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The EQ2 Roleplayer’s Haven is closed. Permanently.

Given the numerous other active community sites for EQ2 roleplayers, there are ample resources to redirect to.  Many of these sites are linked on this page.

Happy gaming.

~ Haven Admin


Comments added 11/5/07 - So many wish to know "why" I closed Haven.  The thread discussing this closure was deleted from the SOE forums and so I'll repost my comments here.  

Please do not contact me in-game or via PM's regarding the closure. This decision was final. 

Well, here you go…the explanation you have all been waiting for. I am fine with admitting that the closure of Haven was out of stark pettiness and disgust, and can be seen as a big fat middle finger directed at probably 90% of the RP community.  I am done with the RP community at large on AB for reasons not really necessary to go into – we all have our own experiences. Whoever starts up the replacement site, hopefully the “rpers” of AB won’t kick as much shit in their face. But this isn’t a “woe is me” post.  I had the balls to ban asses from the site.  I had the balls to stand by a friend that pisses a lot of you off.  I certainly paid the price but have no regrets.

In truth, Haven wasn’t really all that active.  It was used primarily to list guilds and events…discussion was not nearly as active there as it is on other RP community sites.  Not worth the time and money out of my pocket, when grief and attitude is, for the most part, my return on my efforts. 

As is clear on many of the posted responses, here and on other forums, that are aghast at the injustice I’ve done to the RP community, people are more concerned with missing posts then they are about the actual people in this gaming community. And that is, ultimately, why I shut down Haven. Its purpose doesn’t have a place on AB anymore.

Happy gaming.


In the News!

The Wanderlust Festival (AB Server)

Azaelia, Sep 28, 07 8:21 AM.

The Aiaru Gypsies are proud to present its first Wanderlust Festival!
The location will be, of course, at the Wanderlust Fair in Darklight Woods.
Saturday, October 6th.  The festival starts at 5PM EST!

Events will include but are not limited to fortune telling, tarot readings, auctions, raffles, dancing, drinks, story telling and song. 

Conflict is frowned upon.  Please leave city wars in the city and come and enjoy the festival!

Everyone's encouraged to bring their fireworks and light them off periodically!

Head over to the the site and register.  Talk with us!  Join in our stories!  We love meeting new people.

  Come one, come all! 

The Festival of Discord (AB Server)

Azaelia, Aug 10, 07 7:59 AM.

The Festival of Discord

Plans are well underway for this multi day event, coming in September, 2007.  Jousting, Archery, Melee Battle, and Battle of the Bards are a few of the planned events.  The Festival of Discord is sponsored by the following guilds:

Participating Guilds

  • Bloodthorn
  • Coterie of Thorns
  • Court of the Moon
  • Gunthak Pirates
  • House Gevaudan
  • Kenafin
  • Knights of Freeport
  • Raven Guard
  • The Discipleship

  • Please visit The Festival of Discord website for details.  Pre-event sign up is required and we are still seeking combatants, crafters and volunteers to make this a great event for citizens of Neriak and Freeport (or sneaky Qeynosians and Kelethians).

    The Festival of Unity

    Azaelia, May 30, 07 5:05 PM.

    Visit the Festival of Unity website for more details on events and times.

    Seek also the following threads for further information:

    Festival of Unity
    Crafters/Vendors Needed

    There are no upcoming events.
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