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Welcome to The Timewasters Guild Homepage!


To provide a nice, respectful community of players who want to help each other out to overcome the challenges of Azeroth.    If you are willing to help others out in PvE, PvP and Instance Raids and are looking for a fun casual adult guild on the Moonrunner server, we encourage you to apply for admission into The Timewasters guild. 

Other Guild News

Cataclysm content cleared! Heroic: Madness of Deathwing conquered!

jmdixon2, Sep 14, 12 1:05 AM.

Ragnaros downed by The Timewasters!!!!

Maudry, Dec 17, 11 4:37 PM.

Grats to all Timewasters for clearing the T12 Content.

After many weeks, we went in and finally cleared this flaming basstard.   Sorry for the slow post update, but better late than never.

Once again good job all Timewasters!

Grats Everyone on our first Staghelm Kill

Maudry, Sep 23, 11 9:22 AM.
Great job everyone preparing for the Majordomo fight!  All our preparation and strategy reviews helped out tremendously! 

Anyways last night was fun ripping up Firelands and all we've got left is Rags.

Hopefully everyone puts in as much effort in learning that fight as we did Majordomo and we will have our first full clear this week.

Nef is no more!

Maudry, Jul 8, 11 4:02 PM.
Congrats to all Timewasters on clearing T11 content!

Well we finally had some meaningful attempts on Nef last night and it paid off with our first kill.  Surprisingly, it only took 4-5 attempts before realizing Onyx and Nef were too close (d'oh double attack speed).  Once we figured this out and Hypie stopped flushing her mana down the drain,all we had to do was figure out how to push Spit out of the lava.  Apparently, Spit has the Wargnome gene and thinks lava buffs him!

Good job to all, enjoy your Dark Phoenix and on the the FIRELANDS!

P.S. Glae needs to cut back on his caffeine intake or increase his Ritalin dosage.
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