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Servers still down!
May 5, 11 6:58 PM
DC is still around!
Jan 3, 11 1:11 PM
Welcome to the Dark Crusader's website!

Dark Crusaders is an EQ II guild on the Guk server.  The Guild was started on the Nektulos server.  We are both skilled adventurers and accomplished tradeskillers!

A little bit about our guild. At the moment the Guild is very small.  Only about five or six active members.  We lost a lot of members before the murge to the Guk server.  Some went to other Guilds, some stoped playing the game completely.  The ones of us left would like to try to build the Guild back up.  So all classes and levels are welcome. 
On Nektulos server we considered ourselves casual "raiders" in that we raid some targets on the weekend and farm instances during the week.  However, attendance is never required! :-)  Come and go as you please and contribute when you can.  This is LOW stress game play here folks.
Typically, our guild is most active M-Th 6pm EST - 2am EST.  Friday and Saturday, we seem to burn the midnight oil taking down some raid content; 7pm EST - Whenever.
Just about anyone of any class and any level can join us on our crusade!  So if you like what you are reading check out the forums and fill in an application to join us.  Or just contact any member in game. 

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Servers still down!

Lexaqua, May 5, 11 6:58 PM.
Well guys it's going on to day 5 and all SOE servers are still down after the hacking.  SOE did post yesterday that there was a possibility that servers would be back up on Friday May, 6th.  I'm not holding my breath about that one.  My guess is that it will be Monday before the servers are back up. 

Everyone be sure to check their credit card statements for the next few months.  I don't think Sony really knows how much infomation got hacked.   Time to dig out that old Battle Field cd.  lol. 

see ya next time.

DC is still around!

Lexaqua, Jan 3, 11 1:11 PM.
Now that the leaders have accress to the web site.  We will try to keep everything up-dated.  Thanks again Eggie. 
More to come.
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