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New news?!
Nov 25, 03 12:13 PM
I have returned!
Oct 17, 03 5:46 PM
Guild Struggles - But Hope Remains
Oct 7, 03 7:07 PM
Welcome to Radical Dreamers and Friends!

This will be our new home for friends and family to come chat, quote, and have fun getting to know one another.

As always the Radical Dreamers are dedicated to having fun and playing the game, no matter what the cost. If there's anyone who needs a wormhole or a jumpstart, or even a meatshield, the Dreamers are there to assist in any way possible. And above all, we know how to have fun!

Anyone interested in joining the Radical Dreamers should send an application via today!

Enjoy your stay!

~ Canessa
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How do you feel of the idea of changing our guild name from Radical Dreamers to something else? Winner: "No sir.. I don't like it.. not one bit." 4 weeks, 4395 days ago
What's your favorite type of movie? Winner: "Adventure" 4 weeks, 4430 days ago
What is the most widely used type of weapon? Winner: "Projectile Launchers" 4 weeks, 4452 days ago
Who should loot in a group? Winner: "ME! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!" 4 weeks, 4462 days ago
What are the 4 main ores we use? Winner: "Neutronium, Wexeon, Apollonite & Ruby" 4 weeks, 4462 days ago
Who should cover for mining groups? Winner: "Free for all!!" 4 weeks, 4466 days ago
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While mining one day, Canessa was heard to say "This new patch ROCKS!!!" .... "No pun intended!!"

- Anon
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