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Celox Scorpio (Applicant) 4/12/2009 9:08 AM EST : The Tusken Trap
Celox Scorpio
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Celox Scorpio (Applicant) 4/12/2009 9:08 AM EST : RE: The Tusken Trap
Celox Scorpio
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Chapter III

Celox Scorpio (Applicant) 6/4/2009 11:33 AM EST : RE: The Tusken Trap
Celox Scorpio
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[You will recieve a fragment of a message to your IG mail, soon. A sample is posted below, as well as the last part of the message (the video) - work together to unlock the message! :)
Please post any comments in the Discussion Thread]

[The message that you will get IG]

Decoded Message

[The message ends with a broken holovideo file, refresh the page to review the video again]

[The secret password is: gissa]

Celox Scorpio (Applicant) 7/1/2009 5:49 PM EST : RE: The Tusken Trap
Celox Scorpio
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Battle Plan:


Celox Scorpio (Applicant) 7/3/2009 4:34 AM EST : RE: The Tusken Trap
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Naimi' If'Lya takes her rifle off her back and sword sheath from her side.
Xana'the nods at you.
You nod at Xana'the.
Xana'the says, "Heya Mr. Scorpio"
Xana'the says, "This is Mutem's wife.  She said she wouldna interfere."
Celox Scorpio says, "Hello..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Eh..."
You scratch the nape of your neck pensively.
Xana'the says, "This is Mr. Scorpio, Studio Attorney"
Xana'the says to Celox Scorpio, "Jus' check ya weapons, and that."
You nod at Naimi' If'Lya.
Naimi' If'Lya says, "I'm sorry, things had to turn out this way"
Xana'the says, "Then we will head down."
Celox Scorpio says, "Which way?"
Celox Scorpio says, "What is going on?"
Celox Scorpio says, "Who is this?"
Xana'the says, "They caught the spy"
You stare at Naimi' If'Lya.
Xana'the says, "Tha' is the spies' wife"
Celox Scorpio says, "A spy?"
Celox Scorpio says, "His wife?!"
Naimi' If'Lya says, "You don't remeber? I was with Breshe."
Xana'the says, "Aye... that."
Celox Scorpio says, "What spy?!?"
You shrug helplessly at Naimi' If'Lya.
Celox Scorpio looks lost.
Xana'the says, "I go' a comm from Vonn.  He captured this Mutem.  The one that stole the battle plans and sold 'em"
Celox Scorpio says, "Oh, I see."
Xana'the says, "He's bein' questioned now."
Celox Scorpio says, "Mutem... yes, I saw Amulette holomessage"
Xana'the says, "We are headin' down.  Ya comin' Mr. Scorpio?"
Celox Scorpio says, "He is?"
Xana'the nods at you.
Celox Scorpio says, "Wait..."
Xana'the says, "Aye"
Celox Scorpio says, "And this is his wife?"
Xana'the nods at you.
Celox Scorpio says, "And she is standing here... because?!"
Celox Scorpio says, "Should she be cuffed?"
Xana'the scracthes the back of her neck.
Celox Scorpio quickly moves near Xana'the.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "What the...what happened?"
Xana'the says, "I go' a comm from Sakkra"
Celox Scorpio says, "And?"
Naimi' If'Lya says, "I told his possible weekness to others last night"
Xana'the says, "Said ta let 'er in"
Celox Scorpio says, "Ah."
Xana'the says, "Aye."
Celox Scorpio says, "If Sakkra says so..."
Xana'the says, "But if any trouble be caused..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Not much of a devoted wife, are you?"
Xana'the looks apologetically at the wife.
Xana'the shifts from one foot to the other.
Naimi' If'Lya says, "It's complex"
Xana'the says, "Perhaps we should ge' down there?"
Celox Scorpio says to Xana'the, "Keep an eye on her"
You agree with Xana'the.
Xana'the says, "I will Mr. Scorpio"
Xana'the says, "All righ' to the elevatah"
You are out of range.
Mutem Ke'Kre slowly shakes his head, getting a look at his location, tugging his restraints.
Xana'the points the way.
Mutem Ke'Kre snarls, baring his teeth.
You peer at Mutem Ke'Kre. What is he up to?
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Where the hell am I? Untie me this instant!"
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "That's the one from the holorecording..."
You try to calm Mutem Ke'Kre down.
Xana'the glances down at the wife, as she hears whats going on and sees as the door opens.
Mutem Ke'Kre glares at you.
Xana'the mumbles to Naimi' If'Lya, "What is ya name?  I am Xan."
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Shut up."
You stare at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Naimi' If'Lya says, "Naimi"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Shut up? You just wait until I get out of this..."
Xana'the mumbles, "Not the best circumstances ta meet undah, but le's' go"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "((All the furniture and the floors are covered in plastic by the way.))"
Celox Scorpio says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "I better keep civil, mr. Bothan."
Naimi' If'Lya has a look of disappointment cross her face as she sees Mutem.
Xana'the glances down and around.
Mutem Ke'Kre glares at everyone coming in, until his eyes fall on Naimi.
Xana'the sighs, then moves to sit.
Mutem Ke'Kre nods at Naimi' If'Lya.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You came as"
Xana'the says to Naimi' If'Lya, "Ya all righ'?  If it gets too much for ya, le' me know, yea?"
Xana'the sits down where she is between Mr Scorpio and any possible threat.
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "It won't, if mr. Bothan will speak."
You nod at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Mutem Ke'Kre chuckles softly at Celox.
Naimi' If'Lya says, "I'm sorry, if you had told me the truth when I asked this wouldn't be happening"
Xana'the studies the male Bothan.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Speak? Oh...I'll speak. But I can't talk."
Mutem Ke'Kre hangs his head at Naimi's words, but gives her a nod.
Celox Scorpio takes out his datapad, turning its screen towards Mutem.
Vonn' Arr'nel tossess a mop to Xana'the.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "I don't blame ya love..."
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Use this if it gets too messy, I don't want blood seeping into the carpet."
Xana'the catches the mop with a quick reflex.
Mutem Ke'Kre looks at the datapad.
Xana'the says, "Aye, that"
Celox Scorpio motions to the datapad screen.
Xana'the stands up and repositions herself.
Celox Scorpio says, "Looks like you, eh?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "A stunning likeness, yes"
Celox Scorpio says, "Security holocamera.... meet mr. Bothan."
Mutem Ke'Kre smirks.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Hello, camera I must have missed."
Xana'the mumbles to Celox Scorpio, "Mr. Scorpio, perhaps ya should sit a chair back?  Ya a bit close ta the threat"
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "the date..."
You nod at Xana'the.
You agree with Mutem Ke'Kre.
Xana'the leans on the mop and watches Celox move, then turns her attention back to Mutem.
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "the date has another striking likeness"
Mutem Ke'Kre snorts.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You tied me down here to bore me with details on how things are similar?"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "No, we want answers."
Celox Scorpio tucks the datapad back into his pocket.
Mutem Ke'Kre looks to Vonn, narrowing his eyes.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You think that just because you knocked me out, I am going to talk?"
Celox Scorpio says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "You see, mr. Bothan. I am the nice one here. Trust me, you do not want my armored friend to ask you the questions..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Or do you?"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "It would be in your interest..."
Xana'the winces, as she knows of Vonn's like for "deconstructing" sentients.
Celox Scorpio tilts his snout to the right.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "It doesn't matter to me who asks. You are still not getting the answers."
Celox Scorpio says, "Aha..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Dr.?"
You nod at Vonn' Arr'nel.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Hell, my own wife there could ask me and I wouldn't tell her."
Xana'the remains silent as she watches.
Celox Scorpio leans back, obviously customary to such proceedings.
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "That's cold."
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "we will see about that."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You have no idea..."
Xana'the mumbles, "What o' that bothan pride I 'ear of?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Pride or otherwise...I am not saying anything."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Because I am a professional...that's why."
Naimi' If'Lya looks at the others gathered, and rests her face on her plam rather, bored.
Naimi' If'Lya mumbles, "they need to try harder..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Which kind of a professional?"
Mutem Ke'Kre smirks.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "A professional pastry chef, what do you think?"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "And who are you working for?"
Mutem Ke'Kre leans back in the seat.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You can keep asking...but that isn't making me want to talk."
Celox Scorpio says, "I think that your cooking got you in trouble, mr. Bothan..."
Xana'the quirks her lip at Celox's statement, then quickly wipes the expression off her face.
Celox Scorpio states to Mutem Ke'Kre, "It is your ugly mug that Sakkra found recorded."
Celox Scorpio states to Mutem Ke'Kre, "We know you were here."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "And for that I am sorry. Rather sloppy work on my part."
Celox Scorpio drones, "Chef..."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "All right, so you know I was here. So what?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You think that I am going to launch into a rant about how that is impossible? I know my limitations."
Celox Scorpio scratches his snout, smiling.
Xana'the grins lop-sidedly.
Xana'the says, "Aye, so do we"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Perhaps...but other than the cuffs and collar, you have nothing that concerns me."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "I am content to just sit here as you fire questions at me. I have all the time in the galaxy."
Celox Scorpio smile gets wider.
Xana'the says, "I'm glad ya wantin' ta spend time with us.  I am sure Vonn would appreciate the unlimited company especially."
Mutem Ke'Kre snorts.
You agree with Xana'the.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "If he is just going to talk me to death, It hink I can handle it."
Mutem Ke'Kre looks over to Vonn.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Go ahead, Doctor, do your worst."
Xana'the leans the mop in the crook of her left arm, then begins to crack her knuckles, one by one.


Celox Scorpio says, "Well, I am a busy Rodian, and time is of the essense."
Xana'the stretches her fingers, then goes back to leaning on the mop.
Celox Scorpio says, "You were caught infilitrating our studio, exactly when we were planning our "unfortunate" trip to Tatooine..."
Xana'the shifts her weight to her right foot, crinkling the plastic on the floor.
Naimi' If'Lya yawns, clearly bored.
Celox Scorpio says, "Does not take a lot of wits to understand why you were here."
Vonn' Arr'nel says to Naimi' If'Lya, "Does he have pain receptors in his mechanical arm?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Again...I agree. It was an unfortunate trip. But that isn't my problem now is it?"
Celox Scorpio says, "It is about to become your problem, mr. Bothan."
Celox Scorpio nods again at Vonn.
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Aye, tha' it is."
Xana'the agrees with you.
Naimi' If'Lya says to Vonn' Arr'nel, "simply damaging it won't hurt him"
Mutem Ke'Kre leands back, a smug grin on his face.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Well, here I am."
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Unfortunate."
Mutem Ke'Kre looks to Naimi.
Celox Scorpio says, "We just want to know 2 things - who were you working for, and where is miss Koras."
Celox Scorpio says, "Are you going to talk?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "All are some answers."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "I was working for your mother, and she is standing right behind you."
Mutem Ke'Kre chuckles.
Xana'the stifles a yawn.
You smirk at yourself.
Vonn' Arr'nel lowers his hood.
Celox Scorpio my mother? Hmm... very interesting.
Celox Scorpio says, "I will find out."
Xana'the winces as she sees the hood come off.
Celox Scorpio picks up his comm.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Find out?"
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "Mother?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "What are you, stupid?"
Xana'the mumbles, "Business 'bout ta start"
Vonn' Arr'nel slaps Mutem Ke'Kre in the face with a swift backhand.
Naimi' If'Lya mumbles to Naimi' If'Lya, "and this is an interrogation? I would've gottin an an answer in minutes, possibily..."
Celox Scorpio is not really using his comm...
You smile at Vonn' Arr'nel.
Mutem Ke'Kre yelps, turning his face with the blow. Slowly he looks back with a grin.
Celox Scorpio says, "Mr. Bothan, my mother does not seem to know you."
Xana'the says, "A bit o' warm-up"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Ah yes...that's more like it..."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Try the other side of my face, just to even it out."
No such command, mood, chat type: insist
Celox Scorpio demands, "So, who were you working for, and where is miss Koras?"
Celox Scorpio says to Vonn' Arr'nel, "Looks like we have a tough furball here..."
Vonn' Arr'nel says to Celox Scorpio, "Allow me to ask, please."
Xana'the says, "I say we castrate 'im and be done with it, yea?  I don' think the wife 'll mind"
Celox Scorpio says, "Fire away, Doctor..."
Vonn' Arr'nel looks curiously at the Naimi.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Go jump on a wampa, I'm still not talking"
Celox Scorpio leans back, twisting his comm unit in his hand.
Vonn' Arr'nel says to Naimi' If'Lya, "Would you?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Leave her out of this!"
Xana'the looks over at Naimi.
Mutem Ke'Kre leans forward in his restraints.
Xana'the then looks back over to Mutem, nodding slightly.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "It's me you want, she knows nothing!"
Vonn' Arr'nel slaps Mutem Ke'Kre in the face with a swift backhand.
Celox Scorpio says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Looks like your wife prefers to help us, rather then you."
You smirk at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Naimi' If'Lya says, "that was from the past... one I'm not going to discuss"
Mutem Ke'Kre growls softly at Celox's words.
Celox Scorpio says, "I know!"
Xana'the mumbles, "Interestin'"
Celox Scorpio says, "Maybe you.... simply forgot?"
Celox Scorpio says, "Doctor, please check his memory..."
Mutem Ke'Kre laughs.
Celox Scorpio says, "Mr. Bothan might have some memory problems..."
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Some would have her in this chair while you watched..."
Mutem Ke'Kre suddenly tries to leap out of his seat at Vonn.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You wouldn't dare!"
Xana'the stiffens slightly into a fighting stance.
Celox Scorpio says seriously, "We would. We got a lot of employees inside bacta tanks, after that fruitless assault on the Fort. So, we will do anything to squeeze the info out of you."
Celox Scorpio says, "You know something, I can sniff it with my snout."
Xana'the rolls her shoulder, wincing slightly at the pain, but a grin spreads across her face as she feels the pain and looks at Mutem.
Mutem Ke'Kre settles back a bit in his seat.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "No, thats not guilt you smell."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "But the fact you rushed into that place and got yourselves hurt isn't my issue."
Celox Scorpio keeps a perfect Sabacc face.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "If you want to know what I will try much harder than that."
You shrug helplessly at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Celox Scorpio says, "You asked for it, mr. Bothan."
Xana'the stands up straight, crinkling the plastic, then reaches over and attempts to bop Mutem on the head with the broom.
Celox Scorpio says, "Dr., please work your magic..."
You smile at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Mutem Ke'Kre isn't in a position to block the hit, chuckling a bit.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Come can hit harder than that"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "My first question is "Why were you in our facility." You may answer when you see fit."
Mutem Ke'Kre shrugs.
Xana'the chuckles back and pulls the mop back to her, returning back to leaning on it, the crinkling of the plastic in tune to her movements.
Naimi' If'Lya wonders if they really know how to reach his breaking point.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "If you are just going to stand there and wait, you will be waiting for a long time"
Xana'the says, "Tol' ya, Mr. Bothan tha' ain' go' no pride.  We go' time for ya, yea?"
Xana'the grins at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You think the smacks across the face were enough? You haven't begun to hurt me near enough."
Celox Scorpio says, "We are warming up..."
Vonn' Arr'nel reclines the chair, jerking Mutem into a near laying position.
Celox Scorpio says, "You better answer the Doctor's question..."
Xana'the says, "Aye that."
Celox Scorpio says, "And fast, too..."
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Or what, he will make me fall asleep faster in this chair?"
Celox Scorpio says, "Things are about to get hot for you, mr. nosy Bothan"
Xana'the says, "Nah, nah.  We 'ad our wookiee cookiees wit' ya."
Xana'the grins at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Mutem Ke'Kre smirks.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "I can take whatever you have to throw at your worst."
Xana'the seems to be amused by her own wit.
Celox Scorpio says, "I wish Gidia was here... he know how to smack such worms, and make them talk"
You sigh.
Xana'the nods, grinning lop-sidedly.
Naimi' If'Lya stretches in her chair, clearly not impressed with the interrogation so far.
Vonn' Arr'nel balls up a wet rag.
Mutem Ke'Kre shrugs.
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Open your mouth."
Xana'the looks over toward Celox out of the corner of her eye, then turns her attention back.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "What?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Make me"
Vonn' Arr'nel reaches down to try and pry Mutem's mouth open.
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "It's the blue milk that follows the cookies, and that."
Xana'the grins at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Celox Scorpio says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Ah... we didn't want to go there... but... since you asked so nicely..."
Mutem Ke'Kre fights back a bit, but eventually his mouth is forced open.
Vonn' Arr'nel jams the rag in.
Mutem Ke'Kre grumbles something around the rag, glaring at Vonn as he works.
Vonn' Arr'nel drags out a mobile container of water with an attached hose.
Mutem Ke'Kre raises an eyebrow.
Celox Scorpio says, "Aha!"
Xana'the scrunches her nose up seeing the water container.
Celox Scorpio says, "A bath! He looks very dirty, indeed."
Vonn' Arr'nel grabs the edge of the hose and positions it over Mutem's mouth. He actives the water flow, keeping an eye on his chrono.
Naimi' If'Lya yawns.
Xana'the stands up and gets the mop ready.
Celox Scorpio says, "Oh... I see that the doctor had a different plan..."
You smile.
Mutem Ke'Kre coughs and sputters, doing his best to breathe as he writhed against his shackles.
Celox Scorpio says, "Raise you left limb, if you change your mind, mr. Bothan."
Xana'the moves over and begins to mop up the sputtered water.
Mutem Ke'Kre isn't really able to point out that he can't raise any limb.
Mutem Ke'Kre starts to laugh around the rag for some reason.
Celox Scorpio says, "Hmm..."
Celox Scorpio says, "I can see that mr. Bothan is not thursty..."
Vonn' Arr'nel shuts off the water and pulls out the gag.
Mutem Ke'Kre starts to laugh even more now.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You thought that would do it? Pathetic."
Xana'the grins a bit, knowing from past experience the laugh is a show of bravery.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Allow me to show you just how much I am willing to go through to keep my mouth shut."
Xana'the steps closes at Mutem's words.
Mutem Ke'Kre suddenly jerks hard to the left, a sick popping sound can be heard as electricity starts to crackle around the joint of his robotic arm. Giving a cry of pain, he gives one more jerk as the limb painfully dislocates fully.


Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Ya don' understand.  The Doc 'ere, he's enjoying 'imself and he's jus' warmin' up."
Celox Scorpio glances at Mutem.
Xana'the shakes her head slightly, then leands on the mop again.
Celox Scorpio says, "Cybernetics are over rated."
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Not bad."
Mutem Ke'Kre takes deep breaths as the pain receptors slowly die down, looking up with a grin.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "You are going to have to do...more...if you want me"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Let me give you a hand..."
Xana'the glances over at Naimi.
Xana'the glances back to Mutem.
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "I thin' tha' can be arranged"

Vonn breaks Mutem, and he admits that he was spying on the Studio during the organization of Sakkra & Stizzi anniversary:

Vonn' Arr'nel grabs the loosened arm and tugs on it.
Naimi' If'Lya stares at Xana'the, as though projecting: "What are you thinking?"
Xana'the begins to run the mop over the plastic again, the plastic crinkling with every step as she mops up the blood.
Mutem Ke'Kre cries out again in pain as the receptors do their job.
Celox Scorpio says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "I was once an employee of a very big organization. There, sentines were fed to a Rancor, in front of my eyes. So, removing a cybernetic arm does not impress me."
Mutem Ke'Kre looks to Celox, suddenly laughing all the harder.
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Come on, this has to come off one way or another."
Xana'the studies the plastic covering critically, then looks back up at Mutem.
Vonn' Arr'nel yanks yarder on the arm.
Naimi' If'Lya says to Celox Scorpio, "that's called "execution" this is "interogation""
Celox Scorpio says, "But, we have time contraints..."
Mutem Ke'Kre 's laugh turns into a scream once more as his arm is yanked fully out of it's socket.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Yes!! That's it! Make me feel more!!"
Celox Scorpio says to Naimi' If'Lya, "Funny, the slug called it niether... he called it - eh... feeding?"
Xana'the mumbles, "Oi! Tha' 'ad ta hur'!"
Celox Scorpio says, "I once seen a human who was made to talk when that Wooky tore his arms off..."
Mutem Ke'Kre falls back against the chair, his empty arm socket crackling with energy as he takes in deep breaths.
Celox Scorpio says, "I wonder if it will work on a Bothan."
Mutem Ke'Kre looks to Vonn, almost in a pleading manner.
Vonn' Arr'nel begins beating Mutem with the detached arm.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "Come on...just a bit more..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Maybe we should check if his left arm is mechanic..."
Xana'the says to Celox Scorpio, "I was gonna say..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Let's check it..."
Mutem Ke'Kre 's body jerks around each time he was hit, blood starting to fly a bit as he takes hit after hit.
Xana'the shrugs.
Celox Scorpio says, "Does it come off?"
Xana'the says, "Why no'?"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Why did you sneak into our facility?"
Xana'the continues to lean on the mop for now, waiting for more of a mess to pool.
Mutem Ke'Kre takes a few more hits before yelling out. "I was here that night to gather information!"
Celox Scorpio says to Vonn' Arr'nel, "Hey! Doctor, don't ruin my new suit..."
Vonn' Arr'nel stops for a moment.
Celox Scorpio says, "Aha! We advance!"
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "What kind of information?"
Celox Scorpio rubs his hands.
Mutem Ke'Kre falls back into his seat, bloody and bruised.
Xana'the leans forward with an intense look on her face as she listens.
Mutem Ke'Kre says, "I was find a perfect date, time, and location for the attack...and then download who was going to be on the security detail..."
You blink in disbelief at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Who hired you for the job?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "No one hired me at all."
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre spits a bit of blood onto the floor.
Xana'the narrows her eyes.
Xana'the says, "Ya lyin'"
Celox Scorpio says, "Banth Poodoo."
Celox Scorpio says, "He is lying."
Celox Scorpio says, "Check his left arm."
Xana'the begins to mop up the blood again, crinkling the plastic as she moves.
Celox Scorpio says, "Is it cybernetic?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Hiring implies that I was paid for it"
Celox Scorpio drones, "Start talking."
Celox Scorpio drones, "Who hired you."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "On one condition."
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre looks to Vonn.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Hit me with that arm once more."
Xana'the steps back and leans on the mop again, the pressure making the blood pool out of the mop, unnoticed in her intensity to watch Mutem.
Celox Scorpio says, "Well... mr. Bonthan wants to be a hero.."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "No...I just don't think I was hurt enough. Just one more should do it."
Xana'the mumbles, "Or a martyr"
Celox Scorpio says, "Aye."
Celox Scorpio says, "Mr. Bothan, just tell us who hired you for this job."
Celox Scorpio says, "It is very easy."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I already told you, I wasn't hired. I took no credits for my work"
Celox Scorpio checks his holowatch.
Celox Scorpio says, "I am late."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, " answered the question yourself."
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre chuckles at Celox.
Xana'the says, "Ya wan' ta be a hero?"
Celox Scorpio says, "stare"
You stare at Mutem Ke'Kre.

Mutem tells who hired him to spy on Studio:

Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I'm no hero...least of all for the slime...frack it though."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "It was Jabba...I gave my intel to Jabba the Hutt."
Xana'the narrows her eyes, deep in thought.
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "Jabba..."
Mutem Ke'Kre nods.
Xana'the looks over at Celox.
Celox Scorpio rubs his snout, pondering.
Xana'the says, "I have ta ask... why?"
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "But..."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "He was upset with Miss Nallu for something about something with Valarian."
Celox Scorpio says, "Oh?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "But what, rodian?"
Celox Scorpio says, "Wait..."
Xana'the says, "Wha' did ya own 'im?"
Naimi' If'Lya is suprised the truth of Jabba.
Celox Scorpio says, "What are you saying?"
Xana'the shuts her mouth as the anger arises in her and grinds her jaw back and forth.
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre looks to the Twi first.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "As a matter of fact, I did."
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre looks back to Celox.

Mutem explains why Jabba the Hutt had grudge against Nallu Koras:

Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Nallu did some work for Valarian or something...and Jabba was livid."
Celox Scorpio moves in his chair, quite uneasy.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "He kept bellowing to his guards that Nallu would be his slave for her mistake"
Xana'the mumbles, "Frackin' go' 'imself in deep with Jabba it sounds"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "So don't worry...she is still very much alive."
Celox Scorpio antennae twichc nervously as the Bothan speaks.
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre spits out some more blood with a groan.
Celox Scorpio says, "So..."
Xana'the 's face shows relief for a split second.
Celox Scorpio says, "jabba the Hutt has Nallu Koras held in the palace, all this time?"

Mutem tells that Nallu is held in Jabba's palace as his slave all this time, and that HGS were just pawns in his little game:

Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I would assume so. My only task was to get the information that led to her capture."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I want you to know though...that I had no choice"
Celox Scorpio gulps.
Xana'the leans her forehead on the top of her hand on the mop, shaking it slowly.
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "now, this is a problem..."
Celox Scorpio says, "I must contact Sakkra at once."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Jabba can threaten me with death all he wants...but he threatened to turn my family into slaves before killing me...I couldn't let that happen."
Xana'the nods at you.
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "How large is ya family?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Too large...but he threatened the ones closest to me"
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre looks to Celox.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "And now that my word is have to protect her."
Celox Scorpio says, "Security, you should leave this Bothan to Sakkra once you are done with him. I am certain that she will want to grab a chat with him."
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Numbahs."
Mutem Ke'Kre sighs.
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Naimi ya only concern?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Two that I worry about"
Celox Scorpio says, "Before she "expends" him in some barbaric Trandoshan ritual."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "The only other one that is at risk is my cousin"
Naimi' If'Lya says, "I'm fine..."
Xana'the says to Celox Scorpio, "What o' his wife?"
Xana'the says, "And Bre?"
You stare at Naimi' If'Lya.
Celox Scorpio says, "I don't care."
Mutem Ke'Kre blinks.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "How did you know that Breshe is my cousin?"
Xana'the says, "Look, we all know Jabba.  We need ta protec' 'em"
Celox Scorpio says to Xana'the, "Please inform Amulette and Lona about this, while I contact Sakkra."
Xana'the glances over at Naimi to Mutem's quetion, jutting her chin slightly.
Xana'the says to Celox Scorpio, "All righ' Mr Scorpio"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Ah...I see..."
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre hangs his head.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "For what it's worth...I'm sorry..."
Celox Scorpio looks very nervous.
Xana'the nods crisply at Mutem then turns to Naimi.
Celox Scorpio says, "Save it for Sakkra."
Xana'the says to Naimi' If'Lya, "Ya go' a safe place ta stay?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "You said you worked for him before Rodian, you know what happens if you try to refuse."
You nod at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Wait...I wish to talk to her...if I may."
Celox Scorpio says, "So?"
Xana'the looks over toward Vonn.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "So? You of all people should then know that there is no choice in the matter"
Celox Scorpio says, "Sakkra is as bad as the slug when she is mad. And trust me - she is mad."
Mutem Ke'Kre sighs.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I understand..."
Naimi' If'Lya says, "I'm not concerned about my safety, I can defend myself."
Xana'the says to Vonn' Arr'nel, "Ya able ta reattach that?"
Xana'the points at his arm.
Xana'the nods slowly at Naimi.
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre looks down to the arm, answering for her.
Vonn' Arr'nel looks down at the arm.
Celox Scorpio says, "Choice..."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "No...I think it sustained too much damage"
Celox Scorpio says, "I know all about choice."
Xana'the says to Naimi' If'Lya, "I'm gonna give ya ma comm, any trouble, le' me know."
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "He's got a hard head."
Naimi' If'Lya says, "ok"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Well, how about this..."
Celox Scorpio says, "Aye."

Mutem tells Celox about Gidia's involvement in this shady plot, Celox does not believe him at first, but - knowing that Gidia is missing, he knows that what Mutem is telling, is true…

Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I know something else"
Celox Scorpio says, "Oh?"
Xana'the nods as she lays the broom against the terminal then reaches into her pocket.
Celox Scorpio says, "Do I hear a deal?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I'm not the only one...Jabba didn't trust sending just one spy"
Xana'the offers a small datapdics to Naimi.
Celox Scorpio says, "Speak up."
Naimi' If'Lya takes it.
Xana'the quickly looks back at Mutem.
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Who else he send?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I don't remember a name...but he said he had someone working on the inside...someone on your payroll."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I remember his task was rather different..."
Celox Scorpio says, "A HGS Employee?!"
Xana'the glances over at Celox.
Mutem Ke'Kre nods.
Celox Scorpio says, "No way!"
Celox Scorpio says, "Which race?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I didn't get a name...but I remember seeing a human, a male human with dirty blonde hair."
Xana'the mumbles, "Sithspi', this ain' good"
Celox Scorpio sits down, gasping for air.
Xana'the shoots a glance back over toward Celox.
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre notices Celox's reaction.
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Gidia Fodri."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Someone you know?"
You nod at Vonn' Arr'nel.
Xana'the nods her head slowly.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Well...his task was different..."
Celox Scorpio looks down.
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "he is... missing."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Jabba knew the threat that Sakkra posed...his task was to make sure she wouldn't get in the way."
Xana'the says, "Aye, that"
Celox Scorpio jumps up.
Celox Scorpio yells, "Lies!"
Celox Scorpio yells, "I saw Gidia tend to Sakkra."
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Tend to her, or make sure she died?"
Celox Scorpio says, "Gidia is not behind all this, you are lying!"
Xana'the watches Celox, deciding to let him go, keeping silent.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "And of course he isn't, he just works for Jabba"
Celox Scorpio clunches his fists.
Celox Scorpio snout is shaking.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "I'm telling you the truth, wether you believe it or not."
Celox Scorpio says, "No!"
Celox Scorpio says, "Not Gidia!"
Xana'the takes a small step toward Mutem and places herself where she can see Celox and Mutem.
No such command, mood, chat type: emoye
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Don't act so surprised...Jabba works that way...he gets people close before he hurts them."
Celox Scorpio bug-eyes shift in great sadness.
Celox Scorpio looks that he is starting to beleive the Bothan.
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre leans back in the seat, hanging his head.
Nothing or no-one by that name could be found in range.
No such command, mood, chat type: silent
Celox Scorpio whispers, "No... it can not be..."
Celox Scorpio shakes his head.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "Either way, I have told you all I know. I did all of this to protect Breshe. I couldn't stand the thought of her being taken too..."
Xana'the nods at Mutem Ke'Kre.
Celox Scorpio runs his hand through his frills, grabbing them hard.
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "But I have nothing more to say...I will remain here...and I will talk to Sakkra when she can."
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "We'll make sure she's taken care of"
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "no..."
Celox Scorpio mumbles, "not gidia..."
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Indeed."
Xana'the watches Celox.
Celox Scorpio starts walking out, not looking back.
Vonn' Arr'nel says, "Someone clean him up and make sure he's available for Sakkra..."
Xana'the says to Celox Scorpio, "Ya need escort or anythin'...."
Xana'the closes her mouth, then follows Celox.
Xana'the stops at Vonn's statement.
Xana'the says, "Aye"
Xana'the glances at Naimi.
Naimi' If'Lya mumbles, "I really think you could have done this more effenctiantly"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "No...I think I deserve to be seen like this."
Xana'the says to Mutem Ke'Kre, "Now's no' the time for pride, yea?"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "What pride? I sold out my family to hurt far more...I have no pride."
Xana'the says, "All righ', will ya allow ya wife ta help ya?  Will she want ta?"
Xana'the says, "If no'... I can clean ya up."
(wounded) Mutem Ke'Kre gets pressed back against the seat hard, gritting his fangs at the pain.
Naimi' If'Lya says, "that's for keeping the truth from me."
Xana'the mumbles, "Lovah's spat, bes' ta stay back"
Mutem Ke'Kre says woundedly, "All right...All right...I deserved that..."


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