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In da Nooz

Experience Bonus

536936510_Inactive, Jan 21, 06 7:07 AM.
From Kytherea on EQLive:

We sincerely apologize again for the problems caused in response to Wednesday’s update. We do understand that many characters were rolled back due to actions beyond their control along with those that took direct advantage of the situation. We also understand that many other players that were not rolled back were also affected in indirect ways. This weekend we will be offering double experience to all players. This will require us to take down the servers early tomorrow morning (Saturday 21 January) and they should be up and offering the modified experience at 9am PST (Noon EST). This event will run until Monday morning at 10am PST (1pm EST). Once again please accept our apologies for any interruptions this has caused in your playtime.
From what I've read this stacks with experience potions. 2x2x exp.

ADoM v 2.0

536936510_Inactive, Aug 28, 05 2:46 PM.
Would like to try to get the crew together one night this week to create ADoM v 2.0 on EQ2. Once we have the guild formed, I can proceed to create the website. I need 5 other good characters to come to Royal Accountant Fowler with me, I already have the quest.

DoS&T (if it's not too long) shall be born on that night! Let me know what time is good for all.

DoSNT website is:
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