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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 3/13/2007 8:24 PM EST : 2007 Green Day Parade (St. Patrick's Day) Pictures
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Galactic Celebrity

This was an Ithorian-themed event (OOC-wise St. Patrick's Day celebration) hosted by HGS and Pex! March 14, 2007.

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We started off the parade at the Tropico, in R’n’R Retreat, Rori.

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We headed to Horn & Halo, located in Solleu-suv-Mer, Naboo.

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The third cantina was the River Jams in Rielig Steppes, Dantooine. Owned by our very own, Altone.

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We traveled to Anchorhead bridge next, on Tatooine.

Thanks for the fireworks Rygis!

Our fourth cantina was the Blue Moon on R’n’R Retreat.

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Pex decoarted the stage with green lights, rugs and banners to celebrate Ithorians (and St. Patrick's Day)

  Spatial Chat
Green   Custom Emote
Blue   Event's Manager (Pex)

[Chat]  Zilda' tickles Droopy McCool mercilessly.
[Chat]  "I miss Altone", Nallu Koras says to Zilda'.
[Chat]  Zilda' agrees with you.
[Chat]  Oh my gosh,  Priest Alten!
[Chat]  Welcome,  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  Zilda' bows her head to  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  "hello!", Nallu Koras says.
[Chat]  Rygis Seven bows to  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  "Hello!",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  You give him a hug.

Pex arrived as an unknown Ithorian Priest named "Alten" (reminded me of Altone)

[Chat]  IrvTheMongral says, "A friend of yours Nallu?"
[Chat]  You nod at IrvTheMongral.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Happy Green Day."
[Chat]  Little-Green Friend bows to  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  Zilda' comes forward with her green lilies and offers one to the Priest.
[Chat]  Zilda' says, "I grew them in honour of this day sir"
[Chat]   Priest Alten thanks Zilda'.
[Chat]  Evmon looks the new comer up and down.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "Happy Green Day your priestness"

[Chat]  Jaaden Bodonawieedo nods at  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw says, "Welcome Priest Alten" in Ithorese.
[Chat]  "Happy Green Day", Enava Atoamaw says in Ithorese.
[Chat] "So nice to see so many celebrating.  It's good to see it is notjust an Ithorian holiday anymore.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  "thank you.  We hope it does justice to the real festivities", Nallu Koras says.
[Chat]   Priest Alten chuckles politely at Nallu Koras.

He actually danced!

[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "You traveled far to visit us ?"
[Chat]  "Well, I have travelled far.",  Priest Alten says.  "You were on the way."
[Chat]  "Planet Ithor is quite some distance", Jaaden Bodonawieedo says.
[Chat]  "There are many with only war on their minds.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Idle hands indeed."
[Chat]  "we are at war you know that right?", Evmon says.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Don't let me interrupt the dancing and festivities."
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "would you come join us?"
[Chat]  "Of course.",  Priest Alten says.  "Lead the way."
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw bows to  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras wonders if a Priest can dance.
[Chat]  "I am not much of a dancer.",  Priest Alten says.  "I prefer to watch. Not very priestly, I suppose."
[Chat]  Oh my gosh,  Priest Alten!
[Chat]  YAY!! You cheer for  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  "I doubt you learned that dance in seminary, your worship", Enava Atoamaw says in Ithorese.
[Chat]  Rygis Seven says, "kinda dervish like maybe"
[Chat]  Rygis Seven laughs out loud at  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  "you have to nice moves!", Nallu Koras says.

[Chat]  Zilda' says, "hehehe"
[Chat]  "Like I said.  Not very good. Erratic at best, but it's still fun to try.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  "Greenery and music and dancing ....", Zilda' says.  "All good for the soul!"
[Chat]  You show his your approval.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "You know, these rugs are produced from recycled materials"
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Pressed plantlife, I think."
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "They are nice.  Perhaps I'll get some for the temple."
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Haha.  The skills of a mis-spent childhood."
[Chat]  "That and more than my share of weddings.  Always dancing at weddings.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  Rygis Seven says, "No such thing as a mispent youth Sir!"
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw says, "Your worship, I'm afraid I haven't been very devout lately."
[Chat]  "It's the cantinas, your worship - they're a bad influence", Enava Atoamaw says.
[Chat]  "Whew.",  Priest Alten says.  "That's tiring. Too much devotional wine, too little exercise."
[Chat]  Rygis Seven says, "So not much dancin in the Temple?"
[Chat]  "No.",  Priest Alten says.  "Not really. A time and place for everything."
[Chat]  Rygis Seven says, "but I have heard of some preists that dance into a dervish and higher state"
[Chat]  "Not so much on Ithor.",  Priest Alten says.

some more pictures at the Blue Moon.

[Chat]  "Hmm..", Rygis Seven says.  "Mite be a second calling for you"
[Chat] "Our bodies are really built for spinning.",  Priest Altensays.  "We get dizzy much faster due to how far out our eyes arelocated."
[Chat]  Nallu Koras hands the mug of Ithorian Mist to Priest Alten.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "would you like a drink?"
[Chat]   Priest Alten nods at you.
[Chat]  Welcome, Mercuri Amet.
[Chat]  "Sir, could I ask you one question though?", Skore Ef'nel says.
[Chat]  "Of course.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat] "What is the meaning of Green Day?", SkoreEf'nel says.
[Chat] "Green Day?  Well, it's not surprising you aren't that familarwith it. Until recently it was only an Ithorian holiday.",  PriestAlten says.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Green Day celebrates Mother Jungle.  Thanking her for her bounty and protection."
[Chat]  Toli Freedust bows to  Priest Alten.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Jungle covers my homeworld, so everything we have we get from Mother Jungle."
[Chat]  Skore Ef'nel says, "Thank you for enlighting me."
[Chat]  "Happy Green Day everyone!",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  "Happy Green Day!", Zilda' says.
[Chat]  "Happy Green Day !", Nallu Koras says.
[Chat]  "Happy Green day and thank you very much for the invite", Jaaden Bodonawieedo says.

[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw greets Priest Alten with reverence.
[Chat]  You motion at Enava Atoamaw to come here.
[Chat]  "come met the guest Enava", Nallu Koras says.
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw bows to  Priest Alten.
[Chat]  "Happy Green Day, my child.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw bows to  Priest Alten.
[Chat] "I am also glad to meet you Priest Alten.", Enava Atoamaw says inIthorese.  "It is not often I can use our mother tomgue"
[Chat]   Priest Alten smiles at Enava Atoamaw.
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw says, "Tongue even : )" in Ithorese.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Nor I!  Sometimes I think I have forgotten it, but it comes back easily."
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw says, "Oh it's hard to go back to speaking Basic, but I mustn't be rude"
[Chat]   Priest Alten smiles at Enava Atoamaw.
[Chat]  You giggle at him.

[Chat]  Priest Alten says, "The one thing about Green Day is that it reminds meof being back home where everything is green."
[Chat]  "How are things on Ithor these days?", Enava Atoamaw says in Ithorese.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "have you been down on the planet surface?"
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "I have not been called to visit the surface, no."
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "As well as can be expected.  The war affects us all."
[Chat]  "Of course.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  "Priest Alten, may I introduce a friend to you?", Nallu Koras says.
[Chat]  Nallu Koras says, "ok.  Let me comm her. She's really shy"
[Chat]  Arielina Rosebloom says, "Ilena?"
[Chat]  Ilena Nodan says, "did I miss the Priest?"
[Chat]  Arielina Rosebloom nods at you.
[Chat]  Arielina Rosebloom says, "I"m sorry dear, he just left".
[Chat]  Arielina Rosebloom comforts you.

[Chat]  "Nallu called me", Ilena Nodan says.
[Chat]  Arielina Rosebloom says, "I'm so sorry hun".
[Chat]  "Oh, hmmm he's back", Arielina Rosebloom says.
[Chat]  Zilda' beams at you.
[Chat]  (shy) Ilena Nodan clears her four throats and begins to talk in her stereophonic speaking voice.
[Chat] "I forgot that I was suppossed to pick up some Ithorian Mist for someinvalid Ithorians I'm visiting later.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  Arielina Rosebloom says, "Priest Alten"
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Yes?"
[Chat]  Ilena Nodan says, "hello Priest Alten"
[Chat]  You bow to  Priest Alten.
[Chat]   Priest Alten bows to you.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "A pleasure, Ilena."
[Chat]  "Miss Koras told me you were hear.  I'm glad you forgot to pick up your Mist", Ilena Nodan says shyly.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Yes.  I have gotten forgetful. All that dancing . It clouds ones mind."
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw says, "Welcome Ilena" in Ithorese.
[Chat]  You smile at Enava Atoamaw.
[Chat]  "hello sister", Ilena Nodan says hesitantly.
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw smiles at you.
[Chat]  Ahn'issk greets everyone.
[Chat]  Ilena Nodan says shyly, "thank you for visiting us Priest Alten."
[Chat]  (shy) Ilena Nodan pulls a feather from her headgear and gives it to Priest Alten.
[Chat]   Priest Alten takes the feather reverently.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "You honor me."
[Chat]  "happy Green Day.", Ilena Nodan says hesitantly.  "For our Mother"
[Chat]  "Thank you.  Too kind.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]  "Happy green Day to you as well, child.",  Priest Alten says.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "Be well."
[Chat]  You thank him.
[Chat]  Ahn'issk greets everyone.
[Chat]   Priest Alten smiles at Skore Ef'nel.

[Chat]  Ilena Nodan says hesitantly, "I shall not keep you waiting"
[Chat]   Priest Alten bows to you.
[Chat]  Ilena Nodan says shyly, "please fly safely"
[Chat]  You bow deeply before  Priest Alten, showing great respect.
[Chat]   Priest Alten says, "I must go.  I have many to see before the day is over."
[Chat]  (shy) Ilena Nodan sways her trunk to the right and smiles.
[Chat]  "It's a pity all the Ithorian residents of Rielig missed coming here", Zilda' says.
[Chat]  Jaaden Bodonawieedo says, "i must take my leave also.  Its been a long journey in from Rodia today"
[Chat]  (shy) Ilena Nodan hopes the Priest doesn't drink and fly.
[Chat]  Zilda' smiles at you.
[Chat]  Zilda' says, "lovely to see you Ilena!  Happy Green Day"
[Chat]  Zilda' gives you a hug.
[Chat]  "Hi", Ilena Nodan says hesitantly.
[Chat]  "happy green day Mayor Zilda", Ilena Nodan says hesitantly.
[Chat]  "I'm Ilena", Ilena Nodan says hesitantly to Enava Atoamaw.
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw smiles at you.
[Chat]  "Hi, I'm Enava : )", Enava Atoamaw says.
[Chat]  Enava Atoamaw says, "Happy Green Day"
[Chat]  "happy green day to you sister", Ilena Nodan says diffidently.
[Chat]  Ilena Nodan says shyly, "I'm so delighted you could celebrate with us"
[Chat]  "Good to have a priest visit.", Enava Atoamaw says.  "It's been so long since I've seen anyone from Ithor"

Our next cantina was The Grizzley Bear in Aegis, Corellia.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The last cantina stop was The Elements in Aegis, Corellia.

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RaillonSang (Applicant) 3/14/2007 7:22 AM EST : RE: 2007 Green Day Parade (St. Patrick's Day)
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Wow! Looks really great!

I'm sorry I missed it.

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