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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 5/11/2009 5:38 PM EST : 2009 Matron Day ( Mother's Day ) Pictures
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Matron Day was hosted by Amul'ette, Celox, Feral', and <HGS> on May 8th, 2009. The event featured an IC tour of the Singing Mountain Clan (SMC) mountain and their homes, lead by Feral', who is an SMC character. Malcar coordinated and organized IC / OOC safety, with assistance from Stizzi. Gidia assisted with medic heals (and rez). Thistle was in charge of the attendee list (for event report follow up later). Amul'ette provided chat logs.

OOC-wise, this was the
3rd annual holiday event to celebrate Mother's Day with a Star Wars twist. Throughout the IC-tour, Feral' shared history about the SMC, symbolism, which are drawn in the rocks and fanon (The Weave).

The spiral is probably the oldest symbol of human spirituality. It suggests a cycle of rebirth or resurrection.
As players headed up the mountain, the pathway took players into a spiral, a journey,moving upwards, inwards, outwards and to different directions, or apart of life. Life is different, and yet is always the same: womb, birth and rebirth. In threes: the maid, mother, and crone.

Different parts of the mountain represent different stages. A place of initiation. A place where the maids go to loose their virginity, where the mothers give birth.

  Spatial Chat
Green   Custom Emote
Blue   Event's Narrator (Feral')

[Chat]  21:16:13 Feral' says, "Yes. becareful. it is a long trip...."
[Chat]  21:16:15 Celox Scorpio says, "Amuuu, I will be behind you."
[Chat]  21:16:17 Feral' says, "Oh."

[Chat]  21:16:20 You nod at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:16:24 Amul'ette says, "Not too close..."
[Chat]  21:16:29 Amul'ette eyes the rancor.

[Chat]  21:16:32 Celox Scorpio whines, "I don't want to die."
[Chat]  21:16:35 Feral' says, "and don't touch anything.. Augwynne will kill me if somehting is broken"

[Chat]  21:16:44 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Noted"
[Chat]  21:16:53 Marcellus' Carvar says, "no problem"
[Chat]  21:17:39 Amul'ette glances at the beast wide-eyed.

[Chat]  21:18:17 Liniani blinks.

[Chat]  21:18:21 Scirzzo says, "Die!"
[Chat]  21:18:25 Celox Scorpio whines, "we are all going to die..."
[Chat]  21:18:27 Amul'ette shivers and rubs her arms.

[Chat]  21:18:57 Feral' says, "Hello, male"

[Chat]  21:18:58 Amul'ette glances behind her.

[Chat]  21:19:10 Amul'ette says, "((2 people need rezes down the hill!))"
[Chat]  21:19:33 Liniani shivers.

[Chat]  21:19:37 Celox Scorpio whines, "I am not going to make it..."
[Chat]  21:20:19 Breshe Hou'Kre smiles.

[Chat]  21:20:27 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Come on, lets keep up."
[Chat]  21:20:28 Breshe Hou'Kre chuckles.
[Chat]  21:20:31 Khalana Da'illu nods at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  21:20:45 Celox Scorpio says, "These Rancors are massive"
[Chat]  21:21:41 Amul'ette runs past in a panic.

[Chat]  21:21:53 Corvus-Corax says, "-TINY!!" in Ryl.
[Chat]  21:21:53 Amul'ette says, "Whew!"
[Chat]  21:21:53 Feral' grins at Nellari Hoefi.

[Chat]  21:21:59 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "That was interesting"
[Chat]  21:22:01 Corvus-Corax says, "Oh there you are." in Ryl.
[Chat]  21:22:07 Amul'ette says, "I wonder about this..."
[Chat]  21:22:11 Nellari Hoefi says, "Greetings 'kinswoman'"
[Chat]  21:22:13 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "You do?"

[Chat]  21:22:21 Amul'ette blinks, trying to clear her wide-eyed look off her face.

[Chat]  21:22:26 Thistle Crowe grins at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:22:26 Corvus-Corax says, "Lets keep going." in Ryl.
[Chat]  21:22:37 Feral' grins at Nellari Hoefi.
[Chat]  21:22:37 Feral' says, "rawr. pink one"

[Chat]  21:22:38 Celox Scorpio whines, "are we dead yet?"
[Chat]  21:22:49 Fawne' Trelis hums a little, looking around at everything.
[Chat]  21:22:54 Amul'ette says, "Whew, we made it!"
[Chat]  21:22:55 Nellari Hoefi bows to Feral'.
[Chat]  21:22:57 Amul'ette says, "I think."
[Chat]  21:22:59 Amul'ette glances around.

[Chat]  21:23:02 Celox Scorpio says, "Thanks to me!"
[Chat]  21:23:07 Breshe Hou'Kre rolls her eyes at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:23:18 Feral' says, "I would like to start with the history of this clan.. and the planet."
[Chat]  21:23:28 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "We should be clear, Amu."
[Chat]  21:23:30 Thistle Crowe listens with great interest.
[Chat]  21:23:38 Nellari Hoefi bows to the shrine a gesture of resp[ect and reverece being made discretly.

[Chat]  21:24:07 Lutaci Kistoo listens to Feral'
[Chat]  21:24:22 Feral' says, "Nearly a a thousand Dathomiri years ago a woman arrived and tamed the land...."

[Chat]  21:24:25 Amul'ette mouths to Malcar Bel-Havok, "Thank you."

[Chat]  21:24:32 Celox Scorpio grumbles.

[Chat]  21:24:36 Celox Scorpio whines, "Oh no!"
[Chat]  21:24:45 Celox Scorpio whines, "and now it rains..."
[Chat]  21:24:45 Stizzi Death nods at Scirzzo.

[Chat]  21:25:20 Feral' says, "She saved us from the feral beasts and criminal and self serving element of this planet."
[Chat]  21:25:20 Nellari Hoefi says, " of Talents so some say.."
[Chat]  21:25:37 Stizzi Death looks up at the sky and shakes his fist, and mutters a curse.
[Chat]  21:25:49 Corvus-Corax pulls the speaker wires off of (mouse droid familiar)
[Chat]  21:25:53 Pappeto looks up at the rain and grins under his helmet.
[Chat]  21:26:05 Amul'ette blinks to clear the rain out of her eyes.
[Chat]  21:26:16 Nellari Hoefi listens intently to feral her fingers moving briefly in gestures of respect and reverence.
[Chat]  21:26:25 -Tiny Dancer- watches Corvus curiously.
[Chat]  21:26:29 Stizzi Death sheaths his sword.
[Chat]  21:26:33 Liniani complains about her outfit getting wet.

[Chat]  21:26:39 Feral' says, "She was gifted with the ability to speakto the earth... andspeak to the most unlikely of creature: the Rancor"
[Chat]  21:26:41 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "See how talented women are."
[Chat]  21:26:46 Wek' sighs.

[Chat]  21:26:52 Celox Scorpio shakes his antennae shaking off the rain drops.
[Chat]  21:26:53 Wek' wipes his wet hair out of his eyes.
[Chat]  21:27:07 Celox Scorpio frills are soaking wet.

[Chat]  21:27:13 Feral' says, "She was the First Clan Mother... her name was Allya."

[Chat]  21:27:14 Amul'ette glances at the rancor, then back to Feral.

[Chat]  21:27:17 Breshe Hou'Kre takes the clip out of her hair as she listens, wringing it out as the rain gets worse/
[Chat]  21:27:24 Nellari Hoefi says, "Goddess 's gift <gently wipes the water of her face and Lekku>"
[Chat]  21:27:28 Stizzi Death thinks, "I hate is my scales get pruned up"

[Chat]  21:27:38 Tiber'ius Asada says, "I should have brought my hat."
[Chat]  21:27:46 Breshe Hou'Kre thinks, "I swear if someone mentions wet dog smell..."
[Chat]  21:27:46 Malcar Bel-Havok greets Scirzzo.

[Chat]  21:27:53 Scirzzo places his helmet on and turns on the heat settings so that he does not freeze to death.
[Chat]  21:27:55 Liniani covers her head with her hands.
[Chat]  21:27:58 Tiber'ius Asada sniffs sadly.

[Chat]  21:28:02 Scirzzo nods at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  21:28:18 Breshe Hou'Kre whispers, "I just had to wear my dress today..."
[Chat]  21:28:27 Khalana Da'illu shrugs helplessly at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  21:28:32 Wek' offers Liniani his jacket to hold over her head.

[Chat]  21:28:48 Feral' says, "My name is ElysisCorcra. I am a Daughter of Allya, Sister amoung the Singing MountainClan, Rancor rider and Matron to the Clann Talmar Corcra"
[Chat]  21:28:48 Snarky' Vi'kre listens to Feral'.
[Chat]  21:28:48 (calm) Corvus-Corax lets the rain run down his leeku and onto his waterproof overcoat.
[Chat]  21:28:58 Liniani thanks Wek and holds the jacket.
[Chat]  21:29:06 Lutaci Kistoo put on a wide-brim hat to shelter from the rain.

[Chat]  21:29:07 Stizzi Death bows to Feral'.
[Chat]  21:29:19 Nellari Hoefi tapps some commands on to her armours wrist link then reaches bacand opens an old cryo lance.
[Chat]  21:29:27 Nellari Hoefi bows to Feral'.
[Chat]  21:29:30 Fawne' Trelis ponders about Feral'.

[Chat]  21:29:30 Ekime Euboniso whispers, "Why aren't we killing them again?"
[Chat]  21:29:35 Celox Scorpio says, "My name is Celox Scorpio, I am the s..."
[Chat]  21:29:35 Stizzi Death slaps Celox Scorpio in the face with a swift backhand.

[Chat]  21:29:49 Feral' says, "Today we walk the sacred ground where Allya establish the first Clan of Dathomiri"

[Chat]  21:29:49 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "It's a tour, we're visitors."
[Chat]  21:29:49 Celox Scorpio mumbles, "oopsy"
[Chat]  21:30:10 Nellari Hoefi respectfully bows again to Feral,her actions those of a Junior to an Elder.

[Chat]  21:30:35 Feral' says, "We do not usually invite visitors here..."
[Chat]  21:30:44 Ekime Euboniso whispers, "since when did they allow visitors?"
[Chat]  21:30:51 Breshe Hou'Kre fiddles with the necklace around her neck.

[Chat]  21:31:10 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "Why are you asking me, I'm just an observer."
[Chat]  21:31:11 -Tiny Dancer- looks up at Corvus and smiles gently.

[Chat]  21:31:12 Feral' says, "but.. umm.. Mother Augwynne said you guys should not be killed... so, welcome"

[Chat]  21:31:22 Nellari Hoefi says, "Aye..."
[Chat]  21:31:22 Thistle Crowe smiles.
[Chat]  21:31:23 Ekime Euboniso shrugs.
[Chat]  21:31:29 Malcar Bel-Havok thanks Feral'.
[Chat]  21:31:35 Lutaci Kistoo thanks Feral'.
[Chat]  21:31:35 Khalana Da'illu kowtows before Feral'.
[Chat]  21:31:41 Lutaci Kistoo bows to Feral'.
[Chat]  21:31:44 Stizzi Death bows to Feral'.
[Chat]  21:31:48 Nellari Hoefi bows to Feral'.

[Chat]  21:31:56 Stizzi Death says, "Thank you for your hospitality"
[Chat]  21:32:13 Celox Scorpio inquires to Feral', "Um... Does your Rancor eat much?"
[Chat]  21:32:17 Breshe Hou'Kre curtsies.

[Chat]  21:32:17 Nellari Hoefi says, "Goddess's Blessing  on you and your ClanMother."
[Chat]  21:32:19 Stizzi Death glares at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:32:36 Feral' says to Celox Scorpio, "only Rodians.. you aren't one of those, are you?"

[Chat]  21:32:36 Liniani thanks Feral'.

[Chat]  21:32:38 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Gentle sentients, welcome."
[Chat]  21:32:44 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "I'm Malcar Bel-Havok of HGS Security."
[Chat]  21:32:45 Gidia Fodri smirks at Celox Scorpio.
[Chat]  21:32:45 Celox Scorpio gulps at Feral'.

[Chat]  21:32:49 Sonako Makeric jumps and whips around to face the noise.

[Chat]  21:32:52 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "I'd like to say a few quick words before we begin."
[Chat]  21:32:55 Pappeto listens to Malcar.
[Chat]  21:33:03 Celox Scorpio hides behind Stizzi. Just in case.

[Chat]  21:33:04 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "One of you hold something over my head to keep it dry."
[Chat]  21:33:07 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Please do not stray from thegroup, as we are guests here, and we cannot insure your safety if yougo off alone."
[Chat]  21:33:14 Khalana Da'illu quckly silences her wrist datapad as it starts beeping, her ears droop.
[Chat]  21:33:23 Nellari Hoefi listens carefully to Malcar.

[Chat]  21:33:26 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Please stay away from any wildRancors you see, and if you have any meat products, please put them inplastic bags at this time."
[Chat]  21:33:40 Stizzi Death looks to the sky and thinks "About time"
[Chat]  21:33:41 Ekime Euboniso whispers, "I have some dead animal skin in my bag if you like.."
[Chat]  21:33:46 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "We will do our best ifsomething happens to you, but please don't make our job any harder."
[Chat]  21:33:51 Breshe Hou'Kre shakes herself off a bit.

[Chat]  21:33:53 Stizzi Death thinks, "stupid rain"
[Chat]  21:34:01 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Are there any questions?"

[Chat]  21:34:07 Snarky' Vi'kre raises his hand.

[Chat]  21:34:12 Nellari Hoefi says, "Aye i wont Sir and Elder Sister."
[Chat]  21:34:16 Celox Scorpio says, "Yes!"
[Chat]  21:34:18 Nellari Hoefi bows.
[Chat]  21:34:21 Malcar Bel-Havok sighs at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:34:21 Celox Scorpio says, "I got one!"
[Chat]  21:34:22 Liniani gives Wek' the jacket.

[Chat]  21:34:26 Wek' thanks Liniani.
[Chat]  21:34:28 Liniani says, "Thanks!"
[Chat]  21:34:37 Wek' fits the soaking wet jackot back on.

[Chat]  21:34:58 Liniani tries to dry her hair.

[Chat]  21:34:24 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Yes, Celox?"
[Chat]  21:34:26 Pappeto glances back at Marcellus and nods then returns to listening to the speeches.

[Chat]  21:34:29 Celox Scorpio says, "Eh..."
[Chat]  21:34:37 Celox Scorpio says, "Any cantinas close by?"
[Chat]  21:34:38 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "I think you just yell out the question."
[Chat]  21:34:42 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "No."
[Chat]  21:34:44 Breshe Hou'Kre whaps Celox Scorpio upside the head.

[Chat]  21:35:00 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Alright, has everyone securedtheir belongings? We'll take a few moments to get dry before we start."
[Chat]  21:35:00 Celox Scorpio sighs at Malcar Bel-Havok.

[Chat]  21:35:01 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "This is dathomir."
[Chat]  21:35:03 Nellari Hoefi moves of to the side and begins togracefully move in a series of almost dance like steps as if looseningup.

[Chat]  21:35:30 Malcar Bel-Havok says to Feral', "Do you have anything else you'd like to add to my comments, m'lady?"
[Chat]  21:35:31 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Gimme just a sec"
[Chat]  21:35:33 Fawne' Trelis leans against Sefir, shaking her headjust a little to get some of the water off of herself onto him.
[Chat]  21:35:37 Lutaci Kistoo takes of her wide-brim hat, now that it stopped raining.
[Chat]  21:35:41 Celox Scorpio peeks at Feral's rancor from behind Stizzi.

[Chat]  21:35:49 Feral' says, "ummm... nope.. I'm good."

[Chat]  21:35:52 Malcar Bel-Havok nods at Feral'.

[Chat]  21:35:53 Breshe Hou'Kre steps away from the crowd and shakesherself off harder before smoothing her hair and fur back down.

[Chat]  21:35:58 Feral' says, "okay."

[Chat]  21:36:04 Nellari Hoefi the moves seem to be those of some sort of martial art possibly.

[Chat]  21:36:04 Thistle Crowe snickers at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  21:36:06 Feral' says, "So.. the tour thing..."

[Chat]  21:36:18 Malcar Bel-Havok says to Feral', "Could you tell us a little about the history of this...spiral?"
[Chat]  21:36:20 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Thats better"
[Chat]  21:36:27 Liniani sighs at her partially wet clothes.

[Chat]  21:36:33 Feral' says, "you will notice behind me some houses...."

[Chat]  21:36:40 Nellari Hoefi waves discretly to amu.
[Chat]  21:36:49 Celox Scorpio peeks at the houses.
[Chat]  21:36:52 Fawne' Trelis leans forward a little, looking past the woman.

[Chat]  21:37:05 Feral' says, "There are three sets of these as we go up the spiral to the most holy place."

[Chat]  21:37:21 Scirzzo drones, "When will we be presented with food!"
[Chat]  21:37:29 Feral' says, "There are three representing the three stages of life."

[Chat]  21:37:45 Nellari Hoefi bows respectfully tothe Spirals emblemagaijn her hands moving in gestures of respect and reverence.

[Chat]  21:38:00 Feral' says, "Maid, Mother, and Crone"

[Chat]  21:38:09 Celox Scorpio peeks behind amu, listening to Feral.

[Chat]  21:38:34 Malcar Bel-Havok nods at Feral'.

[Chat]  21:39:20 Feral' says, "daughters are trained and raised here..."
[Chat]  21:39:32 Feral' says, "Initiates."

[Chat]  21:39:48 Amul'ette tilts her head considering what Feral says.

[Chat]  21:39:57 Ekime Euboniso says, "I have a question"
[Chat]  21:39:59 Liniani ponders.

[Chat]  21:40:04 Ekime Euboniso says, "How old are you?"
[Chat]  21:40:14 Nellari Hoefi quickly scans the area her eyes movingexpertly over the terraina slight air of alert tension about herposture.

[Chat]  21:40:16 Feral' says, "umm..."

[Chat]  21:40:20 Breshe Hou'Kre raises her hand.

[Chat]  21:40:31 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Excuse me miss, I just have to ask something as well"
[Chat]  21:40:58 Feral' says, "I am about nineteen"

[Chat]  21:41:08 Ekime Euboniso arcs a brow.

[Chat]  21:41:10 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I can believe that"
[Chat]  21:41:12 Celox Scorpio says, "Nineteen?!"
[Chat]  21:41:15 Celox Scorpio gasps at Feral'.

[Chat]  21:41:18 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "See, women learn quickly too."
[Chat]  21:41:33 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "If you are all female, where do you recruit new initiates?"
[Chat]  21:41:49 Amul'ette glances down at Breshe.

[Chat]  21:42:01 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Sorry...that question has been nagging me"
[Chat]  21:42:02 Nellari Hoefi slight look of surprise and curiousity at Ferals statement.

[Chat]  21:42:08 Feral' says, "the first Clan mothers.. the firstDaughters of Allya were nineteen, sixteen and fifteen when they beganleading their own clans"

[Chat]  21:42:25 Nellari Hoefi says, "Aye..that ..."
[Chat]  21:42:30 Feral' says, "what was the other question?"

[Chat]  21:42:32 Ekime Euboniso says, "ahh convenient."
[Chat]  21:42:40 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "If you are all female, where do you recruit new initiates?"
[Chat]  21:43:23 Amul'ette says to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Maybe they just give birth to them?"
[Chat]  21:43:29 Feral' says, "Males are kept as slaves, gaurdians, and Jai"

[Chat]  21:43:32 Ekime Euboniso sets a point of her pike in the dirt, leaning on it casually.

[Chat]  21:43:36 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Oh, that would explain it."
[Chat]  21:43:37 Celox Scorpio says, "Maybe they are like Hutts?"
[Chat]  21:43:43 Wek' coughs loudly.

[Chat]  21:43:44 Celox Scorpio says, "Ah..."
[Chat]  21:43:45 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "So I guess I can't join unless I was born into it?"
[Chat]  21:43:46 Breshe Hou'Kre chuckles.
[Chat]  21:43:47 Celox Scorpio nods at Feral'.

[Chat]  21:43:49 Wek' says, "How does one go about becoming a slave?"
[Chat]  21:43:51 Amul'ette turns and glances at Celox, quirking an eyebrow.
[Chat]  21:43:55 Fawne' Trelis blinks and giggles.

[Chat]  21:43:59 Scirzzo waves to Wek'.

[Chat]  21:44:10 Scirzzo drones, "I can arrange that"
[Chat]  21:44:12 Scirzzo chuckles.

[Chat]  21:44:13 Amul'ette inquires to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Are you saying you are looking for a new career?"
[Chat]  21:44:13 Feral' says, "hmmm... few outsiders are accepted... but there has been exception."

[Chat]  21:44:18 Wek' shudders at Scirzzo.

[Chat]  21:44:22 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "No...just new skills."
[Chat]  21:44:23 Breshe Hou'Kre giggles.

[Chat]  21:44:33 Feral' says, "shall we move on?"

[Chat]  21:44:36 Breshe Hou'Kre nods.

[Chat]  21:44:37 Amul'ette says quietly to Breshe Hou'Kre, "I will not ask right now."
[Chat]  21:44:38 Thistle Crowe takes a few notes in her datapad.

[Chat]  21:44:44 Celox Scorpio whines, "not again"
[Chat]  21:44:49 Marcellus' Carvar says, "We must be playing 21 questions"
[Chat]  21:44:55 Amul'ette says, "I think I am getting used to the rain!"
[Chat]  21:44:59 Pappeto says, "and right when we begin to walk too *chuckles"
[Chat]  21:45:08 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Its matting my fur a bit"
[Chat]  21:45:08 Liniani says, "I was just drying out!"
[Chat]  21:45:22 Feral' says, "Dathomir is mostly jungle"

[Chat]  21:45:40 Celox Scorpio whines, "is it far?!"
[Chat]  21:45:50 Feral' says, "I lived in this jungle alone.. with no weapons or  clan for three years"

[Chat]  21:45:50 Breshe Hou'Kre says, " have no right to whine"
[Chat]  21:45:55 Amul'ette tries to keep from slipping.

[Chat]  21:45:55 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I'm wearing a dress after all."
[Chat]  21:46:01 Scirzzo grins at a malkloc plainswalker.

[Chat]  21:46:05 Celox Scorpio whines, "I can whine all I want."
[Chat]  21:46:06 Amul'ette says, "At least I wore my boots!"
[Chat]  21:46:07 Wek' says, "How did you survive with all these wild creatures around?"
[Chat]  21:46:20 Feral' says, "hiding, mostly"
[Chat]  21:46:41 Feral' says, "and though, I didn't realize it at the time.. i was talking to some of them"

[Chat]  21:47:17 Celox Scorpio whines, "I am tired..."
[Chat]  21:47:30 Feral' says, "You can sit here, if you like"

[Chat]  21:47:31 Celox Scorpio whines, "my legs are too short."
[Chat]  21:47:35 Breshe Hou'Kre slips and falls against Celox a bit.

[Chat]  21:47:36 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Eep!"
[Chat]  21:47:37 Amul'ette wipes the rain off of her face and looks around.

[Chat]  21:47:40 Stizzi Death says, "quit your whining celox"
[Chat]  21:47:42 Scirzzo drones, "And your tongue too long"
[Chat]  21:47:42 Celox Scorpio says, "Hey!"
[Chat]  21:47:44 Feral' says, "though, I don't know what protection you'll get"

[Chat]  21:47:48 Celox Scorpio pushes Breshe Hou'Kre away.

[Chat]  21:47:50 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "My foot slipped in the mud!"
[Chat]  21:47:57 Breshe Hou'Kre straightens herself up.

[Chat]  21:47:57 Marcellus' Carvar says, "Enjoying the weather Amu?"
[Chat]  21:47:57 Celox Scorpio rolls his eyes at Stizzi Death.

[Chat]  21:48:05 Liniani says, "Good thing I'm waering boots."
[Chat]  21:48:12 Amul'ette tosses a glance to Marcellus and chuckles.

[Chat]  21:48:32 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "Please stay to your left."
[Chat]  21:48:36 Malcar Bel-Havok turns to you and points right.

[Chat]  21:48:53 Celox Scorpio whines, "wow, this is so far away..."

[Chat]  21:49:01 Scirzzo drones, "Prey."
[Chat]  21:49:06 Amul'ette says to Celox Scorpio, "You need the exercise!"
[Chat]  21:49:23 Nellari Hoefi bows reverently again to the spiralsymbol.

[Chat]  21:49:28 Feral' says, "this is the second tier in the spiral."

[Chat]  21:49:46 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "How far up are we."
[Chat]  21:50:03 Feral' says, "If you notice the houses are set up less defensively...."

[Chat]  21:50:05 Scirzzo curses as the rancor's arm nearly crushes him.
[Chat]  21:50:05 Amul'ette shivers and leans against the wall to get partially out of the rain.
[Chat]  21:50:09 Liniani gasps and then steps back away from the rancor corpse.

[Chat]  21:50:14 Feral' says, "We have not reached the clouds yet."

[Chat]  21:50:20 Celox Scorpio looks around.

[Chat]  21:50:43 Celox Scorpio says, "Where are the male slaves?"
[Chat]  21:50:57 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Why do you ask?"
[Chat]  21:51:05 Feral' says, "They are everywhere on the mountain"

[Chat]  21:51:10 Celox Scorpio says, "Ah..."
[Chat]  21:51:12 Nellari Hoefi says, "Goddess take your soul rancor and my forgivness"
[Chat]  21:51:14 Fawne' Trelis says, "Asada, give me your jacket."
[Chat]  21:51:21 Malcar Bel-Havok shushes Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:51:22 Feral' says, "most have been kept away from the visitors"

[Chat]  21:51:24 Celox Scorpio says, "I am not stepping more then 10 meters away from Stizzi."
[Chat]  21:51:28 Scirzzo squints his eyes and peers at Nellari Hoefi.
[Chat]  21:51:35 Stizzi Death smiles at Celox Scorpio.
[Chat]  21:51:40 Doulma O'Fey raises an eyebrow at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:51:43 Celox Scorpio mumbles, "what a poodoo planet."
[Chat]  21:51:43 Feral' says, "Speaking of the rancor..."

[Chat]  21:51:49 Stizzi Death agrees with Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:51:53 Marcellus' Carvar mumbles, "try to slave me and I will start shootin'"
[Chat]  21:51:53 Feral' points at Rawr.

[Chat]  21:51:54 Stizzi Death says, "Way too much rain here"
[Chat]  21:52:01 Feral' says, "This is Rawr"

[Chat]  21:52:02 Pappeto adjusts some environmetnt controls on his helmet.

[Chat]  21:52:08 Amul'ette recites, "Rawr"
[Chat]  21:52:08 Tiber'ius Asada says, "Hmm, okay."
[Chat]  21:52:11 Tiber'ius Asada hands her his jacket.
[Chat]  21:52:13 Fawne' Trelis drapes the jacket over her head.

[Chat]  21:52:16 Malcar Bel-Havok mumbles, "Appropriate name."
[Chat]  21:52:20 Eabha Brea raises an eyebrow at Rawr.
[Chat]  21:52:21 Ekime Euboniso grumbles and pulls her cloak out of her bag.
[Chat]  21:52:28 Nellari Hoefi nods atthe Rancor plitely.

[Chat]  21:52:28 Celox Scorpio shows Rawr his approval.
[Chat]  21:52:35 Pappeto nods at Rawr.

[Chat]  21:52:54 Marcellus' Carvar the rain pings off his armor.

[Chat]  21:53:10 Feral' says, "When the first people arrived here...most being criminals of the Republic.... they believed the Rancor to bea beast... ignorant as all the other creatures."

[Chat]  21:53:13 Scirzzo stands comfortably in his heated bodysuit and helmet.
[Chat]  21:53:29 Nellari Hoefi says, "Hmmmm..."
[Chat]  21:53:31 Liniani pulls a bit of the jacket over her head.
[Chat]  21:53:34 Fawne' Trelis smiles about something in the story.

[Chat]  21:53:38 Jod Iegemai nods at Feral'.

[Chat]  21:53:47 Feral' says, "But Allya because of her gift realized the rancor is actually sentient"

[Chat]  21:53:50 Wek' runs his fingers through his soggy beard.
[Chat]  21:53:58 Amul'ette smiles and nods.

[Chat]  21:54:00 Scirzzo stiffles his laughter.

[Chat]  21:54:03 Amul'ette mumbles, "As are grauls"

[Chat]  21:54:07 Nellari Hoefi slight twitch of her Lekku as if thinking perhaps.

[Chat]  21:54:15 Malcar Bel-Havok smiles at you.

[Chat]  21:54:36 Feral' says, "I speak to Rawr... though, not in the same manner as you...."

[Chat]  21:54:48 Nellari Hoefi says, "Goddess please  let me feel again sooon.."
[Chat]  21:54:53 Ekime Euboniso leans on Snarky' Vi'kre.

[Chat]  21:54:53 Feral' says, "but with just as much intelligence"

[Chat]  21:55:05 Celox Scorpio says, "I speak to my Massiff too!"
[Chat]  21:55:08 Celox Scorpio beams at himself.
[Chat]  21:55:13 Liniani shivers.

[Chat]  21:55:20 Nellari Hoefi says, "<soft voice as if thinking out loud unknowingly>"
[Chat]  21:55:23 Feral' says, "Back to the tour..."

[Chat]  21:55:25 Pappeto says, "hmm, I know someone who does the same"
[Chat]  21:55:30 Stizzi Death nods at Feral'.
[Chat]  21:55:30 Breshe Hou'Kre nods.
[Chat]  21:55:31 Pappeto chuckles politely at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:55:36 Celox Scorpio says, "He is stupid, though. I don't think he understands me."
[Chat]  21:55:40 Breshe Hou'Kre has been trying to ignore her damp dress for some time.

[Chat]  21:55:43 Celox Scorpio shrugs helplessly at Pappeto.

[Chat]  21:55:45 Feral' says, "This tier is a teir of the Sister."

[Chat]  21:55:50 Marcellus' Carvar says to Liniani, "cold much?"

[Chat]  21:55:54 Stizzi Death says, "Or Celox. maybe he thinks you're not sentient"
[Chat]  21:55:58 Stizzi Death grins at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:56:01 Amul'ette inquires, "Tier of a tier?"
[Chat]  21:56:01 Celox Scorpio rolls his eyes at Stizzi Death.

[Chat]  21:56:02 Pappeto says, "heh"
[Chat]  21:56:08 Malcar Bel-Havok listens respectfully to Feral.

[Chat]  21:56:12 Celox Scorpio nods at Feral'.

[Chat]  21:56:12 Nellari Hoefi bows reverently at 'Ferals words again.
[Chat]  21:56:22 Doulma O'Fey pulls out Traq, wonders if the Rodian would notice.

[Chat]  21:56:50 Stizzi Death says, "Remeber Celox, most Rancors and wild animals"
[Chat]  21:56:51 Celox Scorpio says to Thistle Crowe, "Watch it, Rawr may poop."

[Chat]  21:56:56 Feral' says, "Those who havegraduated from their initiate training and have become either warriorsof the clan... or mothers of the clan... come to this tier"
[Chat]  21:56:57 Fawne' Trelis hands Asada back the wet coat.
[Chat]  21:56:59 Liniani takes off her jacket.
[Chat]  21:57:01 Amul'ette wipes the rain of her face and wrings therain out of her skirt, then attempts to smooth it back down.

[Chat]  21:57:04 Stizzi Death says, "They normally consider us as food"
[Chat]  21:57:10 Breshe Hou'Kre shakes herself off again.
[Chat]  21:57:11 Thistle Crowe frowns at Celox and steps back a little.
[Chat]  21:57:19 Wek' slicks his hair back.

[Chat]  21:57:37 Nellari Hoefi says, "<softly> do some of mine .."
[Chat]  21:58:00 Stizzi Death says, "I have spent much time stalking and studying the Rancor"
[Chat]  21:58:03 Feral' says, "We are constantly at war with otherclans... especially the Nightsister... so most of the Sisters are inthe battlefield."

[Chat]  21:58:20 Amul'ette listens with interest.

[Chat]  21:58:25 Celox Scorpio says, "Nightsisters!"
[Chat]  21:58:28 Liniani thinks, "At least I'm not wet this time."
[Chat]  21:58:29 Fawne' Trelis says, "Is there some story behind these wars?"
[Chat]  21:58:31 Celox Scorpio says, "Never saw one."
[Chat]  21:58:32 Stizzi Death nods at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  21:58:36 Liniani says, "Nightsisters....?"
[Chat]  21:58:36 Nellari Hoefi nods slightly as she listens to 'Feral.

[Chat]  21:58:40 Feral' says, "yes"

[Chat]  21:58:55 Marcellus' Carvar says, "Nightsisters eh?"
[Chat]  21:58:56 Thistle Crowe gets her datapad back out and begins taking more notes.

[Chat]  21:59:02 Feral' says, "there are stories... the mostly date back to the Daughters of Allya."
[Chat]  21:59:09 Scirzzo mumbles, "Savagesss. The whole lot of them"
[Chat]  21:59:15 Nellari Hoefi makes an old twi'lek gesture of warding and aversion unconciously.

[Chat]  21:59:20 Feral' says, "It seems they were troublesome siblings."

[Chat]  21:59:25 Pappeto listens and rests his rifle comfortably in his arms.

[Chat]  21:59:49 Feral' says, "there bickering lead the the Clan splitting.. and eventually to wars..."

[Chat]  22:00:15 Nellari Hoefi says, "Hmmm sounds familiar in a way ..."
[Chat]  22:00:25 Feral' says, "though now most of the Clan wars haveended.. there is still the Nightsister.. I will get to their storylater."

[Chat]  22:00:38 Eabha Brea nods at Feral'.

[Chat]  22:00:51 Celox Scorpio says, "We have many clan wars on Rodia."

[Chat]  22:01:02 Feral' says, "anything else before we move on?"

[Chat]  22:01:06 Breshe Hou'Kre shakes her head negatively.
[Chat]  22:01:08 Wek' shakes his head negatively at Feral'.

[Chat]  22:01:09 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I'm good"
[Chat]  22:01:21 Celox Scorpio says, "Drinks? No, eh?"
[Chat]  22:01:22 Feral' says, "up the mountain, then"

[Chat]  22:01:25 Celox Scorpio winks suggestively at Feral'.
[Chat]  22:01:36 You chuckle politely at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  22:01:41 Nellari Hoefi bows again reverently tpothe Spiral Symbol.

[Chat]  22:01:50 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Hey Amu?"
[Chat]  22:01:56 Amul'ette says, "Yes?"
[Chat]  22:02:01 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "About your question...the witches always just fascinated me"
[Chat]  22:02:03 Breshe Hou'Kre chuckles.
[Chat]  22:02:08 You chuckle politely at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:02:18 Amul'ette says to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Be careful of dangerous fascinations"
[Chat]  22:02:21 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I have heard stories of their magic too."
[Chat]  22:02:24 You smile at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:02:33 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Like my fascination with Trandoshan?"
[Chat]  22:02:34 Liniani gasps at corpse of a gaping spider recluse queen.
[Chat]  22:02:36 Breshe Hou'Kre chuckles.

[Chat]  22:02:59 Eabha Brea says, "ick spiders"
[Chat]  22:03:00 Feral' says, "The fauna here is most dangerous. Thank you, male for clearing them"

[Chat]  22:03:04 Liniani says, "How can spiders be so big?"
[Chat]  22:03:26 Amul'ette says, "The Clan must feed them... something!"
[Chat]  22:03:33 Feral' says, "sentients make then grow big... seems most taste better than baz nitch"

[Chat]  22:04:01 Amul'ette shivers at Feral's statement.

[Chat]  22:04:09 Nellari Hoefi again the gesture of reverence asshe passes the gate.

[Chat]  22:04:12 Pappeto chuckles.

[Chat]  22:04:14 Liniani says, "Wow! So much mist!"
[Chat]  22:04:23 Feral' says, "actaully... this is a cloud"

[Chat]  22:04:38 Celox Scorpio says, "This place smells funny.."
[Chat]  22:04:39 Fawne' Trelis leans on Sefire.

[Chat]  22:04:39 -Tiny Dancer- blinks and quietly looks around.
[Chat]  22:04:40 Amul'ette blinks a few times as she studies the surroundings.

[Chat]  22:04:41 Liniani says, "Oh."
[Chat]  22:04:50 Feral' says to Celox Scorpio, "i think it's you."

[Chat]  22:04:57 Jod Iegemai keeps his guard up.

[Chat]  22:04:59 Marcellus' Carvar mumbles, "yes! more story time"
[Chat]  22:05:00 Thistle Crowe chuckles.

[Chat]  22:05:03 -Tiny Dancer- whispers, "sure is spooky"
[Chat]  22:05:03 Eabha Brea chuckles politely at Feral'.

[Chat]  22:05:04 Nellari Hoefi bows again respectfully tothe Spiral symbol.
[Chat]  22:05:15 Liniani squints so she can see Feral'

[Chat]  22:05:25 Feral' says, "This is the where the Elders stay"

[Chat]  22:05:29 Corvus-Corax smiles at -Tiny Dancer-.

[Chat]  22:05:36 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "Don't move, I'm leaning on you."
[Chat]  22:05:41 Feral' says, "the Elders are very respected in the Clan."

[Chat]  22:05:45 Celox Scorpio rolls his eyes at Feral'.
[Chat]  22:05:58 Stizzi Death nudges Celox Scorpio.
[Chat]  22:06:10 Amul'ette looks around again with a wide-eyed gaze.

[Chat]  22:06:11 Nellari Hoefi nods in acknowledge ment and respect.

[Chat]  22:06:14 Celox Scorpio squints his eyes and peers at Stizzi Death.

[Chat]  22:06:18 Feral' says, "Most Dathomiri do not live to be much older than fifty"
[Chat]  22:06:23 Feral' says, "if that."

[Chat]  22:06:24 Stizzi Death says, "Show some respect"
[Chat]  22:06:38 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "Let's move here, fifty isn't too old.. I can live to fifty."
[Chat]  22:06:43 Nellari Hoefi semi shocked lok at Feral's staement..

[Chat]  22:06:50 Celox Scorpio says, "50 credit!"
[Chat]  22:06:59 Celox Scorpio raps, "ya"
[Chat]  22:07:00 Feral' says, "most are killed off before reaching that age."

[Chat]  22:07:02 Eabha Brea is sadden by the statement.
[Chat]  22:07:08 Amul'ette shoots a glance to Celox.
[Chat]  22:07:12 Pappeto chuckles knowing he had past the 50 mark.

[Chat]  22:07:13 Gidia Fodri says, "Celox, shut up."

[Chat]  22:07:18 Stizzi Death says, "I have much more than 50 credits"
[Chat]  22:07:18 Stizzi Death boggles at Celox Scorpio.
[Chat]  22:07:26 Celox Scorpio frowns at Gidia Fodri.
[Chat]  22:07:27 Scirzzo checks his beeping comm.

[Chat]  22:07:32 Nellari Hoefi gives celox 'that look'

[Chat]  22:07:34 Scirzzo curses under his breath.
[Chat]  22:07:38 Scirzzo sighs.
[Chat]  22:07:41 You raise an eyebrow at Scirzzo. What is he up to?

[Chat]  22:07:45 Celox Scorpio shuts up.

[Chat]  22:07:54 Feral' says, "though, mother Augwynne and a couple ofothers are well past what I understand is normal humanoid life"

[Chat]  22:08:09 Nellari Hoefi says, "Hmmm?"
[Chat]  22:08:10 Amul'ette inquires, "How old are they?"
[Chat]  22:08:34 Feral' says, "the oldest is three hundred..."
[Chat]  22:08:44 Feral' says, "give or take."

[Chat]  22:08:45 Fawne' Trelis cringes a little.

[Chat]  22:08:54 Amul'ette mumbles, "They must eat what they feed the spiders."
[Chat]  22:09:00 Breshe Hou'Kre chuckles politely at you.

[Chat]  22:09:02 Nellari Hoefi says, "Sweet Goddesss's light <softly almost under her breath>"
[Chat]  22:09:04 Feral' grins at you.

[Chat]  22:09:10 Amul'ette grins sheepishly.
[Chat]  22:09:17 Pappeto blinks at the 300 comment under his helmet.

[Chat]  22:09:31 Stizzi Death thinks, "I'm hoping just to reach 75"

[Chat]  22:09:35 Feral' says, "The Elders are the keepers of the Weave"

[Chat]  22:09:44 Amul'ette tilts her head to the side.

[Chat]  22:09:51 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "The Weave?"
[Chat]  22:09:56 Amul'ette says, "Hmm"
[Chat]  22:09:59 Nellari Hoefi discrete gesture of respect at Feral's words.

[Chat]  22:10:06 Amul'ette says, "I wonder if that is produced from the giant spiders"
[Chat]  22:10:07 (calm) Corvus-Corax leans close to -Tiny Dancer and puts his arm around her.

[Chat]  22:10:17 Feral' says, "They hold the greatest secrets--"
[Chat]  22:10:17 Feral' says to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Magic"

[Chat]  22:10:27 Amul'ette mouths to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Magic?"
[Chat]  22:10:29 Corvus-Corax flirts with -Tiny Dancer-.

[Chat]  22:10:29 Breshe Hou'Kre perks up in great interest.
[Chat]  22:10:29 -Tiny Dancer- smiles gently up at him.

[Chat]  22:10:38 Breshe Hou'Kre mouths, "I told you!"

[Chat]  22:10:38 Marcellus' Carvar takes his carbine popping out the mag and examines it.

[Chat]  22:10:39 Liniani says, "Magic?"
[Chat]  22:10:51 Feral' says, "They speak or sing to things and they happen"

[Chat]  22:10:55 Amul'ette whispers to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Have you been on the spynet again?"
[Chat]  22:11:00 You grin at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:11:02 Nellari Hoefi says, "Talanted Ones.."
[Chat]  22:11:11 Fawne' Trelis says, "Can we hear a song?"
[Chat]  22:11:16 Amul'ette says, "Ohhh"
[Chat]  22:11:17 Breshe Hou'Kre whispers to Amul'ette, "only a was from a story I heard"
[Chat]  22:11:36 Nellari Hoefi says, "((Talented even mehh))"
[Chat]  22:11:37 Feral' says, "There is a sound right now."

[Chat]  22:11:52 Amul'ette tilts her head to listen.
[Chat]  22:12:00 Breshe Hou'Kre perks one of her sensitive ears.
[Chat]  22:12:00 Pappeto listens to the wind.
[Chat]  22:12:01 Eabha Brea listens intently.

[Chat]  22:12:10 Feral' says, "Look to the northeast"

[Chat]  22:12:27 Amul'ette follows Feral's glance.

[Chat]  22:12:30 Feral' points the way.

[Chat]  22:12:42 Celox Scorpio turns and looks.
[Chat]  22:12:42 Pappeto looks in the indicated direction.

[Chat]  22:12:47 Feral' says, "Do you see the stones?"

[Chat]  22:12:48 Nellari Hoefi says, "Ayes heart it .."
[Chat]  22:12:57 Corvus-Corax says calmly, "Hey look the rocks are floating" in Ryl.
[Chat]  22:13:12 Corvus-Corax says calmly, "I didnt notice those before"
[Chat]  22:13:14 -Tiny Dancer- eyes widen a bit.
[Chat]  22:13:14 Fawne' Trelis takes a step in the other direction, peering.

[Chat]  22:13:14 Celox Scorpio says, "Ther flying stones?"
[Chat]  22:13:22 Nellari Hoefi says, "yes they are as have been others alon the way 'cousin'" in Ryl.
[Chat]  22:13:23 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Wow..."
[Chat]  22:13:24 Tiber'ius Asada peers around.

[Chat]  22:13:31 Feral' says, "that is the singing of the Clan... the connection to the Weave"

[Chat]  22:13:32 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Thats amazing!"
[Chat]  22:13:35 Stizzi Death points at the stone formation.
[Chat]  22:13:35 Stizzi Death points the way.

[Chat]  22:13:43 Amul'ette exclaims, "Oh!"
[Chat]  22:14:07 Nellari Hoefi slight nervous wriggle of her Lekku.

[Chat]  22:14:08 Feral' says, "The Weave is what binds us as a Clan... to Dathomir..."
[Chat]  22:14:13 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Can anyone learn this power?"
[Chat]  22:14:24 Amul'ette looks down at Breshe, then looks toward Feral.

[Chat]  22:14:29 Feral' says, "to the creatures and plants that live here."
[Chat]  22:14:45 Feral' says, "it may be possible for anyone to learn it."

[Chat]  22:14:46 Fawne' Trelis says, "Hmm.. does that mean you loose these.. weaves if you leave this place?"
[Chat]  22:14:50 -Tiny Dancer- listens intently.

[Chat]  22:15:01 Eabha Brea smiles at Feral'.

[Chat]  22:15:01 Nellari Hoefi says, "some maybe Breshe and some had it but lost it <sad tone as she says the last >"
[Chat]  22:15:12 Feral' says, "If one defies the Weave..."
[Chat]  22:15:35 Feral' smiles at Fawne' Trelis.
[Chat]  22:15:49 Feral' says, "they become a Nightsister"

[Chat]  22:15:57 Celox Scorpio says, "Ah... and that bad."
[Chat]  22:15:58 Fawne' Trelis gapes at Feral'.
[Chat]  22:16:14 Liniani gasps.

[Chat]  22:16:18 Liniani says, "Nightsister!"
[Chat]  22:16:18 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I...see..."
[Chat]  22:16:24 Amul'ette blinks, looking awed.
[Chat]  22:16:25 Thistle Crowe bites her lower lip slightly.

[Chat]  22:16:27 Nellari Hoefi says, "Aye...or worse even<some what subdued tone to her voice>"
[Chat]  22:16:30 Breshe Hou'Kre fiddles with the necklace on her neck once more.

[Chat]  22:17:12 Breshe Hou'Kre whispers to Amul'ette, "I hope she doesn't look close at me..."
[Chat]  22:17:14 Nellari Hoefi loks curiously at breshe's necklace briefly.
[Chat]  22:17:25 Amul'ette looks down at Bre and quirks an eyebrow.

[Chat]  22:17:38 Feral' says, "Nightsisters arethose who have turned their backs one the ways of Allya... the ways ofthe Weave.. most people they control the Weave... others do it forselfish reasons... others are just mislead"
[Chat]  22:17:41 Amul'ette whispers to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Ahh... why?"
[Chat]  22:17:49 Breshe Hou'Kre whispers to Amul'ette, "This necklace I have on is supposedly Nightsister design."
[Chat]  22:18:11 Feral' says, "They are named Nightsisters because of the Night Spells they use"

[Chat]  22:18:16 Eabha Brea listenings intently taking in all the information.

[Chat]  22:18:25 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "Oh we all know corrupt, mislead controlling people."
[Chat]  22:18:25 Fawne' Trelis points down to Snarky from above his head.
[Chat]  22:18:54 Feral' says, "recently a woman named Gethzarion believed she could unite the Nightsisters...."

[Chat]  22:19:12 Nellari Hoefi says, "Goddess protect all from such,Her and Her Blades"
[Chat]  22:19:28 Fawne' Trelis says, "Wait.. who's the goddess?  Allay?"
[Chat]  22:19:28 Amul'ette whispers, "It should be ok."
[Chat]  22:19:30 You smile at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:19:39 Feral' says, "and she has for the most part.. there are still rogues ammoung her clan.. Axkva Min...."

[Chat]  22:19:59 Amul'ette blinks at the mention of the name.
[Chat]  22:19:59 Breshe Hou'Kre 's fur ripples at that name.
[Chat]  22:20:00 Fawne' Trelis shudders a little at the name, leaning more against Sefir.

[Chat]  22:20:04 Feral' says, "at any rate.. we are not here to talk about her."
[Chat]  22:20:17 Feral' says, "is there any other questions I can answer?"

[Chat]  22:20:25 Amul'ette places a comforting hand on Bre's shoulder and squeezes.

[Chat]  22:20:26 Liniani shivers.
[Chat]  22:20:27 Breshe Hou'Kre shivers.

[Chat]  22:20:41 Breshe Hou'Kre whispers, "Just the sound of that name makes me feel so cold..."
[Chat]  22:21:25 Feral' says, "anyother questions before we go farther?"

[Chat]  22:21:31 Breshe Hou'Kre shakes her head negatively.

[Chat]  22:21:34 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I'm good, thanks"
[Chat]  22:21:54 Celox Scorpio bows his head to Feral'.

[Chat]  22:22:06 Pappeto takes the back of the crowd.

[Chat]  22:22:10 Doulma O'Fey bows to Feral'.

[Chat]  22:22:15 Feral' says, "This next stop.. will be the last"
[Chat]  22:22:29 Feral' says, "it is our temple.. and place of learning"

[Chat]  22:22:44 Fawne' Trelis sighs as she loses the bothan in the crowd, again.

[Chat]  22:22:55 Pappeto nods at Nellari Hoefi.

[Chat]  22:23:07 Liniani almost slips.

[Chat]  22:23:18 Feral' says, "oh.. don't look down"

[Chat]  22:23:21 Liniani says, "That's a long way down...."
[Chat]  22:23:26 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Don't have to tell me twice."
[Chat]  22:23:29 Fawne' Trelis peers down then.

[Chat]  22:23:30 Breshe Hou'Kre chuckles nervously.

[Chat]  22:23:47 Feral' recites, "...thug sí chun bisigh é...."

[Chat]  22:23:51 Stizzi Death says, "ambush!"
[Chat]  22:23:55 Celox Scorpio says, "Our last... as in we die, our last?"
[Chat]  22:23:57 Celox Scorpio shivers.

[Chat]  22:23:57 Feral' says, "heads up!"

[Chat]  22:23:59 Fawne' Trelis gasps.
[Chat]  22:23:59 Thistle Crowe blinks.

[Chat]  22:24:01 Feral' recites, "...thug sí chun bisigh é...."

[Chat]  22:24:07 Amul'ette quirks an eyebrow at Feral's reciting.

[Chat]  22:24:07 Feral' claps her hands together and concentrates.
[Chat]  22:24:07 Feral' recites, ". . draíocht féad tabhair leat sláinte . . ."

[Chat]  22:24:19 Liniani says, "That drop looks pretty good right now!"
[Chat]  22:24:41 Feral' recites, "...thug sí chun bisigh é...."
[Chat]  22:24:48 Feral' tosses some powder on the ground.
[Chat]  22:24:48 Feral' recites, "...calcanna toite nimhe...."
[Chat]  22:25:26 Feral' touches Rawr.
[Chat]  22:25:28 Feral' recites, "...thug sí chun bisigh é...."

[Chat]  22:26:23 Breshe Hou'Kre keeps next to Amu for now.
[Chat]  22:26:46 -Tiny Dancer- hides.

[Chat]  22:27:01 Feral' says, "the path gets thinnner up here"

[Chat]  22:27:15 Breshe Hou'Kre pulls Amu closer to her side of the path.
[Chat]  22:27:23 Amul'ette is pulled.

[Chat]  22:27:24 Celox Scorpio says, "I will stay back here"
[Chat]  22:27:37 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Careful Amu, just didn't want ya to slip"
[Chat]  22:27:45 Amul'ette says, "Thank you Bre."
[Chat]  22:27:46 Pappeto continues tredging up the hill.

[Chat]  22:27:57 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Welcome"
[Chat]  22:28:06 Liniani says, "Looks down the mountain."

[Chat]  22:28:07 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Safer to hug the wall anyway"
[Chat]  22:28:31 Stizzi Death whistles really loud.

[Chat]  22:28:33 Nellari Hoefi says, "watchers Mal.. in the hills.."
[Chat]  22:29:42 Feral' says, "everyone else this way"

[Chat]  22:29:43 Amul'ette shivers.

[Chat]  22:29:44 Celox Scorpio says, "Good to have HGS security around"
[Chat]  22:29:50 You agree with Celox Scorpio.
[Chat]  22:29:58 Jod Iegemai agrees with Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  22:30:06 Celox Scorpio says, "Amuu... this track is dangerous"
[Chat]  22:30:08 Liniani says, in a scared tone, "Celox was right... we might just die..."
[Chat]  22:30:16 You agree with Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  22:30:20 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "We will with that additude"
[Chat]  22:30:29 (scared) Liniani almost slips again>
[Chat]  22:30:36 Pappeto glances down the side of the cliff and grins to himself.

[Chat]  22:30:39 Liniani says, in a scared tone, "These boots aren't working..."
[Chat]  22:30:58 Celox Scorpio whines, "this is too steep..."
[Chat]  22:31:06 Celox Scorpio whines, "oh maker..."
[Chat]  22:31:13 Celox Scorpio stops.
[Chat]  22:31:20 Amul'ette lifts her skirt in her hand as she makes her way up the steep hill, her boots having good purchase.

[Chat]  22:31:26 Malcar Bel-Havok says to Amul'ette, "We're clear, here."

[Chat]  22:31:32 Tiber'ius Asada says, "Oooh, gong."
[Chat]  22:31:38 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "You ok Celox?"
[Chat]  22:31:58 Nellari Hoefi pauses and bows reverently asshe entersthe temple grounds gesturing respectfully in the 4 directions.
[Chat]  22:32:01 Liniani breathes a sigh of relief.
[Chat]  22:32:08 Breshe Hou'Kre is exhausted and must rest.

[Chat]  22:32:18 Feral' says, "this is it... the last stop."

[Chat]  22:32:24 Amul'ette leans against the rock?... and catches her breathe.
[Chat]  22:32:41 Liniani looks down and notices mud all over her skirt and boots.
[Chat]  22:32:58 Breshe Hou'Kre looks over at tomething and jogs over to see it.

[Chat]  22:33:02 Liniani curses under her breath.

[Chat]  22:33:03 Feral' says, "We have the greatest connection to the weave here."
[Chat]  22:33:16 Feral' says, "some of you may even be able to feel it"

[Chat]  22:33:18 Nellari Hoefi says, "<whispers bacxk your welcome ser"
[Chat]  22:33:20 Fawne' Trelis says, "What's the gong for?"
[Chat]  22:33:31 Feral' says, "calling meetings"

[Chat]  22:33:32 Corvus-Corax says, distracted, "I dont feel nothin."
[Chat]  22:33:40 Breshe Hou'Kre moves back to Amu, trying to cover up a steady ripple in her fur.
[Chat]  22:33:53 Amul'ette chuckles down at Breshe.

[Chat]  22:33:58 Corvus-Corax says, distracted, "nothing but the rain on my face."
[Chat]  22:33:58 Celox Scorpio mumbles, "hey"
[Chat]  22:33:58 Liniani tries to clean her skirt off.

[Chat]  22:34:03 Breshe Hou'Kre mouths, "What?"
[Chat]  22:34:03 Doulma O'Fey whispers, "some close calls"
[Chat]  22:34:05 Celox Scorpio mumbles, "there is not food here..."
[Chat]  22:34:07 Malcar Bel-Havok whispers to Doulma O'Fey.

[Chat]  22:34:11 Nellari Hoefi says, "?kneels reverently her eyse closed briefly"
[Chat]  22:34:11 Malcar Bel-Havok shows Doulma O'Fey his approval.
[Chat]  22:34:22 You smile at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:34:23 Liniani puts her jacket on.

[Chat]  22:34:24 Amul'ette says, "Nothing"

[Chat]  22:34:26 Feral' looks around a smiles to the group.

[Chat]  22:34:30 Doulma O'Fey whispers, "sound like a good opertunity"
[Chat]  22:34:44 Breshe Hou'Kre tries to smooth down her fur in a futile attempt as it keeps rippling.

[Chat]  22:34:47 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I just feel odd, thats all."
[Chat]  22:35:11 Breshe Hou'Kre shrugs.

[Chat]  22:35:17 Nellari Hoefi says, "Rancors around and something nasty feeling..."
[Chat]  22:35:17 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Probably because we are so high up."
[Chat]  22:35:19 (distracted) Corvus-Corax holds out his hand to guage the rain.
[Chat]  22:35:19 Pappeto glances at the gong in the middle.

[Chat]  22:35:22 Stizzi Death raises an eyebrow at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:35:23 Feral' says, "this is our place to connect... to bask in the presence of the Weave"

[Chat]  22:35:47 Stizzi Death takes a deep breath and steadies himself.

[Chat]  22:35:54 Feral' says, "but this is also where we enjoy ourselves."

[Chat]  22:36:00 Nellari Hoefi says, "Aye 'Cousin' <nodding to Feral."
[Chat]  22:36:16 Liniani says, "Food?"
[Chat]  22:36:19 Feral' says, "If the Nightsisters where all defeated.. here is where the party would be"

[Chat]  22:36:22 Amul'ette flicks her gaze around the surroundings.

[Chat]  22:36:28 Celox Scorpio says, "party?"
[Chat]  22:36:33 Celox Scorpio says, "I like parties."
[Chat]  22:36:52 Pappeto slings his rifle believing this to be the end.
[Chat]  22:36:53 Nellari Hoefi nods in understanding of Feral's words.
[Chat]  22:37:01 Liniani pushes the hair out of her face.

[Chat]  22:37:03 Feral' says, "Take a look around.. but do -not- go inside.. the guards will cause you trouble"

[Chat]  22:37:07 Stizzi Death mumbles, "it's probably because I'm here the nightsisters have been so persistent."
[Chat]  22:37:09 Breshe Hou'Kre wrings her hair out a bit more.

[Chat]  22:37:17 Eabha Brea nods at Feral'.
[Chat]  22:37:20 Amul'ette looks around.

[Chat]  22:37:36 Feral' says, "it  is said Mother Augwynne can see the whole planet from up here.. but i think she's teasing"

[Chat]  22:37:36 Amul'ette taps the gong and listens.

[Chat]  22:37:40 Liniani says, "Whats inside?"
[Chat]  22:37:43 Stizzi Death beams at 'Sakkra

[Chat]  22:37:47 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Wow, more of the hovering rocks!"
[Chat]  22:37:48 'Sakkra beams at Stizzi Death

[Chat]  22:37:49 Amul'ette says to Breshe Hou'Kre, "Hmm, I wonder if we can acquire one"
[Chat]  22:37:49 Jod Iegemai is cautious of the gong.
[Chat]  22:37:56 Pappeto waves to Sakkra. She was here the whole time.

[Chat]  22:37:57 Stizzi Death kisses 'Sakkra gently on the lips.

[Chat]  22:37:58 Fawne' Trelis says, "Oh."
[Chat]  22:37:58 Nellari Hoefi stops at the Temple entrance and Bows respectfully ,but does not enter.

[Chat]  22:38:03 'Sakkra kisses Stizzi Death gently on the lips.

[Chat]  22:38:06 Celox Scorpio tries to touch the gong.

[Chat]  22:38:13 'Sakkra says, "You look good in white."
[Chat]  22:38:13 Stizzi Death says, "There you are, I've tasted your scent for quite some time"
[Chat]  22:38:20 Stizzi Death beams at 'Sakkra

[Chat]  22:38:24 Thistle Crowe slaps Celox's hand.

[Chat]  22:38:28 Celox Scorpio exclaims, "Hey!"
[Chat]  22:38:34 Nellari Hoefi bows.

[Chat]  22:38:35 Stizzi Death says, "Thank you"
[Chat]  22:38:36 Thistle Crowe grins at Celox Scorpio.

[Chat]  22:38:39 Amul'ette says, "Look at that!"
[Chat]  22:38:48 Gidia Fodri gives a low whistle.

[Chat]  22:38:49 Celox Scorpio says, "I was just triing to touch the gong..."
[Chat]  22:38:51 Malcar Bel-Havok whispers, "The floating rock is rather impressive..."
[Chat]  22:38:51 Amul'ette holds her hand out.

[Chat]  22:38:54 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Its has to be magic"
[Chat]  22:38:55 Celox Scorpio shrugs helplessly at Thistle Crowe.

[Chat]  22:38:59 Thistle Crowe says, "just be careful"
[Chat]  22:39:00 Liniani peers around.

[Chat]  22:39:02 Pappeto crosses his arms and grins.

[Chat]  22:39:06 Stizzi Death says, "I must thank Thistle for thematerial used.  I've gotten no blood on it during this pilgramige"
[Chat]  22:39:07 Celox Scorpio nods at Thistle Crowe.
[Chat]  22:39:07 Corvus-Corax shakes his head negatively at Celox Scorpio.
[Chat]  22:39:16 Nellari Hoefi bows.

[Chat]  22:39:23 Corvus-Corax says, distracted, "Dont touch anything"
[Chat]  22:39:23 'Sakkra smiles at Liniani.

[Chat]  22:39:24 Stizzi Death says, "The nightsisters have been relentless today."
[Chat]  22:39:26 Gidia Fodri says, "Never seen anything like it... nothing's holding it up."
[Chat]  22:39:29 'Sakkra smiles at Stizzi Death.

[Chat]  22:39:33 'Sakkra says, "Looks good."
[Chat]  22:39:35 Pappeto takes his helmet off and slings it on his belt.

[Chat]  22:39:47 Pappeto agrees with Gidia Fodri.
[Chat]  22:39:50 Malcar Bel-Havok thanks Feral'.

[Chat]  22:39:53 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Makes me wanna try to jump on it...but I won't"
[Chat]  22:39:53 Sefire whispers, "We have to sit through a meeting?"
[Chat]  22:39:57 Liniani takes off her jacket, puts it on the ground, and sits on it.

[Chat]  22:40:02 You smile at Feral'.

[Chat]  22:40:05 Gidia Fodri says, "I could toss you."
[Chat]  22:40:07 Gidia Fodri smirks at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:40:11 Feral' smiles at you.

[Chat]  22:40:14 Thistle Crowe stands in the center taking in the entire area slowly.

[Chat]  22:40:17 Malcar Bel-Havok says to Feral', "Thank you for thetour. I hope we didn't disrupt this place too badly with our presence."
[Chat]  22:40:19 Amul'ette inquires to Feral', "May I ask how we get back down?  Just... walk?"
[Chat]  22:40:21 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I would prefer not"
[Chat]  22:40:21 Nellari Hoefi says, "Aye best not little'sister' <nodfding at Breshe>"
[Chat]  22:40:25 Gidia Fodri grins at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:40:36 Gidia Fodri says, "Kidding, of course."

[Chat]  22:40:39 Liniani removes her muddy boots, and puts in better boots for the occasion.

[Chat]  22:40:41 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "So.."
[Chat]  22:40:46 Nellari Hoefi says, "Jump to it i mean .."
[Chat]  22:40:49 Feral' says, "you can ride a rancor if you think you can "tame" one"

[Chat]  22:40:52 Gidia Fodri says, "I'm here to protect you guys, not kill you."
[Chat]  22:40:53 Gidia Fodri chuckles.

[Chat]  22:40:57 Malcar Bel-Havok says, "If anyone would like a ride, please let me know."
[Chat]  22:40:58 Amul'ette blinks a few times then chuckles.

[Chat]  22:40:59 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I don't wanna test how study it is"
[Chat]  22:41:07 Amul'ette says, "That is fine, I shall walk back down."
[Chat]  22:41:08 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "((*sturdy))"
[Chat]  22:41:12 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "I'm really starting to havetrouble not touching things.  It's been a long walk.. and lots ofinteresting sights..  and I haven't touched a thing."
[Chat]  22:41:21 Amul'ette says, "Thank you very much for giving us a tour and the history of your clan and the mountain."
[Chat]  22:41:23 Nellari Hoefi says, "is not that ..something else think only a 'chosen' can .."
[Chat]  22:41:27 Liniani says, "I want to go in that building thing."

[Chat]  22:41:34 Amul'ette bows her head respectfully to Feral.

[Chat]  22:41:38 Breshe Hou'Kre shrugs.

[Chat]  22:41:39 Snarky' Vi'kre shakes his head negatively at Fawne' Trelis.
[Chat]  22:41:47 Liniani gets up and puts away her jacket.

[Chat]  22:41:49 Snarky' Vi'kre whispers, "A thousand bad things..."
[Chat]  22:41:54 Feral' says, "Yeah.. well, you're kinda lucky.. I did it because Augwynne said I should"

[Chat]  22:41:58 Nellari Hoefi bows.

[Chat]  22:42:00 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "My hand will fall off?"
[Chat]  22:42:02 Breshe Hou'Kre bows to Feral'.

[Chat]  22:42:07 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Thank you once more"
[Chat]  22:42:09 Feral' says, "Kind of a test thing. I guess"

[Chat]  22:42:15 Liniani curtsies to Feral'.

[Chat]  22:42:19 Feral' smiles at Breshe Hou'Kre.

[Chat]  22:42:20 Snarky' Vi'kre whispers, "I dunno. I don't *want* to know. Y'know?"
[Chat]  22:42:20 Amul'ette glances around nervously, then turns back with a neutral, but pleasant expression and nods.

[Chat]  22:42:23 Nellari Hoefi bows to Feral'.

[Chat]  22:42:24 Feral' nods at Liniani.

[Chat]  22:42:26 Feral' performs a very formal curtsey.

[Chat]  22:42:32 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "So we make Asada touch it first."
[Chat]  22:42:34 Amul'ette says, "I hope the test was passed."
[Chat]  22:42:38 Snarky' Vi'kre sighs at Fawne' Trelis.

[Chat]  22:42:44 Nellari Hoefi gives Feral a deep respectful bow.

[Chat]  22:42:45 Tiber'ius Asada nods.

[Chat]  22:42:46 Feral' says, "I don't know"

[Chat]  22:42:47 Celox Scorpio bows deeply before Feral', showing great respect.

[Chat]  22:42:50 Stizzi Death says, "Thank you for the tour of your most sacred of places"
[Chat]  22:42:50 Stizzi Death bows to Feral'.
[Chat]  22:42:58 -Tiny Dancer- hides behind Corvus.
[Chat]  22:43:02 Tiber'ius Asada squints his eyes and peers at a Singing Mountain Clan gong.

[Chat]  22:43:05 Celox Scorpio says, "Great tour!"
[Chat]  22:43:06 Nellari Hoefi says, "Aye My Lady GoddessBless."
[Chat]  22:43:07 Corvus-Corax bows to Feral'.
[Chat]  22:43:08 Breshe Hou'Kre performs a very formal curtsey.
[Chat]  22:43:16 Corvus-Corax stands defensively in front of -Tiny Dancer-.

[Chat]  22:43:17 Malcar Bel-Havok looks around one more time, fairly certain he won't be back any time soon.

[Chat]  22:43:21 Sefire ponders about a Singing Mountain Clan gong.

[Chat]  22:43:33 Feral' says, "Thank you"

[Chat]  22:43:38 You smile at Feral'.
[Chat]  22:43:41 Tiber'ius Asada examines the gong.

[Chat]  22:43:48 Amul'ette says, "Be well in your blessings and may you live long."
[Chat]  22:43:52 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "I do just have one more question miss...if you don't mind"
[Chat]  22:43:55 Liniani checks her boots to see if there sturdy then sighs as it starts to rain again.

[Chat]  22:43:59 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "If you guys are going to touch it.."
[Chat]  22:44:03 Feral' says to Breshe Hou'Kre, "okay"

[Chat]  22:44:06 Fawne' Trelis whispers, "Let me know if your hands fall off."
[Chat]  22:44:22 Breshe Hou'Kre says, "Its about your weapon...what is it? I can see the energy trailing from it."
[Chat]  22:44:44 Nellari Hoefi studies both Breshe and the lance subtly.

[Chat]  22:44:45 Celox Scorpio thanks Feral'.

[Chat]  22:44:47 Tiber'ius Asada whispers, "It might not be a good idea to touch it."
[Chat]  22:44:49 Amul'ette says, "Now... to get back down the mountain."

Guppy (SuperAdmin) 5/11/2009 5:47 PM EST : RE: 2009 Matron Day ( Mother's Day ) Pictures
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Guppy Queen
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I was unable to come to this event due to my internet connection being out. This is the first time I've ever missed an event that I planned. I'm very proud that you guys picked it up and made ityour own.

Special Thanks to...

...Attendeees. You were a great audience.

...Amul'ette Feral' and Celox for leading the event.

...Malcar and Stizzi for coordinating and organizing the IC / OOC safety.

...Gidia for medic heals and rez.

...Thistle for the attendee list (for event report follow up later).

...Amul'ette, for recording chat logs.

Amul'ette (Associate) 5/11/2009 5:59 PM EST : RE: 2009 Matron Day ( Mother's Day ) Pictures
Amuse me
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I had no idea there was a fanon wiki!   Wow... really good stuff in there, thanks for the link!  ^^

Everyone was such a great help with the mobs and it was really alot of fun. 

Note to self for next year:  Wear climbing gear.  /lol

Characters: Amul'ette Xandree

tziena (Associate) 5/12/2009 1:21 PM EST : RE: 2009 Matron Day ( Mother's Day ) Pictures
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Wow thanks for taking the screenies and logging it. I didn't think about Feral's "spells" getting in the log because they are bound to my medic specials, so that was very cool.

Thanks again had a great time!

Characters: Tziena Linqx

Thistle Crowe (Member) 5/12/2009 7:07 PM EST : RE: 2009 Matron Day ( Mother's Day ) Pictures
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Thistle Crowe
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Awesome!  I love the side pic of Amu towards the beginning!  I really can't say how much I LOVED this event!!!


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