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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 9/14/2007 10:35 PM EST : Lona's Grand Opening for Dummies
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disclaimer: This is a guide that I
compiled from my personal experience and the experiences of others. It is not meant as the end-all and be-all to the planning of grand openings. Everyone is different and may have a different way of approaching the planning of grand openings.

Hosting a grand opening event takes a lot of effort and work, but thereward is worth it. Whether you're running this opening event to buildyour business, start a weekly event, or meet people, planning a grandopening will allow you to organize effectively and will help youin getting the turnout you want and most importantly, enjoy the event. 1. Come up with an idea (Research). 2. Determine date(s) & time(s) for the event. 3. Get help. 4. Determine what is necessary to implement the idea (Storyteller props, Live Interactive support). 5. Advertise event. 6. Host event. 7. Follow-up from the event.

When picking out colors for costumes you can select colors that are inspired from the cantina.
  • After your cantina decoration is complete, plan the actual opening 2 to 4 weeks in advance.
  • The World Clock - Current local times around the world
  • Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii and the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST (Daylight Savings Time) but instead stay on standard time all year long.
  • Delegate tasks to guild members, friends or community members. Assign clear duties and responsibilities such as:
    • Bouncer(s) (keep an eye for griefers)
    • Bartender (for roleplay)
    • Card dealer (if you have games for roleplay)
    • Costume Designer (tailor). You can find participating tailors in the sign-up thread stickies in the Trader (Domestic Goods) forum.
      • Be aware of gender restrictions for clothes. In addition, the color palette for Wookiees are limited.
    • E-radio DJ to broadcast the event live and take in song requests
    • Band leader (Musician who recieves orders from you to change music, start or stop playing music)
  • You can also contact an event helper for help with your event.
  • Refer to the guide to home decorating and plan out what type of furniture / decor you want to include.
    • If you have a trader character, pick a unique building sign (style 1, 2, 3, 4). Use hex codes for your building signage.
    • You can use certain clothing as stage curtains.
    • You can create a DJ turntable or piano by using furniture, droid modules, and miscellaneous items.
    • You can decorate your bar or dining tables with food & drink and place candles in crystals & pearls.
  • If you will hire Entertainers, roleplay waiters or security, make sure you have coordinated outfits for them.
  • Advertisethe cantina rules in advance through in-game emails or on the vendors.This will help to eliminate any misunderstandings or false-expectations.
  • Use Storyteller items. View Storyteller Decorations.
  • To request Event Support (Pex), follow this Step-by-step guide. **Live Interactive was cut in May 2008 (Time to say farewell)**
    • If you plan to request an NPC played by Pex, do researchon the character. Pex will need to follow certain character guildlines.i.e. Admiral Ackbar isn't going to be thrilled at an Imperial themedcantina opening. Bossk isn't going to be happy a Wookiee-themedcantina. A helpful resource is Wookieepedia.
    • If you plan to request an NPC played by Pex, look at the character list. You can also request non-canon characters such as a Singing Mountain Witch.
Examples of a upright piano, DJ turntable and grand piano. Place an ommni box inside of the standing piano and grand piano. Place a nalargon inside of the DJ turntable.

Star Wars characters can be played by Events Manager, Pex.
**Live Interactive was cut in May 2008 (Time to say farewell)**

Example of rules in the vendors. You can name the vendor "OOC rules" or "Cantina Rules".

Blown up version of the items below. Make sure you sell your item at a high amount so it doesn't get sold.

You can add your cantina rules in the
"Seller's Description of Item" field.

Here is an example of some rules.
  • Publicize the event as much as possible. Read the the guide to promoting your event.
  • Post in the entertainer forums since cantina openings are related to entertainers.
  • Post an event announcement on your Galaxy forum "Upcoming Player Events" post. This will be posted on the Current Player Events.
  • Advertise your event in Fan Sites or Roleplaying Server Communities.
  • Create visual ads and post them in the events forum, entertainer forum and your server's forum.
  • Advertisethe rules in advance (weapons, armor allowed?). This will help toeliminate any misunderstandings or false-expectations.
  • Advertise in-game. Ask another event host to sponsor your event. Spreadthe word. Send Emails (Guild Mail, Event Mailing lists, City Mails)
  • Dress your vendorand sell gifts before or during the event for 1 credit or higher. Thiscould be a special gift, painting, a backpack filled with clothes,candles, or food. You can also name it "Grand Opening of [cantina]", so people can have a memento.
Example of an ad

Example of an in-game email
  • As a host remember to greet and welcome patrons.
  • Remember to delegate tasks.
    • Assign someone to record names of attendees.
    • Assign someone to take pictures.
    • Assign someone to record chat logs (/log). This is entirely optionalbut we find it really helpful to read after an event. It gives us achance to see tells that we've missed, or have documentation to settleany disputes that might arise later.
  • Send a thank you letter to all of those who attended the event.
  • Write an event report and post in the galaxy forum, events, entertainer, fan sites or roleplaying server communities.
  • Tell people how the event went. Post images of screenshots, and give them the URL.
  • Contact people who run fan sites and pod cast to feature your post event news. You can find these people in the community news forum.
  • Ask for suggestions, feedback, and comments.

Copyright2007, LonaValamari. All rights reserved. All text, content, graphicdesign, logotypes & art work are registered trademarks, copyrightsand property of their respective owners. LonaValamari does not make anyprofit off this design. This is not endorsed by Wiley Publishing, Inc.,LucasArts or Sony Online Entertainment and is intended forentertainment purposes only.

Additional credits:
Cantina rules sourced from "The Salvage Yard Cantina" in Red Sands Lok (Starsider),
grand piano found at "Dal Fiume Cantina" in Riva Dorata (Starsider).

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