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The White Council (TWC)
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Close: 4 weeks, 4478 days ago
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Welcome Gurrok
Oct 9, 03 10:25 AM
Good Bye Ree and Roxelle
Aug 14, 03 10:12 AM
New Links
Jul 11, 03 5:17 PM
Alliance Info
Jul 4, 03 1:20 AM
TWC page grows
Jul 2, 03 4:47 AM
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Welcome to The White Council (TWC)!

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Welcome Gurrok

Bessy, Oct 9, 03 10:25 AM.
This  week  Gurrok, an aspiring Spiritmaster joined the White Council.
He happens to be quite small and quite blue (just as we like them).
As at the moment  not many TWC members happen to be online I hope you give him a warm welcome into the ally so he might find some new friends here and have fun in Midgard

-beary Bessy


, Sep 24, 03 5:12 AM.
This is some news. This news is new news as suggested by the name of news. News comes in a variety of newsicular forms, such as old news, new news and current news.

n e w s t a s t i c !

Good Bye Ree and Roxelle

Bessy, Aug 14, 03 10:12 AM.
As most of you will probably have noticed by now, Ree and Roxelle left the guild yesterday to form their own one.
This came sort of a surprise for me and I
wasn't particularly happy with their decision. Anyway, to create a guild is part of this game and you cant force anyone to stay in a guild (nor should you try) when they feel that they should move on.
As they obviously didn't find what they where looking for in TWC I wish them luck to find it in their new guild.
I only wished to have known a bit in advance as they were planning this for a while.....

Darkness Fell!

, Jul 20, 03 11:49 PM.
thank you to all who attended the darkness falls raid on sunday night!

you can find the photo album at and the individual images in the images section!

sorry to those that could not attend, hopefully we can all go next time!

Bessy's Birthday!

, Jul 19, 03 6:07 AM.
Happy birthday to our lil bear girl, bessy!

/huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hugs!

have a hoopy party! /em parties!
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