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Forums : Amani Shando Story and Rules > [LORE!] Battle of the Ancients – The Story of Amani Shando
Lurial (SuperAdmin) 5/13/2006 9:30 AM EST : [LORE!] Battle of the Ancients – The Story of Amani S...
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And So It Begins...

In the beginning, when the colossal Titans clashed with the mighty Old Gods for control over Azeroth, their epic battle expelled vast amounts of energy into the world. This power was so great that it twisted and coiled until finally it burst, creating two separate and distinct entities.

One was Ash'ranak, a dark creature born of the power of the Old Gods…

…And the other was Lorenthis, a benevolent entity born of the strength of the Titans.

Like the powerful beings that came before them, Lorenthis and Ash'ranak are constantly at odds, one always attempting to eliminate the other.

Ash'ranak sees the Titans as ruthless invaders that wrested control from the original inhabitants of Azeroth and changed the world as they saw fit without any regard to those who had been there first. In his mind, the constant warfare and death spreading across the world is evidence that Azeroth is diseased.  It is rotting away from the corruption set upon it by the Titans. Thus, his ultimate goal is to do all things possible to wipe away all traces of the Titans’ work and reconstruct the world anew - back to the chaotic, but natural state of paradise the world was before the Titans' arrival.

Lorenthis views the Old Gods as wicked beings of evil and madness. Like her predecessors, she constantly strives to bring order and peace wherever she goes and works against Ash'ranak to ensure that the works of the Titans, including the lives of all the mortal races, are preserved. To her, the growing warfare and disorder stretching across Azeroth is not a sign of the world’s corruption… but a result of Ash'ranak, the Burning Legion, the Scourge, and the Silithid’s presence.  With them gone the world will be a sanctuary of tranquility and order.

Seeking to find an edge in battle, Ash'ranak extended his reach amongst the people of Azeroth, searching endlessly for suitable warriors to construct an army. He marked his Chosen with elemental seals - powerful runes that gave them a variety of unique gifts and sent them out into the world. Desperate the fight back, Lorenthis immediately did the same, reaching out and choosing soldiers of her own. Both divine beings approached their Chosen in various ways, through dreams, through magic, through brushes with death, or strolls through the spirit realm… Soon, mortals all across the globe were swept up in a massive struggle between two ancient powers and had gone from being every day adventurers... to the chosen warriors of a divine being.

War raged on between the two Remnants for what felt like an eternity before the rise of the Lich King and other major threats to the world forced them to work together as one to defeat all threats to Azeroth.  After all, what good would victory be if there was nothing Azeroth to preserve or remake?   Old loyalties die hard, however, and it isn't uncommon for fights to break out between the two factions.  Especially when it is impossible to tell when one will turn against the other, renewing the Great War once again...

Story in a Nutshell:

Your character is marked with a special rune that gives you telepathy where you can see/hear other people who are marked in a similar way.  That rune can come as one of four elements and marks you as a soldier under Ash'ranak or Lorenthis.

At this point in time, the Remnants have temporarily joined forces to help defeat Arthas and other major threats to Azeroth... but the truce is a very tenuous one and skirmishes occasionally break out between the Chosen of opposing sides.  No one knows when one Remnant will suddenly turn against the other, bringing back the tides of war.

Ash'ranak's view of the world is:  "The manufactured order of the Titans constrains us from achieving our greatest potential. It prevents the world from becoming what it truly is beneath the surface. We must slaughter all those who uphold the Titan's way, and anyone who would bring harm to Azeroth.  We must cleanse the world of this false order.  Only then will we truly be free."

Lorenthis' view of the world is:  "Without the peace and order blessed upon us by the Titans, the world as we know it would crumble part into a place of madness. We must preserve Azeroth and the people living upon it. We must protect them from all those who would harm them, whether it be the Scourge, the Legion, or Ranak'to."

Things to Note:

1) Both Lorenthis and Ash'ranak dislike the Burning Legion and the Scourge. Lorenthis sees them as more destroyers like Ash'ranak. Ash'ranak views them as more invaders like the Titans.

2) Both sides promote the protection of innocent people and fight against corruption.  However, Ash'ranak tends to go out of his way to 'cull the Weak' and his definition of 'Corrupt' is slightly different from the norm.

3) While they seem to believe in the same principles and ideas as the ones they came from, Lorenthis has no real ties to the Titans and Ash'ranak has no real ties to the Old Gods.  They do not speak to the Titans or Old Gods on a daily basis or take orders from either party.  What they do is based off of their own decisions.  In fact, if it came down to the Old Gods or Titans ordering them to utterly destroy Azeroth all together - they probably would act against orders.

This explains why, despite agreeing with their views, Lorenthis is willing to fight against the aspects of the Titans in Ulduar and Ash'ranak still considers Old Gods such as C'Thun and Yogg-Sarron a major threat.

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Lurial (SuperAdmin) 4/1/2008 8:56 PM EST : RE: Battle of the Ancients – The Story of Amani Shando
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Amani Shando...
...The Mercenary Company?

It was decided very early on in the conflict that the war between the Remnants should remain a secret as much as possible.  While allies can become valuable, offering their skills and unique assets to achieve many goals... the Remnants felt that many people on Azeroth are simply not ready to engage in this massive conflict.  Allowing everyone and anyone to freely be a part of the war would be like leading lambs to a slaughter.

Thus, both sides agreed upon a certain 'cover' to help disguise the Chosen and their involvement with the Remnants.  Whenever the cover becomes outdated or compromised, a new one is created.

The current cover is simply a Mercenary Company lead by two leaders, code-named Black Lord and White Lady, with vastly differing methods.  The cover was chosen for the simple reason that many different kinds of people can be part of such a company, from an intelligent researcher that merely finds information for the company a peaceful healer who tends the wounded... to a blood thirsty warrior who engages in the dirty work... to a stealthy rogue who is perfect for covert operations.

People can also claim to be affiliated to the Company in another way, such as being an arms dealer or a wealthy benefactor whose money keeps the Company well funded.  Anything is possible and the Remnants leave it up to the Chosen themselves to make up exactly what position they have in the fabricated company's structure.

Remnant Mindsets



1) Core Belief: Peace, safety, order and civilization are the paragons of what is good in the world. Without the guidance of wise and benevolent creatures the weak and oppressed would not survive. Evil and chaos would reign and drive the world into darkness. Knowledge and wisdom must be safeguarded and maintained, the path of the mind is the higher order that separates us from the beasts.

1) Core Belief: Freedom, strength and natural order are foremost. Civilization that is not balanced with the earth and manufactured law are perversions of the natural world. Mortals were not meant to live in confines dictated by lesser men, but were meant to embrace life to its fullest and eventually die, contributing to the cycle of life. Violence is not an extension of emotion or oppression, but a tool used for survival. All things have a purpose and place outside the shortsightedness of modern man, who is too far removed from the true world to see the error of his ways.

2) Preserve and protect the world. The world can
be made beautiful by keeping it as it is now and
making it better from within.
2) Change the world into a new paradise by 
cleansing it through any means necessary.
We must erase the old to pave way for the
3) Though we will inevitably take the lives of 
our enemies in battle - act honourably. Be noble
and try to show others mercy when you can. If
they are willing to listen, perhaps you can even
reach out and reason with them, showing them the
right path.

3) Eliminate all the Corrupt* who would ruin this world until only the pure and the good are left. Their taint is unforgivable and what we do is for the benefit of all of Azeroth. Take pride in this duty. We are cleansing our world, purifying our home. There is no task more honourable in these dark times.

As for those who are loyal to the Titans... they are powerful, but misguided. We must convert them to our path and save them from their own destruction. If they will not be swayed, we will have no choice but to take their lives in order to save this world.

4) Protect the weak and those who cannot defend 
themselves. They are the most vulnerable to our
enemies and corruption. They need to be cared for.
There is no need to kill them, they have as much of
a right to be here as we do and have their own
purpose here on Azeroth.

4) Survival of the fittest. While innocent people should be protected, those who are ultimately Weak** should be cut away like a rotting limb.  By defending the Weak, you are promoting the stagnation of the species, halting change and ending the evolution of stronger creatures.  Unless they show the potential to be shaped into something powerful in the future, it is better to be rid of them now then to allow them to grow into a venomous problem.

5) Protect the sacred locations and relics of the 
Titans. Without them, some of us may not even be
here and this world would be plunged into madness.
Do not let them fall into enemy hands. Should you
find an artifact sacred to the Old Ones - destroy
it as soon as possible.

5) Find ways to use Titan relics to benefit our cause. If a relic cannot be used by us or if a relic has eventually lost its usefulness - destroy it. Level all locations sacred to the Titans. They are invaders who tainted this world with their doings. All things associated with them must eventually be destroyed.

6) My Chosen, the Sol'renthi, are like my family. 
I protect this world not only for myself, but for
them. Pity those that dare to strike down those I
care for, for if any of them are wounded...
... I will make the attacker pay dearly for it.

6) Each of my Chosen are different, and as such, I feel differently about all of them. Some of the Ranak'to are kindred spirits to me. I wish to change this world not only for myself, but to save and liberate them from the cycle of corruption the Titans have created.

Some, however, are corrupt, but have great power. I have no qualms about using 'fire to combat fire'.  I plan to use these corrupted people to their fullest extent - eliminating them when they are no longer useful to our ultimate goal.

7) Logic rules all.

7) Natural Impulse is key.

8) Law, order, and slow, stable change.

8) Freedom, chaos, and swift, glorious revolution.

*Ash'ranak's definition of Corrupt - Any person who...

a) allies themselves with the Titans
b) prefers the world ruled by civilization and manufactured law-and-order.
c) goes out of their way to harm/oppress others for reasons not related at all to the natural way of survival. (Especially using man-made laws and order in an unethical manner to get their way.)
d) goes out of their way to utterly ravage the planet. (I.E - Burning Legion is trying to destroy Azeroth as a whole. The Scourge wants everything to be undead or an unnaturally plagued creature.)

**Ash'ranak's definition of Weak - People who are so sick or physically-weak that no amount of healing/training/etc in the world would make them strong.  These people would have normally died in nature, and they have no other non-physical skills to offer in the world such as a great mind or powerful healing/magic that might've helped them survive in a natural environment.  (Example: A Vegetable. A severely mentally ill person. A person with no arms and legs with average mental, physical, and arcane capabilities.)

The Remnants and the 'Other Faction'

encourages her Sol'renthi to try and teach the Ranak'to that what they are doing is wrong.  She wants the Sol'renthi to help the Ranak'to find the 'right path' as convincing the Ranak'to to switch sides would be much better in her mind than needlessly sheding the blood of others.

Likewise, Ash'ranak encourages the Ranak'to to lure the Sol'renthi into betraying Lorenthis and joining their side in changing the world.  If it becomes clear that a certain Sol'renthi would never change sides however, Ash'ranak instructs his warriors to kill or ruthlessly exploit that Sol'renthi by any means necessary.

This allows Ranak'to and Sol'renthi members to interact with each other in a semi-friendly manner - because let's face it.  It is tough constantly RPing that we're at each other's throats when we can't even really PvP against each other.  People of each side sometimes end up being friends or at least respecting each other to a certain degree quite often.

Please note that if you think your character is the type that would ignore trying to get people to switch sides and would rather just try slaughtering the other team -- go for it!!  Each character is different and it will probably cause interesting responses from the Remnants.  Ash'ranak probably wouldn't mind as much as Lorenthis.

To What Degree Are Remnants Psychic?

Remnants may have have great power, but are not all-knowing.  They would not magically know things about other guilds or about the past of some random person. They are not Gods or even Demi-gods really.  And they are nowhere near as powerful as the Titans or Old Gods were.  Their psychic abilities are very limited. They can pick up very easily upon emotions and sometimes can pick up fragments of a person's past depending on whether or not their target is marked or depending on the person's state of mind.  They most certainly do not know everything and can be deceived or have things hidden from them.

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