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71st Spec Ops Brigade
History of the 71st    
Player Notes...  The 71st Spec Ops Brigade was Founded on 4/20/2006  Sense then we have travled into the Top 100 to around the Mid 50's and Hope to achieve higher  I Created this Super Group Based off of a Story Line of my Main Toon..  A Merc Mastermind Called Gabrieal..   This is a Role Playing Optional SG..  Yes I Plan on holding more events and Even Role Playing PvP Events If Possible  For Example...  Getting as many of the 71st Into Recluse's Victory and Storming it will 3 full Teams...  This site is Here for Our Coalition and For your INFORMATION...  this is where we will Post all of our Events, Contests, Prize Give aways and Such  The Role playing History will be Posted With This Soon
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