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Many generations ago, there was a thriving city of people.  The people of this city lived peaceful lives, and their civilization advanced steadily, but at a quiet pace.  This city was governed by its people, without politics.  Order was maintained by the very morals of the citizens.   Today, this city is lost to the people of Norrath, in fact few remember it even existed.  A few of those who do remember still search for this lost city, and quietly maintain the code of Order that was so successful for the citizens of the Lost City.   These few are the Forgotten Order.

The Forgotten Order is a group of like-minded adventurers with high standards of strong moral principles such as Honor, Integrity, Camaraderie, and Friendship.  Their search for the Lost City, and for those who remember the old code of Order still goes on.

The Order

All of those who follow Order are equal in the eyes of their compatriots.  They rise in glory as a group and fall in shame as a group.  The direction of the Order is made by each of its followers.

The followers of the Order, amongst all else are brothers and sisters, friends, family.

One who follows the Order places the success and well being of his brethren before himself.

The Order will face opposition, hate and evil efficiently and politely.  They contribute to the greater good of Norrath.

Respect is earned and given in the words and actions of those who follow the Order.

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