Masters of questing... Leaders of raids...
 Lords and Ladies of Mischief and Mayhem

  Originally created in Ultima Online almost a decade ago
Since the good ole days in UO we have opened many chapters of
®Stormhaven  in various realms:
Ultima Online * Dark Age of Camelot * ShadowBane * Saga of Ryzom 
Star Wars Galaxies * Lineage II * City of Heroes
City of Villains * Guild Wars * EQ II * Dungeons & Dragons Online
and now... Vanguard!

®Stormhaven™ is a Net wide MMO gamers fan club guild of friends and companions from all over the world
who share in the adventures that abound within the online worlds of the MMORPG community

®Stormhaven™ is truly home away from home for those who choose to spend their free time within the alternate universe of online gaming.
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Stormhaven : Vanguard

9/10/08 Busy week - One left in APW!

9/8/08 Jagund's angry brother finally given peace

9/5/08 Ok, I'll admit, it doesnt look that impressive- but, this is a dead Core Processor

8/29/08  Long Live the Queen...

Griffons oh my!

5 of the 7 people that now have griffons!

7/31/08 Prime Warden- its whats for dinner

The steamroller rolls on! This is the first night of serious attempts, and our last attempt we finally spawned the shy warden- and surprise, surprise, he felt obliged to roll over for us!

7/30/08 Shiver um, dethawed?

Shiver barely survived last time- and this week we didn't wait for him to bring in reinforcements. We conducted the appropriate gnomish sacrifice, and took him down!

7/26/08 Exalted X99 takes a nap!

We could smell his fear... and though he offered the leg mold to let him live, we waltzed up and took our first bp mold (grats Archaic)!

Guess Who?

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