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Guppy Queen (Applicant) 5/2/2006 1:19 PM EST : R.I.S. Armor Guide
Guppy Queen
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Original guide [ clicky ]

by JediSpam

What is R.I.S. Armor?
R.I.S. stands for "Reinforced Insulated Sheath" and is the name of a type of BATTLE Armor.  Professions qualified to wear R.I.S. are Carbineer, Combat Medic, Creature Handler, Doctor, Fencer, Pikeman, Ranger, Swordsman.
It is currently the third rarest in the game - the first being Mandalorian Armor and the second being Bounty Hunter Armor.
Only Armorsmiths that are R.I.S. Certified can make it.
There are 9 pieces to R.I.S. armor: Helmet, Chest Plate, Leggings, Boots, R&L Biceps, R&L Bracers, and Gloves.
Here are some color palletes:
What is "R.I.S. Certified"?
This is a term used that means theArmorsmith has done the R.I.S. Quest and has the schematics to make afull set of R.I.S. Armor.
R.I.S. Specific Shopping/Looting List
Titanium Aluminum
Chanlon Intrusive Ore
Rori Fiberplast
Polysteel Copper
Oridium Intrusive Ore
Laboi Mineral Crystal Crystalline Gemstone
Talusian Fiberplast (High OQ+SR+DR)
Chromium Aluminum (High OQ+SR+DR)
** Quality of the Talusian Fiber andChronium Alum used in the final combine increases thearmor's condition.  Quality for the other RIS specific resourceslisted above DO NOT MATTER. **
Giant Dune Kimogila Scales- This is the exact name of the component needed. You can only loot itfrom "Giant Dune Kimogilas" on Lok. The Kimo Town POI spawns oneregularly but you can find many random spawns of them more southtowards and around the volcano to the south. Loot rates seem to bearound 5-10% for me.
Reclusive Gurk King Hide- This is the exact name of the component needed. You can only loot itfrom "Reclusive Gurk Kings" on Lok. There are 2 known static spawns onLok and they are (700,-3300) and (-3760,-3470). You can also get them to occasionally spawn from regular Gurk nests, but I have found that the nests with "Ferel Gurks"seem to spawn the Kings at a high rate. They pop out either alone orwith some mini-Gurks right before the nest blows up. Loot rates seem tobe around 20% for me.
Woolamander Harrower Bone Fragment- This is the exact name of the component needed. You can only loot itfrom " Woolamander Harrowers" at the Woolamander Temple POI on Yavin4. 2 of them spawn at a time in the right rear of the temple, but thetimer seems to change from time to time from like 10 minute to an houror more between respawns. Last time I was there, it was roughly 10-13minutes between respawns. Loot rates seem to be around 30% for me.
Peko Peko Albatross Feather- This is the exact name of the component needed. You can only loot itfrom " Peko Peko Albatrosses" on Naboo. They are found in the northernpart of Naboo, generally from Kaadera to north of Karen to north ofTheed along the cliffs and shorelines. Loot rates seem to be around 80%for me.  NOTE: The Peko Feather is NOT REQUIRED for crafting RIS.  It is however REQUIRED to finish the quest.
R.I.S. Quest Guide
First and foremost, you have to be a Master Armosmith to start the quest.
The quest starts on Dantooine (-6800 6020)near the Abandoned Rebel Base POI. You talk to a hermit in a small hutthat gives you the quest.
Bring 50,000 Credits
You need to pay the stupid hermit to start the quest.  Make sure you have the money on you.
Bring A Crafting Droid
Don't forget to bring a crafting droid with you.  You'll need to pull him out in order to craft certain items.
You will need to make the following items to finish the quest;
Two R.I.S. Segments
(You need 1 to give the hermit as a finished Segment, the other you need to make for the boots)
2 x 75 Titanium Alumimun
2 x 75 Chanlon Intrusive Ore
2 x 75 Rori Fiberplast
2 x Woolamander Harrower Bone Fragment
2 x Reclusive Gurk King Hide
2 x Giant Dune Kimogila Scale
One Feathered Appearance Enhancer
(The hermit will refer to this as a RISLayer, but don't freak out.  The text of this quest still seems to bethe same as Pre-CU and just hasn't been updated yet.)
135 Polysteel Copper
85 Laboi Mineral Crystal Crystalline Gemstone
100 Oridium Intrusive Ore
1 Peko Peko Albatross Feather
R.I.S. Boots
(You craft a pair of and give the hermit for a full set of schematics)
25 Talusian Fiberplast
10 Chromium Aluminum
1 Synthetic Cloth
1 RIS Segments (the one extra you crafted above, so you craft two in total)
Once you finish the quest, you should havein your datapad all the schematics for all 9 pieces of R.I.S. Armor,the R.I.S. Segment and the Feathered Appearance Enhancer.
The schematics have no usage limit, so you can make R.I.S. as long as you continue to play the game as an Armorsmith.
Even if you drop AS and come back later, the schematics will still be there.
Oh, and there's no fighting involved tofinish the quest.  (I once heard a rumor there was. LOL)  You mightwant to bring a friend just in case there are random red spawns aroundthe hermit's tent if you're worried.
Post-CU R.I.S. Crafting
The way R.I.S. is crafted has changed with the CU.
It now only requires everything you need tomake Battle Armor Cores + a R.I.S. Segment (and of course yourresources for the final combine).
You make your cores as you would for otherBattle armor and toss in a R.I.S. Segment with Talusian Fiber, ChroniumAluminum and Synth Cloth during the final combine.
Resists will be the same as your other Battle armor, but the Condition will be way higher. (100K+ Condition is a good target)
The R.I.S. Segments and final combine can be done by hand. Only the Cores need factory runs.
The Feathered Appearance Enhancer that's made from the Peko Feather IS NOT REQUIRED to craft R.I.S.  It is only an optional component used to give a Health Bonus.  (see below)
Health Bonuses
Health Bonuses are NOW WORKING (as of Aug 09, 2005).
The Health Bonus caps at +50 per armor piece and +350 per suit (gloves and boots can't be enhanced)
Any combination of Battle Armor Segment Enhancers can be used to reach this cap.
Health enhancements can be added when making Segments and the final combine.
Up to three "Battle Armor Segment Enhancers" (various types) can be used for Segments.
One "Feathered Appearance Enhancer" can be added in the final combine.
One "Interwoven Armor Apprearance Enhancer"(Dropped by Acklay post-CU with +11 to +16 bonus range) can also beadded in the final combine.
The schematic for the Feathered AppearanceEnhancer (made with the Peko Peko Albatross Feather) can only beobtained through the R.I.S. quest.  This will yield you the most bonuspoints (from +10 to +23).
All FAE's made from Feathers from the same stack will come out with identical stats.
Currently, there is adisplay bug where you can't see the stats of the Feather until youactually craft the FAE.  Once you have the actual crafted FAE, it willcorrectly show stats.   (Fixed as of Sept. 7, 2005)
See "Thula's Guide to Loot and HealthEnhancers (DRAFT)" for more detailed info on what you can use and howenhancements work. =
FAQ From Customers
Q. What do I need for a full set of R.I.S.?
A. You'll need 9 GDK Scales, 9 WoolamanderHarrower Bone Fragments and 9 Gurk King Hides to make the 9 R.I.S.Segments required for 9 pieces of R.I.S. Armor.
If you're a perfectionist, I'd suggest youbring a few extra in case the final combine experimentation messes upand your condition is not maxed (which happened to 4 out of 7 piecesthe other day for me LOL).
You don't need the Peko Feathers to craft regular R.I.S.
The 3 loot components for the R.I.S. Segments are all you need FOR NOW.
Any RIS Certified Armorsmith should have everything else needed.
Additional Info: Theboots and gloves may be optional since they don't have any resists atall and is only for show.  Since each piece of R.I.S. Armor requires aR.I.S. Segment, if you don't make the gloves and boots, this brings therequirement down to 7 each.
I personally like making the boots becauseit looks cool and makes your suit look more complete, but I just makepadded gloves with the same color scheme if it's for a friend orguildie (you'll need 8 x R.I.S. Segment to do this).
Q. What do I need to bring in for the "Best" R.I.S. possible?
A. The "best armor possible" would be armormade with the "best" cores for highest resists, and the "best" TalusianFiberplast and Chronium Aluminum for highest condition.
GDK Scales, Woola Fragments, Gurk King Hidesall don't have stats and the R.I.S. Segments that are made from thesecomponents don't have stats either, so one can use the best or worstpossible resources to make the R.I.S. segments and still get the sameend product.
Quad Layered Primus (Kin/Ene cap at 6600) would be my personal choice since RIS is Battle Armor.
You may go for Quad Layered Kinetic or Energy(each cap at 7200) or even a mix of different layers depending on preference.
Although Elemental damage is now live, it still seems best to concentrate on Energy and/or Kinetic for best results.
Health Bonuses are fixed now and can also be added to enhance your armor.
The "best" would now be Health Enhanced R.I.S. (read above) (as of Aug 09, 2005)
Q. Can I still use Geo Cubes in Armor?
A. No, Geo Cubes are for Weapons only now.
They can not be used in any armor.
Q. How can you make cheap R.I.S.?
A. This is really up to the Armorsmith whether they'll do it or not, but here goes.
Bring in the looted components for RIS Segments along with at least 11 looted Battle Armor Cores.
Various Mobs drop them like Voritors, Kimos, Fambaas, Rancors and Gorax.
Kimos and Gorax tend to drop cores with the best stats which can be 5400+ across the board.
Q. Will a 12 point smith make better R.I.S.?
Yes, the condition of your armor will go up just a little bit - as in a few thousand points.  Nothing spectacular though.
It all depends on the cores used.  Currently, even a 10 point smith can make capped cores if resources are good enough.
However, if you want Health Enhanced R.I.S. you need to seek a R.I.S. Certified Armorsmith.
Q. I broke down my R.I.S Helmet (or any other piece) into a R.I.S. Segment post-CU.
  Can this segment be used to bypass the components such as GDK scales, and the like?
Yes, the R.I.S. Segment you have is the sameas a crafted one, which contains the Gurk King Hide, Woola Fragmentand GDK Scale.  Bring it to any R.I.S. Certified AS and he/she shouldbe able to make you some R.I.S. without you having to bring in anyadditional loot. 
See the "Post-CU R.I.S. Crafting" section above for the more info.
Q. Should I break down my Pre-CU R.I.S.?
Pre-CU R.I.S. got converted into crappy armor.  Although you can still wear it, the resists aren't that great.
My suggestion would be to go ahead and breakit down and find a R.I.S. Certified Armorsmith to remake it foryou.  Most smiths will be using very good resources and your resistswill be much higher.  Also, you now have additional options to get Health Bonuses as well as changing the color if you want a new look.
Q. What will happen to my ADK if I break down my Pre-CU R.I.S.?
You will get a R.I.S. Segment and your ADK back if you refit your Pre-CU R.I.S.
Make sure you have enough room in your inventory!
Q. What will happen to my ADK if I break down my Post-CU R.I.S.?
You will only get your ADK back if you destroy R.I.S. that was made Post-CU.
Q. Do I have to destroy my R.I.S. piece in order to get the ADK back?
Yes, that is the only way to get the ADK back.
Q. My R.I.S. Segment is "too broken" and I can't use it...  What up with this?
This is a current bug.
If anyone dies and clones with the segment in their inventory, it decays and becomes labeled "too broken".
Armor Repair Tools will not repair the R.I.S. Segment.
Q. Why can't I use my last item in a stack of GDK Scales (or Woola, or Gurk, or Peko, or any other loot that stacks)?
This is a current bug.
There are a few ways to go about fixing this.
Here are a few that I know of - listed from easiest (fastest) to hardest (slowest) methods
1) Click down on the item a few times until the "Unstack" option no longer appears in the radial menu.
2) Drop the item in a house, factory, droid, vendor, bank then pick it up again.
3) Move the item into a backpack, then unstack.
4) Trade it with someone then trade it back.


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