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Welcome to the virtual guild hall of Noble Rage, a family raiding guild on Everquest's Prexus server.  Please feel free to look around and ask questions.  You will find complete information here about our raids, XP groups, policies, and, more importantly, us ... the people behind the keyboards.  The people are ultimately what makes this guild so special.
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Not Worth It
Noble Rage: Reborn?
By Laeen Soulguard, Nov 28, 12 7:00 AM

With the looming release of EverQuest Next, some of the original members of NR have created a website to explore the possibility of re-creating our guild.  For many of us, EQ1 was a magical g... Read More

All good things must come to an end
By Esprit, Aug 30, 07 8:34 PM

Noble Rage

July 2003 - Aug 2007

Its been a helluva ride, hasn't it?  Alas, it is time to face facts and do what must be done.  We don't have the membe... Read More

A fond rememberance
By knaven, Jan 11, 07 2:28 AM

We as members of Noble rage, wish to thank and pay honor to our former leader.  Retsin ,You gave your heart and time freely to this guild and  will continue to be a vital... Read More

CAPPYS WORLD of DoN progression A HIT!
By knaven, Jan 10, 07 9:29 PM

The first outing of Cappys world of DoN was a great success !!  Several fun miniraid that used to stress nobles were completed in no time and fun was had by all ...except Aldean who died allot.

Grtz to all the winners of progression pieces and ... Read More

By Sert, Sep 19, 06 2:49 AM

Noble Rage is looking for YOU!  We have a casual, family style atmosphere with lots of guild activities, raids, XP groups, and support to help you along the way!

We offer:
* a jovial, family style... Read More

Our First MPG Raid Trial Defeated!
By Sert, Aug 8, 06 5:00 AM

Our march toward Anguish begins!  The MPG Raid Trial of Hatred fell before the might of just 44 people tonight!

This was a very fun event!  Really kept the tanks on their toes!  Great work every... Read More

2006 Ragey Award Winners Announced!
By Sert, Jul 24, 06 11:31 AM

This year marks our first ever RAGEY AWARDS.  These awards are way to give recognition to the folks who truly make this guild what it is. ... Read More

Grats Bindara 1st Noble Rage Bard 1.5 Epic
By Beowolv, May 26, 06 11:46 PM

Bindi sez "Who wants some of this?"  Congrats Sentinel Bindara Sonata on her new Bard 1.5 Epic sword Prismatic Dragon Blade!!!  Very pretty sword.  Beo has sword envy -_-

Pho... <a target=Read More

Grats Sindya on Pally 1.5!!
By Beowolv, May 22, 06 5:43 PM

Congrats Sindya Noblerage on her new 1.5 Paladin Epic weapon REDEMPTION!  I'm a little behind on these so please send me a tell before raids etc and I will get ya on the front page if you have made 70 or got... Read More

Congrats Gel & TW on 70!
By Beowolv, May 5, 06 10:59 PM

Congrats to Tawneywolf Petoloup and Gelhorn Ar'Dagor on achieving level 70 Cleric and Mage!  Now lets get TW that pretty 1.5 shield =D

Read More

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