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Holowood Galactic Studios

Holovid star

Seboca was a Dug Holovid star who lived on Coruscant in 22 BBY. He dated an Aleena Senator named Bogg Tyerell.


Plum Tantrellius was an actress, daughter of Master Thespian, Damien Tantrellius, who starred as Leia in Two Jedi Men From Baronis, the followup Jediboh Opera play to Jedi Men From Baronis.


Evar Orbus was a Letaki musician, who could both sing and play instruments.

Orbus decided to form a band to exploit these talents and profit off of them, and joining up with fellow musicians Max Rebo and Sy Snootles, forming Evar Orbus and His Galactic Wailers. He later found and hired Droopy McCool to join the band.

When the band was booked to play in Mos Eisley, the popular local band Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes intercepted them at the spaceport and tried to cause trouble, feeling Orbus and his band were intruding on their territory. A fight broke out, and Evar Orbus was killed in the insuing gunfire. His fellow Galactic Wailers survived, and later renamed themselves the Max Rebo Band, moving on with their careers.

Holonet actor

Annloc Yerj was a famous Holonet actor.

Bar proprietor

Chalmun was the Wookiee proprietor of the most popular spacer's bar in Mos Eisley, Tatooine, the Mos Eisley cantina. He was a distant relative of Chewbacca. He was a large tan-and-gray Wookiee, with a scar running from his left shoulder across the left side of his chest. This was a remnant of his days as a street thug.


Felloux was a famous poet, who composed a well-known poem on the Battle of Mizra.


Rorax Falken was a renowned physicist and one of the multitude of scientists and engineers whose work was incorporated into the first Death Star.

When he discovered that the Galactic Empire had put his well-intentioned ideas to use in a weapon of mass destruction, he suffered a massive breakdown. Falken was confined to a repulsorchair from that point on and became very secretive. After retiring to Mrlsst, Falken's work became the founding influence for the band Ghost Jedi. His music has been praised throughout the galaxy as precise, yet emotionless, much like the scientific work he performed.


Miracle Meriko was a musician during the Clone Wars and into the Galactic Civil War whose song "Stardance" reached #2 on the charts in 22 BBY. He eventually died while in Imperial custody.

Slitherhorn player

Doda Bodonawieedo was a Rodian slitherhorn (traz) player for the Max Rebo Band. He was also an information Broker and was a part of the Shawpee Gang.

Data star

Rzsco Snowwt was an aging data star. He was a friend of Mrp-Mrp Poo and was the spouse of Tireis Blackandwhite.


Yarna d'al' Gargan was a longtime Askajian dancer from Askaj at Jabba's Palace. She was present during the presentation of the Max Rebo Band.

The daughter of an Askaji tribal chief, she married Nautag d'al' Gargan. They had many children together. While raising her cubs with Nautag, they were taken as slaves to Tatooine, and were then bought by Jabba. Nautag was killed by Jabba's rancor while trying to defend them. Although she detested her boss and owner, she was nonetheless close friends with some of the various patrons of the palace.


Tikkal Remb Mah was a famous musician who composed Insensate.

Dancer in disguise

Arica was the alias used by Mara Jade when she infiltrated Jabba's Palace in 4 ABY. Disguised as a dancer, her goal was to get close enough to Luke Skywalker to kill him, as Palpatine had ordered her to.

However, Jabba realized Arica wasn't what she appeared to be when she tried to use the Force to influence him to let her come on the sail barge with him. She was stopped boarding it secretly by Melina Carniss, Jabba's slave overseer, who believed she was trying to kill Jabba.


Bann Shoosha was a famous musician who composed the Vissencant Variations.

Pirate & exotic dancer

Seely was a female Twi'lek pirate serving under Drek Drednar with whom she was also quite infatuated.

Originally a slave girl dancer, she used her guile to escape slavery and to travel from planet to planet primarily hanging out in various casinos and the like. Her primary weapon was her beauty, her feminine wits, and the knowledge of how to manipulate males, which she had accumulated during her years as an exotic dancer.


Framjan Spathen was a popular musician during the beginning of the New Republic.

Band leader, Kloo horn & Gasan string drum player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Figrin D'an was the Bith leader of the band the Modal Nodes. His older brother was Barquin D'an. Specializing in Jizz music, Figrin played a reed instrument known as a Kloo horn, as well as a percussion instrument called a Gasan string drum. Like his band mates, Figrin was registered with the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM). Regions of Figrin's highly evolved brain allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music.

Surgeon & musician

Zan Yant was a Zabrak Republic surgeon that served in the Clone Wars. As a member of a well-off family, he was trained at the best medical schools in the galaxy.

A talented musician, Zan's outlet to escape the the horror of the war around him was to play his quetarra. Doing so had calmed his mind and pretty much kept him sane throughout his ordeal.


Retired SOE Events Manager

OOC: Jason Ryan, also known as "Pex" is an SOE Events Manager for Star Wars Galaxies. He is the person to contact and submit request for event support for SWG player events.

Pex is the person behind many famous characters that have appeared at HGS events such as Bossk, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Ewok Chief, Singing Mountain Clan Arch Witch, and Han Solo.

He is involved with dropping static decorations & static NPC's such as Max Rebo, Droopy McCool, Sy Snootles and Oola. He also answers many event related questions on the official SWG Events Forums.

Max Rebo

Lead Musician in the Max Rebo Band

Siiruulian Phantele was the real name of the musician better known as Max Rebo. He was a skinny Ortolan, the youngest of five children.

A young musician, he was often seen playing music at a flanth house, and accepted food as his only payment. This was where he was discovered by Evar Orbus, who was on the lookout for a talented yet exploitable entertainer. Orbus approached Phantele, promising him that he would never need to go hungry again, provided that he signed his musical services over. Phantele's constant pursuit of food told him that this was an opportunity not to be missed.

Phantele signed himself over to Orbus, and on the recommendation of his new manager, changed his name to Max Rebo. Shortly after, the Max Rebo Band was formed. Rebo played the red ball organ.

Evar Orbus was killed soon after the formation of the band, and this was when Sy Snootles encouraged Rebo to take lead of the musical group. Snootles, however, discreetly controlled the band herself, letting naive Rebo take the credit as frontman. She did this in order to avoid becoming the target of those that the band might - and most likely would - potentially anger.

Snootles' plan had terrible repercussions for the band however, when Rebo signed the entire band over to Jabba the Hutt in exchange for an unlimited supply of food.

The band was confined to performing in Jabba's Palace, until Jabba died at the hands of Leia Organa and the rebels. Rebo set out on his own solo career, and after many tours, joined the New Republic to entertain soldiers.

He eventually left the music industry, and opened his own chain of restaurants: Max's Flanth House. He became quite rich, and finally settled on Coruscant.

Dame Needa


Dame Needa was an employee of Gardulla Oola hotel and casino in Mos Eisley and Tatooine. She gained noteriety for impersonating the deceased dancer Oola. It is unknown if she was any relation to Lorth Needa.

Joon Odovrera


Joon Odovrera was a Holonet nightclub entertainer that had a monologue on the foul odor of Rodians for his final performance.

Larisselle Chatrunis

Beauty Pageant Queen & Singer

Larisselle Chatrunis
was a Pa'lowick female who was crowned Miss Coruscant in a beauty pageant held on the Republic homeworld shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. She was a native of Coruscant's Jrade District at the time of her crowning.

Larisselle stole the show at the Miss Coruscant beauty pageant with her incredible singing voice and her impressive awareness of galactic affairs despite the fact that her homeworld of Lowick was only recently introduced to the galactic stage. After winning the pageant Larisselle toured the galaxy as her music made her famous. Once Emperor Palpatine rose to power and instituted the Galactic Empire, new xenophobic policies cost aliens such as Larisselle their livelihoods. Finding work was hard and she joined the Rebel Alliance, determined to use her fame and talents in order to help end Palpatine's tyrannical reign and restore freedom to fellow discriminated aliens. Under the guise of a simple singing troupe, Larisselle served the Alliance undercover, stealing Empire secrets and passing them on to key members in the Rebellion. Fueling HoloNet rumors of a diva feud between herself and Sy Snootles—the "other" singing Pa'lowick star—Larisselle used the staged rivalry to distract the authorities from her true treasonous actions. Larisselle served the Rebellion throughout the Galactic Civil War and was able to see that her efforts paid off when the Empire fell and Palpatine was destroyed at the Battle of Endor. Following the restoration of peace to the galaxy, Larisselle retired to Lowick, returning to the peaceful Pa'lowick life, surrounded by loved ones, where she lived out the rest of her days.

Sy Snootles

Lead vocalist in the Max Rebo Band

Sy Snootles was a Pa'lowick singer, and was also the lead vocalist for the Max Rebo Band while they were playing for Jabba the Hutt. She was a very close friend with dancer Greeata, and did not sign to sing for Jabba until Greeata's position was secured as well. Snootles also had a great relationship with fellow band member Droopy McCool. One of Snootles' most famous songs was "Lapti Nek," also a favorite of Jabba. Her most notable characteristic was an incredibly long lip stalk. After Jabba's death, she went broke.

Epoh Trebor


Epoh Trebor was an entertainer sent to the backwater war-ridden world of Drongar, in order to try and cheer up Clone Wars troops. Unfortunately, few left with a sense of humour.

Shantee Ree

Holovid star

Shantee Ree was a famous holovid star. She was perhaps best known for her "Save the Stohl" campaign. Ree owned a specially-trained Attack stohl named Needla, which bit an overzealous fan during an autograph session. The media potrayed the attack as an assault. Shantee responded that the attack stohl had been trained to protect her. The result of the media coverage was that attack stohls were hunted for the fun of it, until Shantee Ree launched her campaign to save the species.


Dancer in Jabba the Hutt's court

Oola was a Twi'lek dancer in Jabba the Hutt's court. She was the daughter of a clan chieftain on Ryloth and was kidnapped and trained by Bib Fortuna and Jerris Rudd as a gift to Jabba. She was also the half sister of Nolaa Tarkona, the leader of the Diversity Alliance.

She and Sienn (another Twi'lek) were trained together as dancers at one of the greatest dance schools on Ryloth. As they were in Mos Eisley on their way to Jabba's Palace, Luke Skywalker ran into them and attempted to set them free. He killed Rudd and rescued Sienn, but Fortuna got away with Oola, and succeeded in giving her to Jabba.

Rather than the customary dancing veils, Oola was given only a flimsy net costume to wear, loosely held together by narrow leather strips. Jabba was immediately enamoured with her, and chained her to his throne as his personal slave girl. Oola was forced to dance for him, as well as give pleasure when the depraved crimelord beckoned, but she was determined to escape from her horrible existence, one way or another.

Syal Antilles Fel

Actress & sister of Rebel hero Wedge Antilles

Syal Antilles Fel (c.30 BBY/29 BBY-) was the real name of Wynssa Starflare, a famous actress, and the sister of Alliance Hero, Wedge Antilles.

Eyar Marath


A Sullustan singer, Eyar Marath traveled the Galaxy during the Clone Wars with a troupe of entertainers led by Epoch Trebor, Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, providing entertainment for the Grand Army of the Republic. While on the Planet Drongar for a show, she engaged in a brief romance with Sullustan reporter Den Dhur and even went so far as to propose that Dhur become the patriach of her warren-clan back on Sullust. Dhur remained undecided on the issue.

Yorl Niba


Yorl Niba was a Twi'lek performer at the Starlight Theater on Phyrstal Island in the resort city of Le Yer on the planet Abregado-rae during the Galactic Civil War. He was openly hostile to Brinaloy N'Vaari. This was due to his envy over her ability to attract far greater crowds then him. Considering she was a Human impersonating a Twi'lek, the insult was all the worse.

Barquin D'an

Kloo horn player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Barquin D'an was a Bith member of the Max Rebo Band who played the kloo horn. He was also the older brother of Figrin D'an, leader of the Modal Nodes. D'an left the band after witnessing the death of Oola at Jabba's Palace.

Greeata Jendowanian

Vocalist, musician & dancer

Greeata Jendowanian was a female Rodian vocalist, musician and dancer.

Born on the Rodian homeworld of Rodia, Greeata was considered an outcast by the violent Rodian society for her love of music and dance. The name “Greeata” is a common name for female Rodians meaning “talented”. Rather than focus on hunting, Greeata absorbed any information she could find on the music and dance of many intergalactic cultures. Having rejected the values of Rodian culture, Greeata left her homeworld to perform as a Kloo horn player aboard the intergalactic cruiseliner Kuari Princess.

Greeata developed a friendship with Sy Snootles, lead singer for Kuari Princess's house band. After forcefully rejecting the sexual advances of a male Rodian, Greeata and Sy left the house band to perform as a duo. Max Rebo discovered the pair performing in cantina on Tothis. Mesmerized by Snootles' voice, Max Rebo asked her to audition for his band. While excited, Snootles said that she would only join if Rebo offered Greeata a spot. After learning that Greeata could sing, dance, and play the Kloo horn, Max signed her on as a dancer on a per diem rate.

Gilthos Uksaris

Band Manager

Gilthos Uksaris was the founder and manager of the Twisted Rancor Trio. He originally founded the band to earn a date with a young singer named Elinda. He wrote a biography of sorts of this band, known as "Guts and Glory", which was found by the memory-wiped Revan in the Lower City of Taris. It is unknown what became of Gilthos and his band. Presumably they were unable to impress Davik Kang and were disposed of by Calo Nord.

Romeo Treblanc

Actor & later entrepreneur

A former Holonet actor, Romeo Treblanc was the owner and proprietor of the Galaxies Opera House on Coruscant. He ran into deep debt due to his gambling habits, but Chancellor Palpatine secretly approached him and offered to pay his dues in exchange for a private opera viewing box with high levels of security.


Lead Singer of the Twisted Rancor Trio

Elinda was the first member and original lead singer of the Twisted Rancor Trio. When she refused to perform at Davik Kang's estate, fearing for her life, she was replaced by her sister Ashana.

Nalan Cheel

Bandfill player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Nalan Cheel was a Bith musician and professional bandfill player for the popular Jizz band known as Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Like his band mates, Nalan was registered with the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM). Regions of Nalan's highly evolved brain allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music.


Musician in the Twisted Rancor Trio

Ujii was a Bith, and the third member of the Twisted Rancor Trio. He eventually quit the band after his brother Ujaa was fired for not being good enough.

Droopy McCool

Musician in the Max Rebo Band

Droopy McCool, or Snit, was a member of the Max Rebo Band. He was a Kitonak from the planet Kirdo III, and played a flute made from a hollow chidinka plant from his home planet.

It is unclear how Snit left Kirdo III, but he reached Ovrax IV with a slaver company. A melancholic Kitonak, he longed for the companion of others of his species.

It was on Ovrax IV that Snit was bought by Evar Orbus. Orbus was the lead voice of a music group, Evar Orbus and His Galactic Wailers, also featuring Max Rebo and Sy Snootles. However, Orbus would rather say that he "hired" Snit instead of buying him. Snit's belly was big enough to hide his legs, and partner Rebo was envious of what he considered a great feeding.

Snootles was fond of Snit. Due to the Kitonak's natural patience, Snit could listen to the singer's complains and thoughts for hours without saying a word, and then he would gently soothe her pains and fears. "Snooty" believed that it was Snit who kept the group together.



was a Twi'lek friend of Oola. Sienn was another slave girl of Jabba the Hutt, but Luke Skywalker saw one guard, Oola, and Sienn walking around the streets. Luke killed the guard, but more were heading their way. Oola then decided to let Sienn escape by creating a diversion. Sienn later joined the Rebel Alliance.

Lirin Car'n

Kloo horn player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Lirin Car'n was a Bith musician and professional kloo horn player for the popular Jizz band known as Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Along with his band mates, Lirin was a registered member of the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM) in good standing. Like many Bith, Lirin possessed a highly evolved brain, which allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music.

Den Dhur


Den Dhur was a Sullustan journalist and war correspondent for the Galactic Wave, who gained brief acclaim for his reporting during the battles on Drongar, including a report on the exploits of the cold-blooded mercenary Phow Ji who was spun by the media despite Dhur's efforts otherwise into a hero of the Republic.

U'Han Swinol


U'Han Swinol was a Bith out of work musician wanted by Haugg Nerf Industries for defaulting a loan.

Epoh Trebor


Epoh Trebor was an entertainer sent to the backwater war-ridden world of Drongar, in order to try and cheer up Clone Wars troops. Unfortunately, few left with a sense of humor.

Ickabel G'ont

Fanfar player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Ickabel G'ont was a Bith musician and professional Fanfar player for the popular Jizz band known as Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Like his band mates, Ickabel was registered with the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM). Regions of Ickabel's highly evolved brain allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music.


Lead singer of the Twisted Rancor Trio

Ashana was the replacement for Elinda as the lead singer of the Twisted Rancor Trio after Elinda refused to sing at Davik Kang's estate. She was Elinda's sister.

Robbe Nostler


Robbe Nostler was a male reporter who worked for the Galactic News Network. He was the Bureau Chief at the Indu GNN bureau on Indu San.

When Kella Rand came in to the office to study her past vidclips, he was engrossed in a holoclip report of an Ithorian entertainer accompanied by music.

Otias Atori

Stage coach

Otias Atori was the former stage coach of Adalric Cessius Brandl and surrogate father of Jaalib Brandl.

Joh Yowza

Musician in the Max Rebo Band

J'ywz'gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et'nrmdndlcvtbrx
, more commonly known under his stage name Joh Yowza, was a Yuzzum performer for the Max Rebo Band, originally hailing from Endor.

Joh Yowza was somewhat of a runt compared to the other taller Yuzzum. When the other members of his herd would look through the Endorian forests for food, he was often left by himself and would sit alone and sing Yuzzum cries. While wandering in the forest for food one day, Yowza found a spaceship that had landed for repairs. He wandered onto the ship, and it wasn't until later that the captain, Roark Garnet, found him. Garnet nicknamed him "Furball" and kept him on the ship to help with cooking, cleaning, and other tasks.

When Garnet's ship landed on Nar Shaddaa, Yowza wandered off and found his way into a seedy tapcafe named Uncle Chesko's where Evar Orbus and His Galactic Wailers was performing. Yowza began to sing along right in the middle of the tapcafe, and everyone enjoyed him so much that Orbus decided to make him an official member of the band. Orbus would provide him food and shelter in exchange for Yowza performing in the band. It was his new fellow band-member Sy Snootles who gave him his new stage name of Joh Yowza, which, unlike his real name, was actually pronounceable in Basic, and therefore much better for business. Yowza became somewhat of a celebrity with songs like "Galgamok" and "Jedi Rocks".

Palleus Chuff


Palleus Chuff was an actor who played Yoda in the critically acclaimed Jedi!, and later impersonated Yoda to help conceal the Master's trip to Vjun to negotiate with Count Dooku. Chuff was captured by Asajj Ventress, but escaped, and aided Yoda in destroying Ventress's starfighter, Last Call.

Roons Sewell

Theater actor & later Rebel general

Roons Sewell was a general in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He was an early commander of Massassi Station. Known for his courage and devotion, Sewell was admired by those under his command, including General Jan Dodonna.

Tetran Cowall


Tetran Cowall was Garik Loran's rival when Face still made holodramas. Tetran Cowall was in High Winds, a drama about Coruscant tightrope walkers. Later in his career, Cowall began to find little work. He eventually joined Zsinj as an imposter of Baron Soontir Fel, leading a false 181st in an attempt by Zsinj to trap Rogue Squadron in an ambush. Loran described Cowall as having "no perceivable acting skills", though his portrayal of Fel was convincing enough to fool even Wedge Antilles, who knew the Baron personally.

Boles Roor

Podracer & singer

Boles Roor was not only a podracer, but also a Glimmik singer. He gave a concert the night before the Boonta Eve Classic. The clone trooper Fi was known to be very fond of this genre of music.

On the night before the Boonta, Roor gave a glimmik show, during which he taunted the rookie pilot Ben Quadinaros, betting five million peggats that he wouldn't enter the Boonta. Quadinaros accepted, however, and Roor was chagrined to see his Podracer on the starting grid the next day. During the Podrace, Roor was able to finish sixth, and was obliged to pay the five million peggats to Quadinaros, who had also survived. To compensate for his losses, Roor put Podracing back on the shelf and took a tour around the galaxy performing glimmik. In this period of time, he gave his chief mechanic, Shrivel Braittrand, his podracer. Shrivel modified it, and it was used in future races.

Umjing Baab


Umjing Baab led an orchestra-band called Umjing Baab and His Swinging Trio — which, despite its name, was made up of Baab and only two, not three, other musicians. Since he, like the rest of his band, was a fifteen-limbed Rughja, he could play the kloo horn, the nalargon, and at least eight other instruments simultaneously.

Jaalib Brandl

Former theater actor, Imperial governor later in his life

Jaalib Brandl was born on Trulalis in 17 BBY, the only son of Adalric Cessius Brandl. He lived with his mother, who always used to cry at the mention of his father's name. When his father came back to Trulalis Jaalib recognised him whereas his father did not recognise his son.

Jaalib went to meet his father at the Kierra, Captian Thaddeus Ross's ship. They then got attacked by a Z-95 Headhunter and Jaalib had to run back to the village. However not before he told his father he wanted to be a great actor.

He believed that his father was an actor not a Dark Jedi.



Berltagh was a famous musician who composed the Sonatas of Berltagh.

Rystáll Sant


Rystáll Sant was a dancer for the Max Rebo Band. She was a Near-Human hybrid (her father was a Human, while her mother was of the Theelin species) raised on Coruscant, but was abandoned by her biological parents and adopted by an Ortolan couple who worked as musicians. Rystáll became a dancer in their performances.

Rystáll performed in Jabba's Palace on Tatooine during Luke Skywalker's attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo. Rystáll's graceful form and beautiful, exotic features managed to attract the attention of bounty hunter Boba Fett, who engaged in conversation with the dancer prior to Leia Organa's arrival at the palace.

Rystáll, along with Greeata Jendowanian (who had danced with her at Jabba's Palace), later joined a band known as The Palpatones. Although Greeata served as lead singer, as part of the band, Rystáll still gained fame for her musical ability.

Grree L'Tharr

Opera actress

Grree L'Tharr was a sexy and infamous felinoid Jediboh Opera actress in the Tantrellius Theatre Groupe. When a group of Rebels came to the Two Jedi Men From Baronis play looking for a Jedi Knight, they met her backstage. She quickly became fixated on a male member of the group and soon emitted pheremones as all members of her race could do to attract him to her. Soon afterwards, when Grree's best friend Plum Tantrellius was kidnapped, she joined the group to help them rescue her.

Band aboard the Aurorient

Musicial band

The band aboard the Aurorient Express just prior to the ship's destruction was made up of two mollusk musicians and an insectoid conductor.



Borna was a musician who was a member of the Rebel Alliance. He composed dark, moody pieces such as his second symphony that were a protest against the Galactic Empire. He was killed during the Galactic Civil War, prior to 5 ABY, while still quite young. Jerec enjoyed his music.


Actor & Impersonator

The impersonator of the Galactic Republic Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was an Imperial actor altered by plastic surgeons to resemble Obi-Wan Kenobi, under orders from Darth Vader.

The unknown actor, recruited by Lord Vader, underwent plastic surgery to resemble Kenobi. He also received some Jedi training under Vader, and technological gimmicks were used to make the resemblance to Kenobi more than physical.

Gaeriel Capens


Gaeriel Capens was a musician during the last years of the Old Republic. She was a member of the Melody Fellowship.

Corix Venne


Corix Venne was a Bith musician in Mos Espa 32 BBY.

Lili Renalem

Holonet actress

Lili Renalem was a famous Holonet actress.



Neena was an Alderaanian musician living in the Minos Cluster.

Neena matured in the household of Bail Organa. When she began to show musical talent, Organa had her sent to an offworld school to master the string oscillator; she was there when the first Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Shocked by this development, she tried to contact her old friend Leia, but without funds provided by the Organa household, she was stranded.

Jasod Revoc

Holonet actor

Jasod Revoc was a famous Holonet actor.


Flute player

Latara was Princess Kneesaa's very best friend, and the two spent the majority of their time together. She was the sister of Nippett and Wiley. When Latara had nothing to do, she played music from her flute.

Razzledy Croom


Razzledy Croom was a popular musician in the Core Worlds following the Battle of Endor.

Cebann Veekan


Cebann Veekan was a holoperformer who was often a customer of Ackmena's at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

Cebann began as a holo-performer in comedies and horror stories before the Imperial Entertainers Guild made it hard for non-humans to find work. He ended up on Tatooine, performing in old run-down buildings. There he met Ackmena, and the two began performing together at the cantina. They achieved success following the Battle of Endor. Like Myhr Rho, he realized he could capitalize on the heroics of Luke Skywalker. His performances included reenactments of many of Luke Skywalker's exploits.

Maxa Jandovar


Maxa Jandovar was a Human vandfillist who performed during the last decades of the Old Republic and the Galactic Civil War. Being a popular star, her song Does Anyone Weep? reached the fifth rank in the top selling sound slugs during the 21 BBY.

Kloo horn player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Barbarine was a member of the Bith species and a musician specializing in his mastery of the kloo horn. He often performed with other Bith musicians and played the Mos Eisley circuit on Tatooine. He was usually found on the bandstand at Chalmun's Cantina. Whether he had any connection with the famous Jizz musicians known as the Modal Nodes is unknown. Barbarine liked to play long engagements and was disappointed when Ackmena had to close her bar early one night due to a forced Imperial curfew.

Fanfar player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Tedn Dahai was a Bith musician and professional fanfar player for the popular Jizz band known as Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Along with his band mates, Tech was a registered member of the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM) in good standing. Like many Bith, Tech possessed a highly evolved brain, which allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music.

Musician in the Twisted Rancor Trio

Loopa was a Bith, and the replacement for Ujaa in the Twisted Rancor Trio.

Actor & con artist

Flim was a con-artist who was hired by Moff Disra in 19 ABY to play the role of a resurrected Grand Admiral Thrawn. In this capacity, he—under the directions of Disra and fellow triumvirate member Grodin Tierce—successfully convinced a few within the Imperial Starfleet to follow his authority in a plan to cause a civil war within the New Republic.

Lead Singer

Ashana was the replacement for Elinda as the lead singer of the Twisted Rancor Trio after Elinda refused to sing at Davik Kang's estate. She was Elinda's sister.

Fizzz player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Doikk Na'ts was an alien Bith and member of a Jizz band known as Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Doikk played a reed instrument known as a Dorenian Beshniquel (or Fizzz). Like his band mates, Doikk was registered with the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM). Regions of Doikk's highly evolved brain allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music. Doikk was considered to be one of the more level-headed members of the band.

Musician in the Twisted Rancor Trio

Ujaa was a Bith, and the second member of the Twisted Rancor Trio. He was hired as Gilthos Uksaris, founder of the band, scrambled to find musicians to back Elinda, the first member of the band. When Elinda threatened to quit due to Ujaa's lack of talent, Gilthos fired Ujaa and replaced him with another Bith, Loopa, which upset his brother Ujii, leading to his quitting.

Magician & performer

Wim Magwit, commonly called Magwit or The Magician, was a performer whose most famous act involved a "mystifying hoop" that was actually a short-range matter transmitter of his own devising. By appearing to move through the hoop, any matter placed through it would actually reappear backstage, through a corresponding hoop. Magwit's mystifying hoop came in handy for Boba Fett, who made use of the matter transmitter when he captured the pirate Bar-Kooda for a sizable bounty. When first confronted by Fett, Magwit effectively faked his own death to avoid the bounty hunter - who was not fooled. Magwit agreed to help Fett in exchange for freedom from an outstanding bounty on his own head.


Mayli Weng was a Human female representing the Exotic Entertainer's Union on the planet Coruscant around 3.5 ABY. She dealt with Xizor and was always extremely polite to him. He was always polite in return, to the point of never using his pheromonal control with her.

Ommni box player for Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes

Tech Mo'r was a Bith musician and professional ommni box player for the popular Jizz band known as Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Along with his band mates, Tech was a registered member of the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians (IFM) in good standing. Like many Bith, Tech possessed a highly evolved brain, which allowed him a special acuity when it came to analyzing and relating to music. As such, his talents helped to greatly enhance the quality and popularity of the Modal Nodes' music.


Deebo Chak
was a male Rodian actor. One of his earliest parts was as the charismatic Soldier in Hishinu Booj's "The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma". His character encourages farmers to resist the heavy taxes imposed by the baron. Chak portrayed his character with a gravelly voice.

Nalargon player

Whizz-Bang, as he was not otherwise known, was the nalargon player who traveled with Jabba Desilijic Tiure's entourage during the time when Jabba was still learning from Jiliac the Hutt.


Jukas Alim was a deep-voiced singer during the early days of the New Republic. He was one of the more popular singers in the galaxy during that time.


Lyn Me, a Twi'lek, was one of Jabba the Hutt's dancing girls. She performed with the Max Rebo Band while they played Jabba's Palace.

She studied traditional Twi'lek dance, hoping to become a professional entertainer and find work off Ryloth. Her chance came when Max Rebo hired her as a dancer and backup singer for his band. As they toured the Galaxy, she constantly searched her audiences for her hero, hoping to reunite with him and impress him with her talent. She nearly left the band when they began their extended engagement at Jabba's Palace, due to her disgust with the uncouth, lascivious rabble the crime lord attracted. Nevertheless, she stayed with the band when she learned that Boba Fett frequently handled bounties for Jabba.

Lyn Me became a fast friend of the band's other women—Sy Snootles, Rystáll Sant, and Greeata Jendowanian. Rystáll Sant occasionally used Lyn Me's name as an alias while on business in Mos Eisley.


Anarc was a Kitonak member of the band Hutt.

Former child actor of pro-Imperial movies, starfighter ace for the New Republic later in his life

Garik "Face" Loran was an Imperial holovid child star who grew up to become a pilot, spy, and leader of Wraith Squadron. A Pantolomin native of Lorrdian heritage, as a child Loran made thinly-veiled Imperial propaganda movies such as "The Black Bantha" and "Jungle Drums" -- becoming in many ways the galaxywide poster child for Imperial recruitment. Kidnapped by an extremist Rebel cel, his face was severely damaged when Imperial stormtroopers massacred his kidnappers in a bloody rescue attempt gone wrong. Upon reaching maturity, Loran used his own money to purchase starfigthers and joined two New Republic starfighter squadrons. The brash and spoiled movie star was a poor fit in the disciplined life of military command, however, and charges of insurbordination dogged his career. In truth, Loran despised himself for furthering the Imperial cause and projected his own self-loathing towards authority of any kind.


Annah Dublavviane was a scatter-brained female Jediboh Opera actress, part of the Tantellius Theatre Groupe, and was the grand dame of Two Jedi Men From Baronis. When a group of Rebels came to the planet Peekoine looking for a Jedi Knight they came to one of her plays and met with her backstage. At the time she was preparing some tea and she forced the group to join her for some time.

Theater actor, dark side inquisitor & father of Jaalib Brandl

Adalric Cessius Brandl was a handsome former stage actor who went on to become one of the Inquisitors. During his service, he had felt conflicted with following the dark side and the Emperor. He went rogue, travelling from sector to sector, killing freely along the way, until he had returned to his home planet Trulalis. There, he encountered his old acting master, Master Otias, who refused him forgiveness for his many crimes, and his son- Jaalib Brandl. There, something changed inside Brandl, and he signaled the Imperial Starfleet his location. As the smuggler he had hired to transport him navigated his vessel out of the atmosphere, a Star Destroyer arrived and captured the Kierra. The smuggler was released with 10,000 credits (a tenth of the bounty on Brandl's head), and fled the doomed Star Destroyer mere moments before Brandl set off a number of thermal detonators, destroying the vessel, and (so the Empire and New Republic believed) himself.

In reality, he had escaped (with a number of wounds and scars), and had returned to Trulalis where he tutored his son in acting. There, he encountered Fable Astin, and trained her in lightsaber combat. Unbeknownst to Fable, Brandl had made arrangements with the Reborn Emperor on the planet Byss to bring him Fable as a gift, to redeem Brandl in the Emperor's eyes. His son, going through the ship's logs, discovered the trip, and warned Fable, calling her fellow Rebel Alliance crewmates to her aid. High Inquisitor Tremayne, whose apprentice Vialco Fable had killed with the aid of Brandl's teachings, received Jaalib as his new apprentice. Adalric arranged this to punish Jaalib for rescuing Fable. Adalric's whereabouts afterwards are unknown.


Kirth was a male Human who was a member of Roons Sewell's acting troupe. He was present at the performance where the Galactic Empire killed Masla.


A-3DO or ThreeDee was a multitalented service droid owned by Jedi Andur Sunrider in 4,000 BBY. He served the Sunrider family as a crack mechanic, copilot, and musician who played upon a stringed instrument.


Bobolo Baker was the founder of Bobolo Baker's All-Bith Band.

Entertainer & fighter

Lusubrin T'shkali
, also known as Brin was a Nagai who fought in the Nagai-Tof War. Little is known of his involvement in the conflict, but he was one of the few Nagai to remain in Alliance space after the conclusion of the war. While many of the Nagai allied with the Mandalorians to liberate Nagi, Brin looked for work as an entertainer. On amateur night at the The Broken Tusk, Brin signed up for a fight in the Dool Arena. After Brin's initial success, he became one of the regularly seen fighters. Brin became well-known for his violet tattoo that surrounded his left eye. While other fighters would quickly stoop to less than honorable tactics, Brin continued to fight with honor. Brin's upright character and alluring mystique made him a popular fighter with the ladies.

Holovid star

Amber Jevanche was a Human female holovid star, known for her honey-sweet, throaty voice. She was especially popular among young males in the first years of the New Republic.

Celebrity columnist

Dyslogia Twang was a contributor to the Life section of HoloNet News at the time of the Separatist Crisis. She covered such topics as fashion, celebrity news, and high-class social events (read: gossip). She was one of the few media supporters of Jar Jar Binks.


Blerx was a Bith musician who worked on Domo Jones' uncle's nerf farm. He and Domo fell in love with a Twi'lek waitress named JillJoo Jab that worked at a cantina in Mos Zabu.In the cantina, he mentioned he was on tour,"Orto then Dantooine..."


Masla was a human female actress who was a member of the drama group Roons Sewell was in. She was apparently named after a flower.

She eventually had a romance with the future general of the Rebel Alliance. But this romance ended when the Imperials burst onto the stage, accusing the actors of being promoters of a subversive, inflammatory and seditious play. However, Sewell refused to stop performing. The stormtroopers opened fire against the actors, and Roons ran to protect Masla, but it was too late. Masla received a lethal blaster shot.


Pekkie Blue was presumably the founder and front man of Pekkie Blu and the Starboys.


Major Shawn Valdez was a specialized evacuation officer assigned to Echo Base. Thanks to Valdez's efficiency and training, more than 86% of Rebel Alliance personnel were safely evacuated from Hoth. He was also a poetic musician, and the owner of the astromech droid R5-M2.

Opera actor

Yoh Podd was a Jediboh Opera actor, part of Master Thespian Damien Tantrellius' Tantrellius Theatre Groupe, and played the role of Mouchus in Two Jedi Men From Baronis. He also had a thing for Damien's daughter Plum Tantrellius and, when she was kidnapped after a show, he insisted on joining the group of Rebels who were trying to rescue her.

Musician & Jedi

Tionne Solusar was a Rindaoan female from the planet Rindao who became one of the first Jedi Knights in Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order.

Tionne's role was that of Jedi historian, and she would often teach the trainees stories of ancient Jedi through singing while accompanying herself with her grandmother's instrument. She wrote a number of original ballads such as the Ballad of Master Vodo-Siosk Baas, the Ballad of the Jedi Mechanic and the Ballad of Nomi Sunrider.


Borra Chambo was a famous musician who composed Dissolution by Self-Intention.

Composer & Jedi

Ulaha Kore was a delicate statured female Bith and a member of the New Jedi Order. She had an inherent talent for musical composition, as well being Force-gifted tactical analyst, and she often sat in on Luke Skywalker's strategy sessions.

Holovid star

Framjen Spathen was a 15 year old male Holovid star in 12 ABY.

Music Advisor

Hela Brandes was the Music Advisor sitting on Royal Advisory Council of Naboo.


Dembaline was a famous Mon Calamari composer who created the song Shwock Dubllon sometime prior to the Clone Wars.

Musician & Force user

A Force-sensitive Ewok, Grael was a warrior, a master hunter, an exceptional musician, and an agent of the New Republic. He was a member of the Panshee tribe and had a son named Ponto and a wife.


Dobi Deene was a popular musician during the onset of the Clone Wars, and her song "Wroonian Tramp" reached #3 on the charts.


Rapotwanalantonee Tivtotolon, or Rappertunie (his stage name), was a Shawda Ubb musician from Manpha and member of the Max Rebo Band.

Filled with the desire to explore, Rappertunie took up the growdi to finance his travels. He played his instrument at scattered settlements, eventually reaching the capitol and gaining passage offworld. Despite his preference for the swampy atmosphere of Manpha, Rappertunie took a position in the Max Rebo Band playing on Tatooine. Eventually, the arid heat affected Rappertunie’s playing and attitude, which prompted him to push for the band to leave the lucrative gig.


Annadale Fayde was a female alien musician who often wrote sad and depressing lyrics. She also never used the same backing band twice.


Grondorn Muse was a musician, and formerly belonged to the Corellian militia, on his homeworld of Corellia. His songs were blacklisted by the Galactic Empire, they were deemd "politically incorrect" by Emperor Palpatine. After his songs were blacklisted, he and his wife Duriet joined the Rebel Alliance. He was on Yavin 4 during the Battle of Yavin.

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Umpass-stay was a Klatooinian who worked for Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He also sat in as a drummer for the Max Rebo Band with the Weequay Ak-rev.


M'lar'Nkai'Kambric was a musician during the Galactic Civil War.


Ak-rev was a Weequay drum master and a bodyguard for Jabba Desilijic Tiure.


Mondegrene was the composer of such classical pieces as "Fuge in K".

Fan club president

Tik Tali Talosh was the President of the Max Rebo Band Fan Club. He was a Human from the planet of Derf and he dreamed of auditioning his favorite musician Max Rebo. His dream came true when he was invited to play with the band shortly before the Battle of Endor at Jabba's Palace.

After the band broke up, he wrote a biography entitled Blue Man's Group. Furious because he had not asked permission to publish the book first, the band cut ties with him. Though disappointed, Tik forever treasured his brief status as a member of the Max Rebo Band.


Mrp-Mrp Poo was considered the Lothario Smerg of the Quenk jazz scene. She hosted annual Vector Day parties at the Boulderdash terrarium.

Dancer & secret security

Melina Carniss was a dark-haired human dancer for Jabba the Hutt who also served as a secret security officer. She tried to arrest Mara Jade as Luke Skywalker first arrived at Jabba's Palace, thinking her to be part of a plot to assassinate Jabba.

Jatz musician

Fitz Roi was a Human jatz musician from the Tapani Sector who lived during the Galactic Civil War.

Roi was famous because of his mastery with the Faln horn and the stage shows he managed. His career had been initially sponsered by a young female from House Barnaba, who was infatuated with Roi, but later on Roi found success by himself.

Roi's family was native to Lenniera, but Roi himself was a successful star often touring and he only visited his family's home rarely, preferring his own home at Esseles. Ever paranoid, Roi even leveled a plagiarism lawsuit at Acme Robopolish, a window-cleaning company, believing that their droids had stolen some of his songs.

Exotic dancer

Ayy Vida was an exotic Twi'lek dancer in Coruscant's Outlander Club. Though originally yellow-skinned, Ayy had her skin artificially dyed to produce a mottled, red-yellow pattern.

Band founder

Sluggo the Hutt was the pseudonym used by the founder of the jizz band Hutt. Despite his straightforward title, Sluggo was not a Hutt.


Mermeia was a "Holographic Wow", a character in a personal holographic entertainment unit called a "mind evaporator". Though she appeared to be a Human or Near-Human (perhaps specifically an Omwati), it is unknown if she was portrayed by a specific performer, or if she was simply a simulation.


Malinza Thanas was the daughter of Gaeriel Captison, Prime Minister of Bakura, and Pter Thanas, commander of the Bakuran Defense Fleet.

The orphaned Malinza was adopted by a wealthy Bakuran family, and was occasionally visited by Skywalker, who had taken a liking to her. Malinza became an accomplished musician, to the point of achieving a spot in the Bakuran National Symphony.

Kloo horn soloist

Jimke Weet was the father of Salek Weet. Jimke was a renowned kloo horn soloist.

Court Jester

Salacious B. Crumb
was a Kowakian monkey-lizard employed as a court jester for interstellar crimelord Jabba the Hutt. Salacious was known for his shrill laugh, and sadistic sense of humor.

Salacious met Jabba at a spacestation. Salacious got on board and managed to get to Jabba's food. When Jabba, Bib Fortuna, and Bidlo Kwerve returned, Salacious threw Jabba's food at the Hutt's two henchmen, then began to run around the ship, wearing the bowl on his head like a helmet, with Fortuna and Kwerve chasing him. At first, Jabba tried to eat Salacious, but after a while of viewing Salacious' antics, Jabba laughed so much he physically shook.  Jabba offered Salacious a deal: If he could make Jabba laugh once a day, Salacious could come live with him and get all the food he wanted. If he failed even once, Jabba would eat him.

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