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The doors of CoF are closing on the Kel'Thuzad server on 11/2 - Please read more in the Open Tavern section of the message board.

Cof Information
For new and old members alike there are many questions on how CoF works.  The first three areas that a member should check are:

CLAN CHARTER - General day to day items.

RAID FAQ - All frequently asked RAID related questions.

CoF FAQ - Any other questions not covered in the RAID FAQ or CLAN CHARTER.

If these areas did not answer your question feel free to inquire with your class lead, general officer, or just post the question in the forums.

Important CoF Links

CoF phpRAID Calendar


CoF Bank Inventories

IMPORTANT DOWNOADS AND MODS (Compliant for patch 1.12) ** Required**

**CT RAID 1.54 Download Full**

CT Raid Tracker for Officers (dkp string mod)

Threat Meter

Item Rack



Port: 3802

Boss Farm Status
BOSSES DOWNED: Name (date of first kill) * denotes farm status thus not worth DKP.

Onyxia:  (6/3)*

Molten Core:
Lucifron (2/19)*
Magmadar (3/4)*
Gehennas (3/5)*
Garr (3/5)*
Barron Geddon (3/12)*
Shazzrah (3/19)*
Sulfuron (3/19)*
Golemagg (3/27)*
Majordomo Executus (4/9)*
Ragnaros (7/9)*

High Priest Venoxis (forget)*
High Priestess Jeklik (forget)*
Bloodlord Mandokir (3/16)*
High Priestess Mar'li (3/16)*
Gahz'ranka (3/30)
High Priest Thekal (5/12)*
High Priestess Arlokk (5/31)*
Jin'Do the Hexxer (721)
Hakkar the Soulflayer (7/7)*

Kurinnaxx (3/6)*
General Rajaxx (6/26)*
Moam (7/3)*
Buru the Gorger (7/3)*
Ayamiss (7/22)

Razorgore (9/27)


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