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The Matari BackBone
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The Matari BackBone
an EVE corporation of Matari background
CEO: Jocca Quinn



There is no way to hasten what is intended to be

"Matar makes the Heroes, we just equip them" ~ MBB Lore

MBB News

Apocrypha Breaking News !

Jocca Quinn, Mar 10, 09 5:53 AM.
News about the events leading up the Apocrypha Expansion can be found here

Expect regualr updates during the day.

Winter Expansion Annouced

Jocca Quinn, Oct 16, 08 1:36 AM.
The winter expansion has been annouced, it will be called "Quantum Rise".

The press release is here

The speed nerf commeth

Jocca Quinn, Jul 25, 08 9:19 AM.
A dev blog has appeared that describes how CCP are going to try and put the "nano" genie back into the bottle.

Changes to, well just about everything including (but not limited to)
Microwarp drives
Warp Scramblers (will now switch off the targetted ships mwd!)
Nanofibers / Overdrives / inertia stabilisers
Polycarbon rigs (price crash imminent if not already underway)
Pirate implants (snakes)
All / most ships base velocities

Blog is here

Whining from the "nano-whores" is, well pretty much everywhere else you look. 8-))


Empyrean Age brings war to Eve

Jocca Quinn, Jun 10, 08 1:27 PM.
The Empyrean Age patch has been released to TQ.

War has come to Eve.

For the full story see this link

Now in the correct order.
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