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Zaminah Pelicio
Starsider, Star Wars Galaxies
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Character Name and possible aliases- Zaminah Pelicio No alternate text supplied. Name / Aliases - Meanings and pronunciations Her last name Pelicio means seductress Nick name: Miss Z Born, cloned, hatched, or spawned She was born on Naboo under un-complicated circumstances. Resides She lives on Naboo. She was born and raised here, so it's her home. Profession(s) Dancer, Singer, Event Planner, Model & Interior decorator. She has been awarded 3 times for her decoration skills. Last time was in the Galactic Showcase with her place The House of Poetry. She is the Tourism and Entertainment councilor in Solleu-suv-Mer-RP- Appearances- What does your character look like? Ex: Facial expressions they use often, and how tall are they. Zaminah believes that variety is the spice of life. Colors, hairstyle and skintone therefor varies a lot. She has a fit and very well toned body, and she is rather tall. Hair - Attributes to their hair, (if they have any). Ex: Does it fall in their face, is it usually kept up neatly or messy? Se above. Voice – Accents and the way the voices sound. Zaminah has a rather dark calm voice, yet female. Scars and Markings - Does your character have any markings on them from past events? Yes, she has a tattoo on her left leg on the left side of her calf. It's a tattoo of the Goddess Shiraya. It's all in black, but looks like this: No alternate text supplied. How they Act - Is your character friendly? Are they mean until you know them well? Are they mysterious? Zaminah is very straight forward - firm but fair. She is honest, friendly, generally happy and smiling. She likes to lead and organize things, this partly because she is a helper at heart, but also because she likes to get things done - she doesn't like to dwell on things. When she is responsible for something or has a task infront of her, she always does her best. She doesn't like things half done. This can sometimes be her weakness, since she works too much with things at times, and put too much effort into it. She can be rather flirtatious, but that's just for fun. She doesn't really mean anything serious by it. She can't stand it when people trashtalk others. That's something that can make her really mad and disappointed. If someone has a problem with her, she expects them to come and talk to her - she can handle it. Religion: She follows the religion of Naboo, called The Naboo. Faction(s) - Jabba, Imp Reb, ect - Player roleplay Allies - * Holowood Galactic Studios. * Solleu-suv-Mer Player roleplay Enemies - Is there such a thing as enemies? *giggles* Roleplay storyline Allies - Characters in your SL that don't exist as players or NPC's. - Roleplay storyline enemies - Characters in your SL that don't exist as a player or NPC's. - Enemy Factions - She hasn't been out there to find out. Motivation(s) - To live life, be happy, try her best, and help others. Fatal Flaw(s) - Im

Character Flags & Keys
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Character Stats
Combat Lvl: 90 Profession: Entertainer
Race: Human

Awarded Medals: This medal is award to those that have successfully passed the Music quest at the Theater.This medal is award to those that have successfully passed the Dance quest at the Theater.Holowood Galactic Studios Anniversary Medals are awarded to those that have attended HGS Anniversary celebrations.Shadow Night Festival Medals are awarded to those that have attended the Shadow Night Festivals.Huntress Moon Medals are awarded to those that have attended Huntress Moon celebrations.Huntress Moon Medals are awarded to those that have attended Huntress Moon celebrations.Green Day Parade Medals are awarded to those that have attended Green Day Parades.

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Character Skills
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