbreak"
[Chat]  (polite) Taldan Ruan pans casually to Thistle for a moment, tapping his eyepeice descretly.

[Chat]  Dark-Nobous thinks, "Oh my thats horrible"
[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "As mentioned earlier there is an increase in thenumber of sentients attempting to return to Restuss, this will increasethe number of sentients requiring medical care"
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret looks down and blinks rapidly, then returning her attention to the speaker...

[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "Lastly, we are only a temporary solution we have todeal with the destruction of hospital in Restuss that has yet to bere-built"

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "The following are the ways we are meeting these concerns"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "We provide primary health care"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Mental health care"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Clean water and sanitations"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Vaccinations"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "and a safe, conflict-free refuge for the citizens of Restuss and the surrounding area"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea has a solemn look on her face.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Finally it is important to remember those whom have died in conflict areas"
[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "This Remembrance day I hope all sentients take thetime to remember not just those involved directly in the battle"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "but the civilian populations that have been displaced"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "For they lack shelter, food, clean water and sanitations and the basic medical services."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Thank you"
[Chat]  Rhiza Ciella takes out her datapad and begins to write.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Now doctor Nerrian would like to speak to you for a few moments"
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian blinks and looks up, offering a nervous applause as he stands up.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "doct nerrian"
[Chat]  Taldan Ruan claps his hands together.
[Chat]  Eabha Brea claps for Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio squints his eyes and peers at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Thistle Crowe smiles at Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously to Eabha Brea, "Thank you, Doctor Brea.."
[Chat]  You clap for Pacen Nerrian.
[Chat]  Dark-Nobous claps her hands together.

[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian steps up to the alter, scratching at the backof his neck as he looks around... Think of them in their underwear.Think of them in their underwear..
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian winces in pain.
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian clears his throat.
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari gives Pacen her full attention.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Good evening. I'm Doctor Nerrian and I'm here to speak on the concerns of the Outer Rim."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "I... ugh... I'm not very good at this, so bare with me, yes?"
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian flashes a forced smile before continuing.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea smiles at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret closes her eyes for a moment and then wipes under her eyes...

[Chat]  Thistle Crowe smiles at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerriansays nervously, "A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a younggirl in Mos Eisly. She was seven years old and she... she wants to be adoctor."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "She would come to me, trying to serve as an improntu nurse..."
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Sadly, a week ago, gang violence brokeout in the streets and this young girl, Tosha, was caught in the middleof it all."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret smiles at the speaker...

[Chat]  Dark-Nobous gasps.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "I'm sad to say that she will not.. ugh.... she will not be able to follow that dream."
[Chat]  Amul'ette glances up at the speaker.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre winces a bit, lowering her head a bit.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari looks down.
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret sighs and shakes her head...

[Chat]  Thistle Crowe frowns.

[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian wrinkles his nose abit, his head lowering abitas he tries to gather his thoughts. After a second or two, he nods hishead to himself.

[Chat]  Amandiona Masnachwr cries soflty.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "I... I don't really know what to say here. I'm not really good at that."
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio looks down.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "However, I do know that I cansay that 'Doctors Without Sectors' are trying to provide health careand aide to those in need."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "However, I hope you caught that. we 'try'."
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "We are underfunded in planets. We don'thave enough volunteers willing to aide in the planets that need themthe most."
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari looks at Pacen, a twinkle of hope in her eyes.

[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "In truth, if the violence doesn't get adoctor or disease itself, they simply feel the need to leave becausethey feel forgotten."
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila bows her head a bit.

[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Now, I'm not here to... Well, clearlyI'm not doing very good at making our organization sound 'lovaly'."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "However, I'm here to tell you we need your help."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "So pehaps once day, young ladies like Tosha can grow up to become doctors."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Or... just grow up."
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio nods at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian nods his head, his hand rubbing at the side ofhis neck as he ponders for a second. Finally, he just nods his head andsteps away.

[Chat]  You agree with Pacen Nerrian.
[Chat]  Breshe Hou'Kre claps for Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Thank you.. Ugh... Please help where you can."
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila claps.
[Chat]  Amul'ette nods at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "ah thank you doctor Nerrian"

[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian lowers himself, his ears blushing- Odd.

[Chat]  Briino Vorn waves to Giallo Bouchard.
[Chat]  Briino Vorn waves to Rhiza Ciella.
[Chat]  Rhiza Ciella grins at Briino Vorn.

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard whispers, "Hey Briino"
[Chat]  Briino Vorn whispers to Rhiza Ciella.
[Chat]  Briino Vorn whispers, "'Ey, Giallo."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret smiles and nods at Pacen Nerrian...
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio squints his eyes and peers at Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "We will have a short tour of the camp so that you can see our work first hand"
[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "Before the brief tour of the camp I would like tothank Holowood Galactic Studios for giving us this opportunity to shareour mission with you"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea claps her hands together.
[Chat]  Thistle Crowe smiles at Eabha Brea.
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila claps her hands together.
[Chat]  Breshe Hou'Kre smiles.

[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "Please leave all weapons at the gate, be respectfulof our patients and their privacy, please keep loud noises to a minimum"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Thank you"
[Chat]  Briino Vorn nods.
[Chat]  Eabha Brea bows.
[Chat]  You clap for Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "The camp is directly to the north here"
[Chat]  Breshe Hou'Kre claps for Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret claps for Dr. Brea....

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio nods at Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Please feel free to walk around"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea smiles at the audience.

[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "shall we?"
[Chat]  Eshie nods quietly.
[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian clears his throat and nods his head as hestands to his feet. He claps his hands, offering a nod towards Eabha..Wait, was he the only one clapping again?
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian groans and stops clapping, clearly not very good at this!

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously to Eabha Brea, "I know I wasasked to say something 'nice' but.. ugh- Oh! Yes, I will do that."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea nods at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard whispers, "I guess we get to tour the facility?"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Perhaps you could show people around as well?"
[Chat]  Briino Vorn pulls a cigarra out of his coat and lights it.

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard whispers, "Umm...she is not my girlfriend..."
[Chat]  Charl looks to Giallo and flashes a grin.

[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "So a tour now"

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "The camp is this way"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "yes?"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Feel free to go  ahead"
[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "All right, let us go see these marvelous facilities"
[Chat]  You thank Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "Dr Nerrian"
[Chat]  (loud) Pacen Nerrian looks around once more before jerking his head to the side, blinkg at Lona.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Ugh.. yes?"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Pacen Nerrian, "that was a moving speech, about the girl"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Oh... Ugh- Yes. Thank you- Yes."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Her life was cut short- Theworst being that her injuries weren't as severe as some within theCore."
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Pacen Nerrian, "Thank you for the services here"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian nods at you.
[Chat]  Eabha Brea nods.

[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Well, I'm really here just to speak onTatooine's behalf. Doctor Brea is in charge and responsible for thiscamp."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "See me after the event then"
[Chat]  You nod at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "We... we could have saved her."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "But thank you! Yes, thank you for coming."
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "I shall thank her as well"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Pacen Nerrian, "thank you for your time"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Of course, Ma'am."
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian nods his head once more, stepping away as he rests his hands in his pockets.

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard says, "I think this is non profit medical missionary group."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn whispers, "Keyword, non-profit...."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn takes a long drag from his cigarra.

[Chat]  Thistle Crowe looks around the area.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "This is the main area of the camp"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea motions with her hand.
[Chat]  Amul'ette stops and studies her surroundings.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Behind me is the medical building, where we perform surgeries, routine check-ups and vaccinations"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Please do not go in there."
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall greets Kardossk.
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio nods at Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Briino Vorn takes a buff from his cigarra, snorting.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "To the left is the shuttle where our needed supplies are delivered to us"
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall smiles at Sedeia Nasaret.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari glances at the medical building.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre moves up to stand with Lona.
[Chat]  Amul'ette looks at the buildings.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "We only have one shuttle"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously, "Look at the supplies.."
[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian shakes his head as he steps towards them, hiseyes lingering on a few of the boxes as if they were food and he was astarving orphan.
[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai stands at a closeproximity to the human, Toemali. He glances at the pistol in his handand then turns his focus to the speech from the organiser.
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall tucks his pistol away discreetly.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "To the right and across the bridge is the shelther for our refugees"
[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian lets out a breath before pulling his hand awayfrom them, a frown touching his lips before turning away.
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio glances to the right.
[Chat]  Amul'ette looks around, seemingly impressed with what she sees.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "The refugees whom have lost their homes stay with us for often months at a time, in basic tents"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Food is also provided as well and is found in that area of the camp as well"
[Chat]  Amul'ette nods as she listens.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Though, it might be noted we are required to put quotation marks around the word 'food'."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn says to Pacen Nerrian, "Whadda ya, eh, mean....quotation marks 'round, eh, food?"
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian looks towards Briino, flashing a forced smile before shrugging slightly.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously to Briino Vorn, "Just.. just a joke."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn says to Pacen Nerrian, "But, that joke may, eh, give people, wrong impression, eh?"
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian looks towards Briino, his shoulder rolling abit.
[Chat]  Briino Vorn snorts as he takes another drag of his cigarra.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously to Briino Vorn, "Well, perhapsit wasn't that off, yes? I'm not one to sugar-coat as some. We... we doneed better suppplies."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn ponders.

[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian smiles towards the group before letting that smile faulter. He clears his throat, looking down.

[Chat] Eabha Brea says, "You may cross the bridge to get a closer look butplease no farther as to respect our patients privacy"
[Chat]  Amul'ette glances at the one called Pacen, and looks thoughtful.

[Chat]  Saraphim says, "This question may have been asked, but who helps fund your opperation?"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari turns back and glances at Saraphim.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "We our rely one hundred percent on donations from sentients such as yourselves"
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila listens.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Any other questions?"
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "So the majority of your donations are from average citizens?"
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously to Saraphim, "Our Board of Directors aswell as our foundors have been kind to lead by example, donating muchof their credits."
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "That is excellent"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously to Saraphim, "A... a good amount is donated by average citizens."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says to Saraphim, "That is correct. Many of our donors are of middle class"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "income"
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret nods her head...
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian catches Eabha smile and clears his throat, quickly straightening and shutting his trap!

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "were there any other questions?"
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio looks down, inspecting his shoes.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre shakes her head slowly.
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio shakes his head negatively at Eabha Brea.
[Chat]  Amul'ette shakes her head slowly.

[Chat]  Charl waves, nodding to Eabha.

[Chat]  Charl says to Eabha Brea, "I have a question.  Is it cool to take pictures and that?"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "If not, feel free to wander the camp"
[Chat]  Thistle Crowe pulls out her comm briefly, looks at it and then puts it back in her pocket.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian nods at Eabha Brea.
[Chat]  Charl nods at Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Charl says to Eabha Brea, "Thank you."
[Chat]  Thistle Crowe smiles at Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Thistle Crowe peers across the bridge.
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey examines 2-1B droid closely.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "If there are any other questions feel free to ask"
[Chat]  Amul'ette approaches and smiles.

[Chat]  Amul'ette inquires to Eabha Brea, "Where does one make donations to?"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea smiles politely at the crows.

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard says, "Being the crew doctor by default..."
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian nods his head abit before looking down at his boots, rubbing at his neck.

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard sighs at Briino Vorn.

[Chat]  Saraphim leans on her staff listening politely.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously to Amul'ette, "Our holo-site, ma'am."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "You may take holopics of our camps but please not of the patients"
[Chat]  Dark-Nobous takes out her credit book, thinking about donating.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "That is correct you can make a deposit into our account via your own bank"
[Chat]  Thistle Crowe makes a note to visit the holo-site.

[Chat]  You wave to a Gungan.

[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "Very well, I shall take care of a donation for your group then."
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing thinks, "holo site is amazing"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "let's take a look"
[Chat]  Dark-Nobous thinks, "If I move those credits to that.......... off shore account. No no no....hmmm"
[Chat]  Eshie nods at Zyre Mercutio.

[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "I think this is a marvelous endeavor you have going here.  I want to see it continue"

[Chat]  You smile at Eshie.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "Eshie, Zyre"
[Chat]  You wave to Zyre Mercutio.

[Chat]  Eshie says, "It doesn't seem like quite enough...shelter..though..does it?"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio smiles at you.
[Chat]  Eshie smiles at you.
[Chat]  Breshe Hou'Kre shakes her head negatively at Eshie.

[Chat]  Breshe Hou'Kre says sullenly, "No, but it's more than nothing"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio waves to you.

[Chat]  Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Rori is a hospitable world as it is. I am sure it is adequate."

[Chat]  Eshie says, "I supposed that after the injured are healthy again, they are relocated elsewhere?"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "It is good to see you both"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "I believe so"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "this is a sad situation but it is good to see people interested in trying to make it better"
[Chat]  Eshie says, "Very nice to see you as well, Lona."
[Chat]  You agree with Zyre Mercutio.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "How is Iaggo doing?"
[Chat]  Eshie says, "Well..he's not in jail. At least, as far as we know."
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "yes"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "that we know
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "but otherwise he is perfectly Iaggo"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari chuckles at Eshie.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Don't get me wrong, sir. Doctors Without Sectors has noble goals."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "However, we do have to 'play the game' or else others will come in."
[Chat]  Thistle Crowe says quietly, "He certainly goes all out when it comes to his work"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "The Galactic Insurance Core, for one."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn says to Pacen Nerrian, "Ah, play a little pity here an' there, eh?"
[Chat]  Briino Vorn nods at Pacen Nerrian.
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "They try to offer aide, and afterwards, demand pay."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn nods at Pacen Nerrian.
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Now, we truly are trying to help but... The Core is easier to finance."
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Alot of people would rather see theirdollars go towards humans. Or atleast 'Near humans'."

[Chat]  BriinoVorn says to Pacen Nerrian, ", you basically help people, thendemand pay, but, eh, make it look like you're helping without reward?"
[Chat]  Briino Vorn ponders about Pacen Nerrian.
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "It's harder for the Board to get fundingfor the Outer Rim... And with the Empire restricting the study of aliendoctors into the academy, we... We fall short."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian blinks in disbelief at Briino Vorn.

[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing says, "excuse me Lona' hi we never met but I just wanted to say its a pleasure to meet you"
[Chat]  You smile at Zvy Ravenwing.

[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing says, "your work and service is amazing"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Zvy Ravenwing, "Hello"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Zvy Ravenwing, "Nice to meet you"
[Chat]  You bow to Zvy Ravenwing.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Of course not- We'd never demand pay."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "We aren't the Galactic Insurance Core. We truly our non-profit"
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "However, we need donations. If we don'tget them, we can't function. That's how the galaxy goes, my friend."
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "We can't buy medication or equipmentwith a smile, sir. We need to do what we can, and in the end, thathelps some people."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn nods at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Briino Vorn says, "Ah...I see."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously to Briino Vorn, "I just wishthat our donators didn't add stipulations. "I want this money to gotowards the Core""
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously to Briino Vorn, "It's hard torefuse money, any money. So, when someone offers to help fund ouroperations, we need to take their demands. To a degree, that is."
[Chat] Briino Vorn says to Pacen Nerrian, "Well, you can, eh, promise them itwill, and then, eh, use it for whatever you need."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously to Briino Vorn, "I... I suppose."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn says to Pacen Nerrian, "'Cause, you know, all the,eh, money goin' towards the Core ain't gonna help a lot of folks."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously to Briino Vorn, "Well, we do what we can. I'm just a doctor."

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Oh, hello."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian nods at Giallo Bouchard.
[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard nods at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard says, "Well, I think what you guys are doing here is great"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously to Giallo Bouchard, "Thank you, sir. We truly appreciate the support."
[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard says, "I've always heard the terrible thingsthat's been going on with the war in the holonet.  So I'm glad thereare people like you that are willing to help those caught in thecrossfire"
[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard smiles at Pacen Nerrian.
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian nods at Giallo Bouchard.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Well, we serve to aide anyone in need."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Whether that is due to war, famine, or simply economical reasons."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Any planet in need, we aim to support."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Or atleast we try, yes."
[Chat] Giallo Bouchard says, "Well, I do hope everything works well with yourmission.  I'll try to donate what I can for your cause"
[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard smiles at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Are you a mechanic by trade?"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Orginally, but I have been working on medical droids for years"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "May I show you are droids then?"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "please"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Follow me"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea smiles at Doulma O'Fey.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "We have two working droids in the surgical rooms here"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "but they could use some tuning up"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey nods at a 2-1B surgical droid.

[Chat]  Saraphim leans slightly on her staff.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "The one droids over there is malfunctioning t"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea points at Powered Down 2-1B Surgical Droid.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says to Doulma O'Fey, "did you get all that?"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea smiles at Trinara Chaila.
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila smiles at Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Greetings"
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila says, "Volks."

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says to Doulma O'Fey, "Thank you very much"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Your welcome"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says to Doulma O'Fey, "there is almost one that is probably beyond repair"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "I credit the droids with most of my medical knowlege"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously to Giallo Bouchard, "Ah- It would seem this PR-event is over or nearing."
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "The one near the supply creats?"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Yes that poor one"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Yeah, he is pretty banged up"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "I do not think the rain on this planet has been kind to him"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Usally not"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says to Doulma O'Fey, "but if you could take a quick look at him it would be appreciated"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "I will see what can be done."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Thank you"

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously to Giallo Bouchard, "I wish yoursafe travels, sir, and hope you can support any way you can."
[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard says, "Aye, it appears so.  Its best we get back to our ship.  Anyways, good luck doc"
[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard smiles at Pacen Nerrian.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Thank you, sir."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously, "Just breathe.."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says loudly, "Any questions? Any questions at all?"
[Chat]  (loud) Pacen Nerrian rubs at the back of his neck, his eyes flickering around from face to face.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian nods at Zyre Mercutio.

[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "evening Doc"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian mumbles nervously, "Thank you both for coming."
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "I found your speech moving"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Oh? Ugh.. Well, thank you, sir."
[Chat]  Eshie says, "It is good work you are doing here Doctor, thank you."
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "yes it is"
[Chat] Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "I... ugh... I only hope that others willhelp our Organization. Tatooine is in rather... poor shape."

[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "yes well I have long supported the outlawing of sand there"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "to no avail"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "but in all seriousness I can see the need"
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian flashes a nervous grin before nodding his head once more, his throat clearing.
[Chat]  Eshie rolls her eyes at Zyre.

[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Well, we... ugh.. Thank you! Thank you once.. ugh.. more?"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "sorry"
[Chat] (nervous) Pacen Nerrian clears his throat once more and takes a fewsteps away, flickering his gaze between the two before bowing his head.

[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "and this lovely young lady is Eshie"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Doctor Nerrian- Pacen, please."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Ah, well, a pleasure to meet you both."
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "pleased to meet you as well Dr Pacen"
[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian looks down at his pocket-chrono begins beeping. He pulls it from his vest, looking at the time.

[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "It is time to head to Corellia now."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "Ah, it was all mine. Ugh- It would appear the tour group will be moving forward."
[Chat]  Eshie says, "likewise, Doctor Nerrian. Good luck with your funding drive."
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian waves to Zyre Mercutio.
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian waves to Eshie.
[Chat]  Eshie excuses herself.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "We must take the shuttle to Corellia, River Haven, ladies."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Pray, follow me to the shuttle."
[Chat]  Thistle Crowe nods at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  Saraphim says, "River Haven. Of course."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio bows his head to Saraphim.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "That is good, thank you"
[Chat]  You bow to Eabha Brea.

[Chat]  (nervous) Pacen Nerrian scratches at his nose before shaking his head at the pilot.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "Dr Brea"
[Chat]  Eabha Brea wishes you well and hopes to see you soon.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "Thank you for the services today"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "I do what can be done"
[Chat]  Pacen Nerrian says nervously, "No, I'm afraid I need to wait for Narmle's shuttle. I can get a flight to Tatooine."
[Chat]  Eabha Brea nods at you.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "It's time for us to move to River Haven now"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey finishes dowload.

[Chat]  Eabha Brea says, "Of coarse. Thank you for coming out"
[Chat]  You wish Eabha Brea well and hope to see her soon.
[Chat]  Eabha Brea waves to you.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "See everyone in River Haven"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey hands over the data disk.

[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Download this into a new droid."

The second part of this event took place in River Haven, Corellia.

[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- reflects upon the Memorial soberly.

[Chat]  Ash'tin pans the camera around, making sure not to jostle the camera.
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo looks around at the gathering crowd.
[Chat]  Ash'tin stands and heads ot the other side to get some shots.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "We'll be starting in a couple more moments,everyone. There's some snow in Doaba Guerfel that is delaying shuttleflights."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret sends her companion to safety...
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret reaches over and squeezes Kardossk's hand...
[Chat]  Ash'tin turns off the camera as he walks.
[Chat]  (compassionate) Kardossk pats Sedeia's knee reassuringly.

[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret says, "Sorry about that, my friend."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says sadly, "Hello, mr. Bel-Havok"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok shakes his head at Celox.
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "'s Malcar...and Mal to my friends. Call me Mal."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Didn't think we were friends after that meeting..."
[Chat]  Amul'ette listens to Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Sometimes friends get in fights."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio nods at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "We'll talk about it later."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Aye... sometimes they do."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio nods affirmatively at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Ash'tin turns the camera back on, adjusting the balance and focus as he aims toward the stage.
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok gives Celox a half-hearted smile, though the lack of intensity has nothing to do with the Rodian.

[Chat]  Amul'ette leans back in her chair and crosses her legs.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "If everyone will please take their seats, we'll get started."
[Chat] Amitsu Kodaigo goes back to the equipment bag and pulls out herdatapad, then taps a few keys and adjusts the sound levels.
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- looks around at the assembled crowd.
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo looks over to the camera and back to the datapad, then exhales softly.
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok sees a few more people arriving, and thus waits.
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok makes a summoning gesture at a stage.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal says to Tali'Kairn, "Oy!  We late, or a'ight?"
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn shrugs.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal winces, chuckling as he starts, nodding.

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn says, "aint nothin start'd yet, so I 'pose ye be on time"
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn smirks a bit to herself.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "I'd like to begin by thanking everyone forcoming here today to River Haven, as we dedicate our new War Memorial. I'd also like to give special thanks to the CorSec Reserves, who sentan honor guard to help us with the dedication."
[Chat]  Briino Vorn eyes the flags.
[Chat]  (quiet) Jeevik stops talking and listens to Malcar as he starts his speech.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "This memorial is dedicated to all those whohave fallen in war, regardless of in which war, at what location, or onwhat side they fought."
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "I wasoriginally going to give a speech of my own, to dedicate the new RiverHaven War Memorial. Recently, however, a good friend and comrade diedin the line of duty, protecting friends and loved ones."

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari nods at the CorSec Reserves, with appreciation.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "My friend was originally to give this speechtoday, and I have both the duty and the honor to give it myself."
[Chat]  Adasra Efri looks a bit cofused as she strains to listen.

[Chat]  Jeevik says quietly, "..What?"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok clears his throat, and begins.
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio shakes his head negatively at Jeevik.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "We are here to remember Fallen Warirors. Theyfight on in our memories. For those they love, for ideals. So thatothers may live... they have given a gift that has so much value, onecannot name it."
[Chat]  Jeevik whispers quietly, ".. Died?"
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn glances at the speeder, her jaw tightening a moment.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre keeps her attention on Malcar for now.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "They have given their lives. Yet they live on,in our hearts, and our minds. The records we write of their action makethem immortal. They will never be forgotten."
[Chat]  Ash'tin moves to get a clear shot od the mayor with the camera as he begins.
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn tosses her gabaki over the side then crosses her arms.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Warriors are members of the Strong. Their dutyis to protect the Weak, and if possible,  try to teach them to becomeStrong."

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio agrees with Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  MalcarBel-Havok says, "This duty puts them in situations that are dangerous.Places frightening to most. Sometimes the odds may be even, andsometimes they know they cannot win."
[Chat]  Andarta Camma thinks people should shut the hell up and listen to the speech.
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- nods soberly at Malcar.

[Chat]  Amul'ette listens to Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Courage and bravery, Honor and Loyalty. These Warriors are our Defenders, our Protectors."
[Chat]  Andarta Camma smiles at Kalyra Zeno.
[Chat]  Crellian nods at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "They choose willingly to give themselves tothis. They may live and grow old. But many fall. Respect the Warriorsyou see around you, because they might one day have to make the standand give this gift for you."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret sighs and looks away...

[Chat]  Kalyra Zeno blushes at Andarta Camma.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal grunts with a nod as he listens.

[Chat] Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai looks forward to Jeevik with concern wishing hecould pat him on the back comfortingly instead he looks up at Malcarwith admiration for his courage and stance as he delivers the powerfulwords.
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "For us, the Living."
[Chat]  Amul'ette looks down at her hands in her lap.
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn closes her eyes for a moment.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre looks down, pulling her necklace from her robes to fiddle with it as Malcar speaks.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- whispers respectfully, "for all of us"
[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "The author of this speech died today of woundssuffered in the line of duty. Sakkra...was not only my chief in HGSSecurity, but she was also my friend. We will all miss her."

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn softly growls, digging out another gabaki stick, her eyes alittle watered up.
[Chat]  Poe'kunal blinks in disbelief at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "At this time, I'd like each of you to take upthe small bottle of Whyren's Reserve or the small cup of water at yourseats, and join me in a toast. You will note that each has enough fortwo toasts."
[Chat]  Amul'ette 's eyes well up with tears and slide down her cheek.
[Chat]  (quiet) Jeevik blinks.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre suddenly stops short.
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio looks down.

[Chat]  Vonn' Arr'nel growls.
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo raises an eyebrow at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax seems to struggle with her braids down, frequently moving them out of her line of sight.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "The first toast is "to absent friends." Afterthis phrase, but before drinking, you may, if you wish, name one or twofriends, family members, or comrades who fell in the line of duty."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret looks up in disbelief...

[Chat]  Jeevik whispers quietly, "Oh, gods..."
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- reaches for his cup...
[Chat]  Ash'tin blinks hearing the words.

[Chat]  Amul'ette whispers, "Sakkra..."
[Chat]  Poe'kunal mumbles to Lelith Hesperax, "Siiiith... figures th' good doshans go firs'."
[Chat]  Kardossk cries on a stage's shoulder.

[Chat]  Breshe Hou'Kre whispers sullenly, "W-what?" in Bothese.
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret says, "Oh no..."
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok struggles to keep it together.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio whispers, tired, "I don't believe she's dead."
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "To absent friends! Sakkra and Malwyn Bel-Havok."
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn mumbles, "aint here fer the people"
[Chat]  Liniani blinks.

[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall drinks a toast to the fallen.
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax shakes her head, turning to smile at Poe.
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- raises his cup.

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn mumbles, "I be here fer Tyr"
[Chat]  (compassionate) Kardossk looks to Sedeia, shocked.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Please make your toasts to absent friends and name them if you wish."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret says, "Oh this can't be..."
[Chat]  Adasra Efri picks up the water and raises the cup silently, looking around as she does.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio whispers, tired, "Breshe said she reached for her comm today. I will comm Stizzi."
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax mumbles to Poe'kunal, "Your fault."
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing thinks, "raises cup and wish"
[Chat]  Saraphim takes the cup from Dagus.
[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai looks to the reserve and raises it up.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "To absent friends!  Orif Sunspire, and my father"
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn whispers, "this aint fer chattin 'round"
[Chat]  Raien' Kerav leans on the wall.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre just sits there now, not looking forward at anything at all.
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax turns slightly and sticks her tongue out at Poe.
[Chat]  (quiet) Jeevik shakes his head in stunned disbelief.
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- downs his whiskey.

[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai intones quietly, "To absent friends. Sakkra, and my brother Loki."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret bursts finally into unwanted tears...
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo lowers her eyes quietly.
[Chat]  (sad) Lona' Valamari looks down on her lap.

[Chat]  Andarta Camma mumbles, "for my people..."
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn mumbles, "dinna wanna talk 'bout it"
[Chat]  Poe'kunal quirks a brow over at Lee, nodding to Kay as he notices her.
[Chat]  Liniani holds an extended finger over her lips, indicating to Toemali Dimsdall to be quiet.

[Chat]  You comfort Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai.
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "To Absent Friends"
[Chat]  Ash'tin looks down a moment, letting the words sink in.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "I was originally going to give a speechof my own, to dedicate the new River Haven War Memorial. Recently,however, a good friend and comrade died in the line of duty, protectingfriends and loved ones."
[Chat]  Vonn' Arr'nel glares at Malcar.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- whispers respectfully, "and to all those we lost in Consortia"
[Chat]  (compassionate) Kardossk tries to reassure Sedeia, unsure what to think himself.

[Chat]  Saarai drones coldly, "When you die, you mean?"
[Chat]  Saraphim raises her glass.

[Chat]  Saraphim says, "to absent friends."
[Chat]  Amul'ette 's tears spill freely down her cheeks as she looks forward.

[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- pats Crellian on tghe back.

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn says, "dinna..."
[Chat]  Liniani says, "To absent friends..."
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax whispers to Poe'kunal.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok drinks his whiskey, a sad look in his eyes.

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn says, "dinna be talkin to me 'bout Tyr.."
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila raises a glass.
[Chat]  Amul'ette takes a deep, shuddering breath and wipes her face with her sleeve.

[Chat]  Trinara Chaila says, "To absent friends."
[Chat] (quiet) Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai pours some of the drink out then looks toLona and his eyebrows pierce toward eachother almost in anger as hefights away any chance of invading emotions or sorrow he finishes therest of the drink.
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio shakes his head hard, as in trying to get rid of an awful thought.
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax shrugs slightly, watching Malcar.
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai tries to compose himself thinking of those lost.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Next, we salute the survivors of warand conflict. Not only those who served, but their families andfriends, who also pay a price."
[Chat]  Kheltar raises his glass and mumbles.

[Chat]  Kheltar mumbles, "To absent friends. To the Jedi."
[Chat]  Liniani sighs.

[Chat]  Kardossk whispers compassionately, "To Sakkra... To Nizo... to Bhen."
[Chat] (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre doesn't even seem to notice the toast as shestarts to shudder in her seat, hugging herself tightly.

[Chat]  Crellian bows to Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "I invite any of you who wish to do so to name asingle battle, place, or war in which you or a loved one fought, withthe phrase, "To the survivors of..." followed by the name, and then thedrink. Please wait for my signal."

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn says, "I aint hte one tryin ta sprout it ta others"
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn mumbles, "go on an' sit"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "To the survivors of the Clone Wars."
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- fills another glass from.

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn mumbles, "some o' us be doin our mournin by ourselves"
[Chat]  Vonn' Arr'nel looks over at Breshe.
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok finishes his whiskey.

[Chat]  Andarta Camma nods at Tali'Kairn.
[Chat]  Poe'kunal mumbles something under his breath and takes a swig from his flask.
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax glances over to Poe, to see if he says anything.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre tries to hide the tears that were staining her already darkened cheeks.
[Chat]  Briino Vorn raises the small flask.

[Chat]  Kheltar says, "Here.. ta th' Clone Wars"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- whispers respectfully, "aye, to the Clone Wars"
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn says, "To hte survivors..."
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax raises both her eyebrows in a samber gaze and then looks down for a moment.

[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax says, "(somber*)"
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn closes her eyes, taking out her flask, but doesnt drink, knowing Tyr didnt like her drinking so much.

[Chat]  Kardossk says compassionately, "To the survivors of Euphrates, be there any others..."
[Chat]  (quiet) Jeevik sits silently and unmoving, tears starting to fall from his eyes.

[Chat]  Liniani says quietly, "T-to the survivors..."
[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "With these toasts, and in the names of thefallen, in the names of the survivors, I declare this memorialconsecrated, that we, the Living, may never forget."
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- raises another glass.

[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall agrees with Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Vonn' Arr'nel pulls off a glove and rests a hand lightly on Breshe's arm.

[Chat]  Amul'ette picks up her glass and holds it.
[Chat]  Liniani sniffs sadly.
[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai raises his glas sof Whiskey.

[Chat]  Crellian salutes Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "We have a guest speaker today."
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing we shall never forget.

[Chat] -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "To those that survived the orbitalbombardment of Dac, and to the remnants of the Mon Calamari resistance!"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio squints his eyes and peers at Jod Iegemai.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre doesn't react to the touch, unable to move as the tears continue to flow silently.

[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai decrees, "To the battle of Twin Princes. Forged from the Glades of Acolyten."

Events & Storyteller Senator, Jod_Iegemai, gave an IC speech.

[Chat]  Jod Iegemai thanks Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "It is an honor to be here this evening to pay our personal respects"
[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai drinks the rest of the whisket and clears his throat as it warms the back of his throat.

[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "and to give tribute to a  memorial for our fallen soldiers."
[Chat] Jod Iegemai says, "These were individuals that gave of their time,their energy, and their lives to give each of us freedom."
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- reflects on his final whiskey before downing it.
[Chat]  Amul'ette turns her attention to Jod, looking stunned.
[Chat]  Poe'kunal raises his flask to the speaker and takes a swig.

[Chat]  Trinara Chaila whispers, "Et res nuinen.."
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- nods at Jod Iegemai.

[Chat] Jod Iegemai says, "It is a wonderful tribute that I hope will continueto remind everyone of the sacrifices that so many have made."
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon crosses her arms and leans against a chair as she approaches.
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn listens to the speaker, her jaw tight and her left eye hard.

[Chat] Jod Iegemai says, "What can aid cherishing the memory of our heroicdead, who made their breasts a barricade between us and its foes?"
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai ponders about POW/MIA - "We Will Never Forget".
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "We should guard their memorial with sacred vigilance."
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing greets 'Caer Sei'Allon.

[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre turns to Vonn and starts to sob into his shoulder, unable to help herself.
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- leans forward to squeeze Malcar's shoulder.
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon nods to the male to her right.

[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "It  is but a fitting tribute to the memory of slain defenders."
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok nods at -Drekkin Hart-.

[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing says, "seat is available"
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon whispers, "thanks hun."
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- whispers respectfully, "Commendable, my friend"
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing whispers, "your welcome"
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "Let no soldier be forgotten"
[Chat]  Amul'ette nods at Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "of the past, the present, and the future."
[Chat] Jod Iegemai says, "Many times we get caught up in our daily lives andrarely take time to slow down and give homage to those that made it sothat we could be free."
[Chat]  Amul'ette whispers, "Free."
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "Coming together to show our respects is important"
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "it is about the honoring our brave soldiers."
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "from the skies over Talus to the forests of Endor."
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "I challenge you all to take time, not only today but for years to come"
[Chat] Jod Iegemai says, "Always stay vigilant to the memory of those thathave made it possible for you to breathe the air you breathe"
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "and for you to be here among friends."
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "We often take such simple truths and daily rituals as a right when they are, in fact, a gift."
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall cheers for Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  Liniani sniffs sadly.

[Chat]  Crellian says, "Indeed among friends"
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre slowly shakes her head, even in her grief she didn't want to be rude.

[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "So, I join you today, to pay my respects."
[Chat] Jod Iegemai says, "Here's to those who paid the price and stood atopthe walls of tyranny and didn't call it sacrifice, but call it duty."
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai stands at attention and salutes himself.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- salutes Jod Iegemai.
[Chat]  Andarta Camma salutes Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  Amul'ette lowers her head a moment, then looks up at Jod and gives a small salute.

[Chat]  Crellian salutes Jod Iegemai.
[Chat]  Eshie nods at Jod Iegemai.
[Chat]  Liniani salutes Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  (quiet) Jeevik nods firmly.

[Chat]  Amul'ette mouths to Jod Iegemai, "Thank you."
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai says, "Thank you all for this opportunity"
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall claps for Jod Iegemai.
[Chat]  Jod Iegemai kowtows before Malcar Bel-Havok.
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing claps for Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Thank you, Jod"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok thanks Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal tips the top of his flask to his forehead in as much of a salute as he knows.

[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai nods at Jod Iegemai.
[Chat]  Kayda'Orn claps for Jod Iegemai.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- gives Jod Iegemai an approving, soft applause.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Thank you for those fine words."
[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "I'd now like to invite everyone to join usacross the way for food and refreshments. The City of River Haven hashired "Three Wooks With a Gun" to cater this event, and I can smell thewonderful food from here. Enjoy, everyone."
[Chat]  Crellian nods at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax has yet to lift her gaze from the ground, almost seemingly motionless.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- smiles at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing stomach growls.

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "Looks like I came just in time for food."
[Chat]  Poe'kunal nudges Lelith Hesperax.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- grins at Crellian.

[Chat]  Crellian waves to -Drekkin Hart-.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- bows to Duty.

[Chat]  Trinara Chaila bows to Duty.
[Chat]  Poe'kunal mumbles to Lelith Hesperax, "It get t' ya?"
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret wipes her face...
[Chat]  (quiet) Jeevik cannot stand it any longer and buries his face in his hands.
[Chat]  (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre hears the speaker fall silent, standing up quickly before jogging a distanec away.

[Chat]  Amul'ette takes a deep breath.
[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "Sakkra"
[Chat]  Jeevik whispers quietly, "Oh, Sakky..."
[Chat]  Tali'Kairn whispers, "I miss ye, me brother..." in Ryl.
[Chat]  Ash'tin turns the camera off and looks down a moment.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, "It's a buffet style picic everyone. The droidswill serve you what you ask for, and there are seating where the drinkdroids are ready to serve you."
[Chat]  Andarta Camma says, "We all do Tali" in Ryl.
[Chat]  Liniani sniffs sadly.

[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall thanks Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn mumbles, "he should nay be gone"
[Chat]  (quiet) Liniani wipes away a tear.
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider cheers for Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo quietly slips her hand in Ash's and sighs softly.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal waves to K'erry Nylo.

[Chat] (sullen) Breshe Hou'Kre is practically bent over, holding her arms toher sides as she no longer tries to keep herself silent, crying freely.

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "Hey Poe!/r (oh no worries! I've been out of game for about 6 months)"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Let's go, Jeevik."
[Chat]  Crellian says, "Wow!  This is amazin'"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok absentmindedly fills his plate as he goes along.

[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "shall we grab a seat?"
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- inspects some of the droids...

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon pokes Poe'kunal in the ribs.

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "Hey sexy."
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon grins.

[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall takes a drink from a droid.
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing looking for something without onions...ah here we go.

[Chat]  Crellian waves to Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall smiles at r2 base .

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider cheers for -Drekkin Hart-.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- concedes and surrenders to Kilgoar Longstrider.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok gets some meat from one of the droids.
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok waves to Crellian.
[Chat]  (quiet) Liniani takes a small bit of food.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal says to 'Caer Sei'Allon, "Oy!  'eya Cee, fine speeches, ya?"
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall drools all over Meat.

[Chat]  Jeevik says sadly, "I don't..."
[Chat]  K'erry Nylo says, "he put a jacket on, that's as dressed up as he gets"
[Chat]  Eshie dodges a server droid.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Let's go."
[Chat]  Poe'kunal points at himself.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "We need a bite."
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing carves a perfect slice.

[Chat]  Breshe Hou'Kre says hysterically, "I told her...I made her promise not to die on us!" in Bothese.
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "I have not slept in two days."
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret glances at her comm unit and sighs...

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "youngling!"
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon chuckles politely at Poe'kunal.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal says to K'erry Nylo, "Ya see this tie?  It's sithin' tied."

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "I just arrived."
[Chat]  Poe'kunal smirks at K'erry Nylo.

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "putting on some weight arent you?"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "You know something..."
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "Glad to see the group is doing well."
[Chat]  K'erry Nylo says, "did *you* tie it?"
[Chat]  (quiet) Liniani pokes at her food.

[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "something smells tasty"
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing um something lite.
[Chat]  Poe'kunal says, "Ahhh... maybe?"
[Chat]  Kayda'Orn accepts a plate from the protocol droid and thanking him.

[Chat]  K'erry Nylo nods at 'Caer Sei'Allon.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "I have that feeling that I don't want to see any studio members that were there."
[Chat]  Crellian says, "Oh aye, the food here is very good, Kilgoar"
[Chat]  Poe'kunal nods at 'Caer Sei'Allon.
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax nods at K'erry Nylo.

[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- asks one of the droids for some of the more tender meat.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "I mean, you weren't, so I don't mind."
[Chat]  Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Sometimes things do not go as they should." in Bothese.
[Chat]  Crellian says, "heh"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "But, the others..."
[Chat]  Eshie says, "I guess I'm not feeling especially hungry..given the sullen mood and all."
[Chat]  K'erry Nylo smiles at Lelith Hesperax.=

[Chat]  Poe'kunal says to 'Caer Sei'Allon, "We got our crazed momen's from time ta time, but I sorta like it tha' way."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "I can't look in their eyes."
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "i think its all the sitting around and watching people make clothes thats gotten you fart"
[Chat]  Poe'kunal chuckles politely at 'Caer Sei'Allon.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio squints his eyes and peers at Kardossk.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Yes?"
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "Can't have a good crew without crazed women."

[Chat]  Kardossk begs, taken aback, "It's the first I heard of it today, but... what happened to Sakkra?"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok picks at his food, his eyes far away.

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon grins at Poe'kunal.

[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "Thank you."
[Chat]  Kayda'Orn puts from vegetables on her plate while looking around for roots and fungus.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal says to 'Caer Sei'Allon, "Th' barves are th' worse, ta be fair."
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok puts down his plate.

[Chat]  Crellian says, "I will allow you that, my friend.   I know you've only my best at heart!"
[Chat]  Amul'ette says, "She just was bound... bound to..."
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "What you boys got in the way of a potato salad?"
[Chat]  Giallo Bouchard says, "There you are you too..."
[Chat]  Poe'kunal says, "Ain' figured I'd eva say tha'."
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon chuckles politely at Poe'kunal.

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "but you can beat them into shape."
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider agrees with Crellian.
[Chat]  Crellian bows to Kilgoar Longstrider.

[Chat]  Kayda'Orn mumbles, "ack! never anything good"
[Chat]  Eshie says, "I think I'll just sit and people watch."
[Chat]  K'erry Nylo says, "and they need it"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "yer getting tall though"
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon grins at K'erry Nylo.

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "I bet they do!"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "i feel so short"
[Chat]  (quiet) Liniani puts her food down.

[Chat]  You smile at Doulma O'Fey.
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey nods at you.

[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- can't help himself, and tightens a small part of one of the serving droids necks.

[Chat]  Crellian says, "heh....was born that way....though time tends to take care of that was well"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "have a seat"
[Chat]  Crellian says, "as well"

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Doulma O'Fey, "Hello. Thank you"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Doulma O'Fey, "My name is Lona"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Doulma"
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila grabs a piece of fruit ad a bite of meat.

[Chat]  Liniani bursts into tears.

[Chat]  Kayda'Orn stands off to the side, eating her plate of food.
[Chat]  Zvy Ravenwing think I will get seconds.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Glad you could make it Crellian"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "This is a nice event"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- smiles at Crellian.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- nods at Kilgoar Longstrider.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "And Kil : )"
[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai states, "Malcar gave a great speech. Sakkra is proud." in Bothese.
[Chat]  You grin at Karven St'Par.

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "so Drekkin I found my old ECC costume the other day"
[Chat]  You wave to Trinara Chaila.

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "Got any Rebel Sympathizers I need to take care of?"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Yeah?  I think there are still some int he city hall"
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila looks as though she's waving a piece of fruit. She smiles sheepishly.

[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai responds to Breshe Hou'Kre, "We all would" in Bothese.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Um, as in provide a meal too?"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "When I moved here, I did not expect this"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "Hehe"
[Chat]  Kayda'Orn grabs a drink from the serving droid as it passes.

[Chat] Kilgoar Longstrider says, "I remember one your species going on and onabout the glories of teh Rebellion and flaunting his rebel ways"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "What have you guys been up to today?"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "I been drinking"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Ahh"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "And catching a video"
[Chat]  Crellian says, "Kilgoar, why must you seek conflict?"
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila takes a bite of meat.

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "It was bred into me"
[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "nice lil town"
[Chat]  Crellian says, "Most likely....mostlikely"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Seems everyone's going that way these days - conflict even against themselves"
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon smells Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax mumbles, "Eh... maybe not."

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "So is the government going to allow you to move our TIE fighter here?"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Still trying."
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Not getting much response"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "Too many regulations"
[Chat]  Adasra Efri looks out over the gathering, trying not to appear like she's looking for anyone in particular.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Going to petition someone else soon"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey watchs droid go past.
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon frowns at her comm and heads back to the shuttle with a sigh.

[Chat]  Zyre Mercutio says, "good "people watching" spot"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Aye, the paperwork's unsightly"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "Hehe"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "sad"
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "I'll catch you later."
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon waves to Poe'kunal.

[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "Well you 2 enjoy the party I must away"
[Chat]  You nod.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal says to 'Caer Sei'Allon, "Oy!  Ain' a worry, lass, ya watch ya six out there."
[Chat]  Kheltar grabs some random food from teh buffet.

[Chat]  Eshie says, "are you trying to make small talk with me?"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider says, "Too much of that drinking to be standing around in polite society"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Good to see you"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "These droids are capable of so much more"
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon says, "You bet. Wouldn't have it any other way."
[Chat]  Poe'kunal grins at 'Caer Sei'Allon.
[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon winks suggestively at Poe'kunal.
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider wishes -Drekkin Hart- well and hopes to see him soon.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- nods at Kilgoar Longstrider.

[Chat]  Kir'en pulls a second chair closer and props her feet.

[Chat]  'Caer Sei'Allon smells Saraphim.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Take Care"
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider waves to Warlorn.
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- waves to Kilgoar Longstrider.
[Chat]  Kilgoar Longstrider salutes Jod Iegemai.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal says, "Some... ah... anythin' roasted tha' used ta be alive, I'll be ova tha-a-way."
[Chat]  Poe'kunal nods at a 3PO protocol droid.

[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- slaps Crellian on the arm.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Let's eat, my friend"
[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai inquires, "Has anyone spoken to Stizzi?" in Bothese.
[Chat]  Ash'tin glances at the droid a moment.

[Chat]  You wave to -Drekkin Hart-.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "This seat taken?"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey whispers, "I take it this Sakkra is very important person"
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "i hope I can help them find Miss Koras"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to -Drekkin Hart-, "have a seat please"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- nods at Doulma O'Fey.
[Chat]  Kheltar munches on a sandwich.

[Chat]  Kheltar says, "huh?"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- grins at Trinara Chaila.
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila smiles at -Drekkin Hart-.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to Doulma O'Fey, "she was a very dear friend to us"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "What happened, Lona?"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "I was introduced, but never got to know her"
[Chat] Poe'kunal says to Lelith Hesperax, "Gonna have'ta get a hold o' Roninor some'un lata ta see wha' happened... sithin' crazy galaxy... sortathings hit ya one day jes' outta nowhere."

[Chat]  Saraphim says, "It seems tuskens took Nallu Koras...."
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo says to Ash'tin, "you alright, Ash?"
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax opens her eyes and looks around, finally resting on Poe.

[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax says to Poe'kunal, "What do you mean?"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- rubs one index finger over the other. Tsk Tsk.

[Chat]  Kheltar says, "Really? And how can you help?"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to -Drekkin Hart-, "Nallu has been abducted, and her bodyguard, Sakkra, has passed"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Tuskens..."
[Chat]  Ash'tin looks to Ami, taking a deep breath.

[Chat]  Ash'tin says, "I..."
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- blinks in disbelief at you.

[Chat] Poe'kunal mumbles to Lelith Hesperax, "Ya knew 'er, ya?  Purple doshan,lil' shorter than th' res'.  Blue armor, worked fa Holowood."
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo nods at Ash'tin.

[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo puzzles over Ash'tin.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "What's being done?"
[Chat]  Adasra Efri seems to give up searching and slowly walks away.

[Chat]  Ash'tin says, "I will be fine love...Just very shocked to hear about Sakkar"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari holds back her tears.

[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax says to Poe'kunal, "Uh... yeah I think so? What's going on?"
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "My doctured is in Religious Philosophy... I did part of my dicertation on the Ghofa... Tuskens"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Is there a reason?  Or more Tusken madness?"
[Chat]  Ash'tin says, "I didn't know..."
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo 's expression becomes more somber and she nods.
[Chat]  Ash'tin looks down a moment.

[Chat]  Poe'kunal mumbles to Lelith Hesperax, "She passed, ya?  Not meanin' in th' good way, in th'... passed 'way... way."
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila listens.

[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo says quietly, "Are you sure you're alright?"
[Chat]  Kheltar says, "hmmm.. good call there, lass"

[Chat] Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai states to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Come on Breshe....youshould get something in you. Your coat looks thin and I feel its bestif you sat down a bit." in Bothese.
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax blinks in disbelief at Poe'kunal.

[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says to -Drekkin Hart-, "I wish I had the answers"
[Chat]  Ash'tin takes in a deep breath and nods.
[Chat]  (quiet) Amitsu Kodaigo squeezes his hand reassuringly.

[Chat]  Ash'tin says, "Aye, Just need to let it sink it"
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax mumbles to Poe'kunal, "What... seriously?|"
[Chat]  Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai responds to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Some Food, Breshe." in Bothese.
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret says, "I can't believe they held this today, given what's happened."
[Chat]  Ash'tin returns the gentle squeeze.
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio orders a small plate of meat.
[Chat]  (sad) Jeevik does the same.

[Chat]  Kardossk says, taken aback, "They held it because of what's happened, but... yes, I know."
[Chat] Poe'kunal mumbles to Lelith Hesperax, "Aye, tha's who they were talkin''bout at firs' in th' speech.  Was a quick thing, but... aye."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Let's go sit somewhere."
[Chat]  Jeevik nods at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "I suppose  funural is planned?"
[Chat]  Kardossk says, taken aback, "It's the first either of us have heard about it... if only we'd been there."
[Chat] Lona' Valamari says to -Drekkin Hart-, "I hoped this would be a morepleasent event, but this is what Nallu would have wanted"
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall says, "i never knew her"
[Chat] -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Sad news.  I hope Nallu is okay. I'm sure she's looking after herself.  Draash tells me she's quitecapable of looking after herself"
[Chat]  Sedeia Nasaret says, "She was wonderful..."
[Chat]  Ash'tin eyes the R2 unit a moment.

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "He probably says that of any of his species though"
[Chat]  Poe'kunal attempts to pick up a piece of greens from his platewith the flimsy utensil, giving up finally and just picking it up withhis gloved fingers, eating it that way.
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- smiles weakly.
[Chat]  Lelith Hesperax squints her eyes and peers at Poe'kunal.
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari forces a smile.
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio chews his meet, pondering.
[Chat]  (quiet) Liniani looks at the food...

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio nods at Kir'en.

[Chat]  Kir'en nods in return.

[Chat]  Kheltar says, "How long should I wait before goin' ta find him again?"
[Chat] Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai admits apologetically, "Well I am sorry, but Icant bear not to eat. I feel unable to stand, and very weak." inBothese.
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "You know..."
[Chat]  (respectful) -Drekkin Hart- gestures to a nearby R2 unit, and then retrieves a drink.
[Chat]  Ash'tin looks to the droid and then back to Ami.

[Chat]  Tali'Kairn mumbles, "frak this, I nay be belongin here anymore then Kara"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Me and Gidia..."
[Chat]  (sad) Jeevik eats his meat slowly, not looking at anything in particular.
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila stifles a laugh. Soemhow, it would just feel wrong right about now...

[Chat]  Saraphim says, "At least finish your sandwich"
[Chat]  Ash'tin whispers, "Maybe we can head out love...just not much in a festive mood"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "I think we are going to be ok again."
[Chat]  K'erry Nylo chuckles amusedly.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "I looked back at everything..."
[Chat]  Jeevik says sadly, "Really?"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "And things have changed."
[Chat]  (quiet) Liniani looks at the food, but decides not to eat anything.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "He was trying to save Sakkra's life."
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Doulma, did I overhear you've moved in locally?"
[Chat] Ronin'Jekknai' Medjai exclaims to Malcar Bel-Havok, "You did what youhad to do, Malcar. You will always do your best, and I think we allthank you for that."
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo says quietly, "O-Of course, we can go"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "He stabilized her to be taken to that medical center."
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey nods at -Drekkin Hart-.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok mumbles, emotionless, "Hasn't been enough lately."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "When he will learn that she is..."
[Chat]  (tired) Celox Scorpio chokes.
[Chat]  (quiet) Amitsu Kodaigo glances to the droid and back to Ash'tin puzzled.

[Chat]  Warlorn says, "hi seraphim"
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "(( Rawr! ))"
[Chat]  Warlorn says, "LOL i only did that cause i know it annoys you"
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "(( and you spelled it wrong :-P ))"
[Chat]  Warlorn says, "IM typo king"
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "(( weeee! ))"
[Chat]  Warlorn says, "thats why i bought vent lol"
[Chat]  Warlorn says, "be good all nice event im out"
[Chat]  Saraphim says, "(( See ya ))"

[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Some good news : )"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "The house with the windows just 130m to the north"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, ".. he will be upset"
[Chat]  Kheltar brushes his hands together.

[Chat]  Kheltar says, "Sandwich is done"
[Chat]  Jeevik says sadly, "It would have come to nothing..."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Aye."
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Welcome"
[Chat]  Ash'tin nods to Ami.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "You know, there was something strange about him that night."
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Thank-you"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- nods at Doulma O'Fey.

[Chat]  (sad) Jeevik shakes his head.

[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall says, "ima get some food"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Like he knew something..."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio nods at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  Liniani sniffs sadly.

[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall questions a 3PO protocol droid's intent.

[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, emotionless, "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you two earlier."
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo says quietly, "Just let me say good by to the Mayor"
[Chat]  (sad) Jeevik turns his head to look at Celox.

[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, emotionless, "There was no time...and she hadtransmitted the speech...then...the droid called..."
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok shrugs helplessly at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Yes... why did you tell it like that?"
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall says, "so rolls with butter?"

[Chat]  (quiet) Amitsu Kodaigo looks around the area.
[Chat]  Toemali Dimsdall smiles at a 3PO protocol droid.

[Chat]  Ash'tin whispers, "Of course"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok shrugs helplessly at Jeevik.

[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Wear I used to live, well it was bombed"
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo smiles at Ash'tin.
[Chat]  Ash'tin smiles at Amitsu Kodaigo.

[Chat]  -DrekkinHart- says respectfully, "I'm in one of the bunkers near city hall,feel free to visit sometime - always like to meet the neighbours"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Maybe it is an error..."
[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo says quietly, "You want to go bring the speeder around? or wait here?"
[Chat]  Lona' Valamari says, "The weather up here is very pleasant"
[Chat]  Malcar Bel-Havok says, emotionless, "The last message I had from her was about this speech."
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Did you double check with Stizzi?"
[Chat]  -Drekkin Hart- says respectfully, "Good grief!  Bombed!"
[Chat] Malcar Bel-Havok says, emotionless, "They say her heart stopped, Celox.I don't think a Dosh can survive that. I'm trying to get it confirmed."
[Chat]  Ash'tin says, "I will wait here"
[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Yeah, but in a good way"
[Chat]  Kardossk listens hard.

[Chat]  Doulma O'Fey says, "Most of the city was abandond"
[Chat]  Jeevik says sadly, "No pulse, no nothing?"
[Chat]  Celox Scorpio says, tired, "Well, get it confirmed!"
[Chat]  Trinara Chaila agrees with you.

[Chat]  Amitsu Kodaigo says quietly, "you can walk with me if you like, it will only be a few moments"

Amul'ette (Associate) 5/29/2009 3:28 AM EST : RE: 2009 Remembrance Day ( Memorial Day ) Pictures
Amuse me
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Thanks for the event report!  Jod and Warlorn look menacing!  hehe

Characters: Amul'ette Xandree

MalcarBelHavok (Applicant) 5/29/2009 3:33 PM EST : RE: 2009 Remembrance Day ( Memorial Day ) Pictures
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Great event report as always, LoNallu! (Yes, I like using that name).

I really liked the pictures.

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