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Anyone still out there?

Nevry, Oct 4, 13 1:45 PM.
Anyone still out there from Mortal Omen, Lords of Truth, Triad Imperium, Defenders of Kerra Ridge, Damned???

Comment or Register if you are.  I can be found on WOW or TSW these days, but was thinking of trying out the FTP version of EQ.


Passing by to say Hello...

Nevry, Dec 2, 08 8:38 AM.
Hey all - I was just stopping by to say Hi to anyone that still brings up this old page...  I pulled up the Membership list and can't believe how long it has been...  Some people haven't logged in - in over 1000 days!  But I still remember a lot of Mortal Omen goings on like it was yesterday.  To all my friends in Mortal Omen, Lords of Truth, Damned, Valor of Light, Defenders of Kerra Ridge, and Triad Imperium /salute.

I am in WOW still, 4 years now, on the Cairne server.  Main is Nehvr - a Human Mage grinding to 80.  Still no bards...

Take care,


Nevry, Jan 14, 05 8:35 AM.

Mortal Omen has merged with

Defenders of Kerra Ridge


Lords of Truth.

We are now known as Triad Imperium!

Our new website address is here:

--> Triad Imperium <--

WOS Drops Make a Happy Bard!

Nevry, Jan 4, 05 6:39 AM.
Thanks to Jenamilu, Nevry now sports these boots:

Boots of Slaughter
AC: +28 Str: +12 Dex: +8 Sta: +8 Wis: +12 Int: +12
Disease Resist: +12 Cold Resist: +11 Poison Resist: +12
HP: +70 Mana: +65 End: +65
Classes: Warrior Bard Shadowknight Paladin Cleric

And grouped with Warlor and Jenamilu in WOS won me this:

Enduring Bracer of Flame
AC: +23 Str: +11 Sta: +11 Wis: +10 Int: +10 Agi: +11
Fire Resist: +15 Disease Resist: +8 Cold Resist: +15
HP: +90 Mana: +90 End: +90
Classes: Warrior Bard Shadowknight Paladin Cleric

Happy New Years One and All

Rakarr, Jan 1, 05 5:30 AM.
With a new year upon us, we have many changes coming. Thanks for the past great year, and lets move in to this next year, with open minds and hearts, not stopping based upon assumed information or speculation, but giving all opportunities a chance to work for the best.

And again, Happy New Years, one and all.


December 20, Kael Drakkel

Nevry, Dec 21, 04 6:50 AM.
December 20, Derakor the Vindicator and The Idol of Rallos Zek

Lords of Truth, Defenders of Kerra Ridge, and Mortal Omen teamed up in Kael to take on The Avatar of War. While we were able to spawn him we didn't get to him in time and he despawned. But we did walk away with some loot. AOW will not get off so easy next time. His prayers to the LD god will go unanswered.

Chestplate of Vindication
AC: +45 Sta: +15 Fire Resist: +15 Disease Resist: +15 Cold Resist: +15 Magic Resist: +15 Poison Resist: +15 HP: +100
Attack: +10
Regeneration: +2
Classes: Shaman Cleric Paladin Shadowknight Bard Warrior

Derakor's Head

Derakor's Heart

Sickly Glowing Orb
Sta: +5 Cold Resist: -10 HP: +60
Classes: Necromancer Enchanter Magician Wizard

December 14, Bastion of Thunder

Nevry, Dec 14, 04 8:36 PM.
Mortal Omen and Lords of Truth took on Eindride Icestorm in his BoT Tower tonight.

Gratz to Mooneleafs of LOT and Nevry of MO each with a Mantle of the Rainmaker.
AC: +18 Str: +13 Sta: +11 Wis: +12 Int: +12 Fire Resist: +15 Cold Resist: +15 HP: +100 Mana: +100
Classes: Beastlord Ranger Paladin Shadowknight Bard

Gratz to Jenamilu winning the Unadorned Symbol of Torden.


Rakarr, Dec 14, 04 7:08 AM.

Top of the News is a Report of THEFT!!

Ellbereth also known by the Main of Asmov lost two rolls on Talisman of the Spiritseer then convienently LD's, only to discover the following day He/She/it let her room-mate use account.  Needless to say a guildie is minus one +1 mana regen item.
Better luck next time Immezzin. Aulanie was nice enough to get a log of a conversation with the suspected THIEF.

Thanks to all who attended the Royal Rumble !

Normally, if I were to say as many died as died last night, I would be sad. :) BUT! We had such a good time killing each other.I was actually pretty supprised at how evenly most of the class's were, especially when we put a lvl 55 hybrid against a lvl 57 caster (Trelyn vs Wickednukes), ya should have seen the instant replay on that one!

Special note goes to this fight: Veldair 66 (necromancer)- won 1st round vs. Hpsiphoner

While I have absolutely nothing against Hpsiphoner, he did show up spamming the Lead Referee with tells about how he would wipe up anyone in the zone with his oh so uber toon.  Thanks Veldair for putting a gag on him and doing so quite effortlessly.

Many left before prizes could be passed out so here is the way it fell.

Musy and Forgrat: "Leatherfoot Haversack" Passed in token form.

Duuin: Worn Zraxthril Gauntlets
Veldair: Ornate Silk Sleeve Pattern
Prowless: Flesh Bound Deity
Borderon: Water Logged Sandles?
Still Holding Bracelet of Beauty and another caster wrist slot item. 

So much fun, but still so many had to leave early, will have to do it earlier next time, and hold leftover prizes over for next time.
Here is the fight lineup.

Warlor 68 (warrior) - won handicap match vs. Slammak & Prowless
Adonnis 61 (paladin?)- lost 1st round vs. Prowless
Nevry 66 (bard) - won 1st round vs. Slammak
Duurin 19 (paladin?)- lost 1st round vs. Mashemgood
Slammak 66 (shadow knight)- lost 1st round vs. Nevry
Prowless 61 (beastlord) - won 1st round vs. Adonnis
Hfmudd 65 (rogue) - lost 1st round vs. Forgrat
Crakan 58 (berzerker?) - won 1st round vs. Rakarr
Rakarr 57 (warrior) - lost 1st round vs. Crakan
Forgrat 65 (paladin)- won 1st round vs. Hfmudd
Mashemgood 23 (berzerker)- won 1st round vs. Duurin

Caster vs Melee:
Wickednukes 57 (wizard) - won 1st round vs. Trelyn 55
Trelyn 55 (ranger) - lost 1st round to Wickednukes

Raxaa 68 (cleric) - won 1st round vs. Jenamilu, won 2nd round vs. Veldair [by 5 min. time limit decision]
Borderon 66 (enchanter) - lost 1st round vs. Kaeaelin
Musy 66 (druid) - won 1st round vs. Aulanie [by 5 min. time limit decision]
Kaeaelin  65 (necromancer) - won 1st round vs. Borderon
Aulanie 66 (druid) - lost 1st round vs. Musy
Veldair 66 (necromancer)- won 1st round vs. Hpsiphoner, lost 2nd round vs. Raxaa [by 5 min. time limit decision]
Jenamilu 66 (shaman) - lost 1st round vs. Raxaa
Hpsiphoner 66 (necromancer) - lost 1st round vs. Veldair

Thanks to all who came out and helped referee, and thanks to all who gave their lives to entertain the spectators.  Hopefully we all brought something more out of this than a prize.

Hoping you enjoyed the news.
Please be patient, my first time posting it.

December 6, Plane of Fear

Nevry, Dec 7, 04 8:18 AM.
MO and LOT went into PoFear last night to try to gather some epic drops. Group 1 spent about 30 minutes clearing out the zone in and then groups 2 and 3 went in. We commenced pulling and were clearing out around Fright when the server crashed. Just Cazic-Thule. I blame myself because about 10 seconds after Fright DT'd me everyone started going LD and the server shut down LOL.

Thankfully the server came back up after about 30 minutes but PoFear was EMPTY! Actually that was a good thing because it made corpse recovery a non-issue! LOL

Look for PoFear again next week!
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