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Convergence Of Power
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Welcome to Convergence of Power!
The dictionary quotes "independent development of similar characters" and "the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity"
And we all have our own kind of power to bring to the table- though maybe not exactly the round table, since we play hibernia.
We have the power to help each other, and the power of our different classes.   Some classes have a harder time getting a group.  Try to remember that if you are an enchanter and have a nice group going and you see a solo night shade, invite the shade.  I beleive in karma....

We are all different, and unique and yet we are all trying to move toward one goal. Yes, to have fun. To level our toons and one day get to the RvR.......AND to get those damn albs!
The Mids too. Sadly, we are outnumbered by albion, and that is why WE have the /level 30 command
* and they have /level 20.
There was a night that somehow 3 of us hibs allied with 4 trolls and fought the albs. It was amazing considering that we could not communicate with each  other than emotes.
Convergence is also the title of a solo CD done by James Murphy (former guitarist for Testament) for you music fans.
I also see more and more family members playing together. I and my sons play.
They didn't get me hooked, it was I that got them hooked!
I can't say yet what I want for this guild. Be is small, large, I am leaning toward something small, maybe 25 people so that we can concentrate on getting people leveled.
There is no "you can't come back". If anyone wants to try out another guild, join a buddy and then wants to come back, that's fine.
Rules: few. No harassment. Also keep in mind there are people from other countries and maybe even preteens behind that keyboard. Have patience and have respect for each other.
It is hard to express yourself without eye contact, it is easy to jump to the assumption that someone is being sarcastic, when really they just have an odd sense of humor.
Things can esculate and get out of hand when people assume too much......
Some classes are harder to play. I find that when I play my bard and I accept a group invite, suddenly I belong to everyone. "where is my bard" "can you rez me" Play speed song, no, crack. "Why can't you rez me"! Heal me.
"Hey, I have been laying here for so long, rez me"
Well, often if I got close enough to rez, I'd be dead and then what? And I am only one person.
When I play as non healer class, I was just one of the group. It was so different.
When I play as my druid all assume that the female is going to do the healing.
Even when there are 2 other male druids. So, if I had never played a bard I would have never realized the stress they are under. Keep this in mind if you are new. Different classes play differently.
Different people play differently!

Do we give money to newbies? Well, we are not rich, but 5 gold is enough to get someone started. Even for a /level 30, buys some horse tickets.....maybe buy back some con.
But, a guild should help each other when ever it is possible.   If someone found themself with gray armor or useless weapon, I'm sure we could help them out.

Do we have a house? Yes, we have a guild house at #2 Merriless.  First you need to DL the foundations patch from camelot herald.  If you have SI, then d/l SI - if you do not have SI (expansion) d/l the foundations for classic daoc.
 Housing, walk out of the N gate of TNN, turn L, walk and keep looking L for housing wall.
 Go to the stable and take horse to kohar stable.  Walk across the bridge.  Type  /houseface guild and walk that direction to merriless.
If you are at battle ground, you can buy guild hearth scroll and port to house, or do the same from SI.
Can anyone invite? I think that will be an idea and I'll work on that.
Because we will give our new guild members 5 g to begin, if you invite someone let them know they can ask me for the money or Huganurse.
I will also let you know names of other GMs and alts to contact.

Do you power level people? That is often done by teams and we don't have such teams. But I can help someone get over a hump with my mentalist because of the heal over time. That would allow someone to take oranges as I heal and they'd loose no experience.

Do we have an alliance? Yes!  I am happy to say; and it is one of the more casual, helpful ones I have seen.  It is lead by Hibernian Shadows, there are about 8 guilds.
When you first join the guild you will hear the alliance channel, but you cannot speak on it until you are promoted.  That will happen in a day or two as it is very impportant that those using the alliance channel are respectful to all.  Remember that each one of us as an individual represents the entire guild.

When will I get promoted, do I have to be a high level? Soon as I get to it, and no, anyone -any level in good standing will be promoted.
Can I have alts in other guilds? Sure! I do. :)
Will we have guild meetings? When we need to and I will give lots of notice.
We'll try to keep them short and to the point.
Have patience...please!

I play gaheris (co-op server) at least once a week, so I will not be on every day. I'll always be reachable by email.
* mythic has a system for those that have reached level 50. They can begin a new character at level 20 and on some under-populated servers, 30.
~~~ Jayne
and more


Patch 164 check out more at

, Aug 12, 03 10:09 PM.

- Upgraded keeps that are /released will now return to un-upgraded levels. Previously, when a guild claimed and upgraded a keep, then later released the keep, the guards would retain some of the bonuses for being upgraded (including having the appearance of being upgraded guards) even though the keep was unclaimed. In addition to the keep reverting, all the NPC guards will now revert to normal un-upgraded status when a keep is released.

- The Mastery of Arms realm ability should now be affecting attack speed properly.

- We have fixed all known icon problems with regards to combat styles and spells. No changes were made to the actual styles or spells, only the icons were changed.

- Using the /lastname command without entering a new last name will now allow characters to erase their current last name, as requested by the Role Playing Team Lead.

- The CHAT.LOG file will no longer be automatically closed when you zone. It will still close when you exit the game to go back to the character select screen.

- Information from delve, /relic, /realm, etc, are now written to your chat.log.

- A new /effects flag, group, which will show any spells cast on or by your group members. (Settable by /effects group or in the options menu).

- New naming options, in both the /hidenames and /shownames command as well as the options dialog. Before: Self, Players, Monsters, Gravestones. Now: Self, Players, Monsters, Gravestones, Groupmates, Guildmates, Enemy Players.

- A new /faceloc command has been added. This will turn your character to face these local coordinates.

- Salvages on stacks of items will now return the correct amount of salvage materials. If there are not enough items in the stack to return anything, an error message will be returned to the player and the salvage will not take place.

- The error messages that previously occurred when you were too close to another repo man and trying to remove an object from your vault have been fixed. Note that a few of the repo man error messages (Wrong realm, doesn't service this vault) will no longer appear, instead only a generic "You aren't close enough to a vault or a consignment merchant!" message will appear.

- The /release house command is no longer case sensitive.

- Studded armor will check armor crafting and tailoring for Albion players and use whichever skill is higher for repairs.

- Lockbox and consignment monies will combine to pay a house's rent if neither alone has enough, but their combined sum is.

- A consignment merchant can no longer sell items if it is already holding over 200 plat.

- You can no longer sell items back to get more than 200 platinum on your character.

- '/sshot ' -- will allow you to give a base name for your screenshots. For example, to name your screenshots: Raid-01.jpg, Raid-02.jpg, type: /sshot Raid

- A new slash command, "/househelp". Normally, most of the housing popups are shown only the first time you do things. Typing /househelp will cause them to be shown again.

- Right clicking on Spellcrafting and Alchemy items in Consignment Merchant windows will now show their normal mini-info quick description.

- Fixed a bug where you could port into the housing zone and no houses would appear.

- When you click on a house, it will now print the house owner's name and the lot number to your system message buffer.

- Added an extra tag at the end of weapons and armor on consignment merchants - both types will now show quality, armor will show AF and weapons will show DPS in the merchant window:

arcanite two-handed sword [200g] (99%, 15.1 dps)
heavy caliocht vest [200g] (100%, AF 35)

- Archer line of sight is now checked both at the draw and the release of a shot.


We have added a new performance option to decrease hitching and pausing in key game situations: when first going into towns or portal keeps after zoning, and first encountering large RVR groups of enemies from other realms.

The option is under the "Config Performance" menu that allows you to control how the client loads skins from disk. This will allow you to partially load some of the textures the game uses to avoid hitches and pauses in key game situations.

- [No Precaching] will work largely as before.

- [Precache Armor Skins] is the suggested regular setting. Armor skins will be partially loaded into memory. It will take up more memory on average than [No Precaching], but it will eliminate some hitches and pauses.

- [Precache All Skins] is recommended for machines with >512MB of RAM. This option will cause the game to take up more memory, but should significantly decreases hitches as you run around the world.

These options are documented in-game in the "Config Performance" menu (under "Options" at the character select screen.)

We have optimized the creation of houses as you move around the housing zone. You should experience far less hitching and lag as you move around or zone into these zones.


Dark Age of Camelot now has a new player market system, where player crafters can choose to publish all the wares being displayed on their consignment merchants to a database than can be searched by other players. Please note that this system will only be available in housing zones.

If you are a merchant, to publish the contents of the consignment merchant that you own to the search engine database, type "/listmerchant". Typing /listmerchant again removes your merchant from the database. Once a merchant is in the database, all changes to that merchant will be updated on the fly (price changes, adding items to merchant, items being sold from merchant, etc) with no further intervention from the user. Note that /listmerchant will only work when you are near a house you own.

To search the consignment merchant database, you will right click on the Market Explorers that are placed at the entrance to each area, as well as in the central market of each zone. Use the window to enter information about the item you are searching for, and click "search". A list of all items matching your search criteria will be returned to you in pages of 20 items at a time. You can page through the items using the Previous and Next buttons."

Please note that when you get a list of items back from your search, you will be given a lot number where the consignment merchant selling the item can be found - you must then go to that merchant to purchase the item.

Skill lists on the Player Market Query window will only show those skills available to your realm (except on Gaheris, Mordred, and Andred where it will show skills from all three realms).

RvR and more- From the Herald-8/6

, Aug 8, 03 9:51 PM.

- (Pendragon Only Bug) Carpet in houses (all tiers) will no longer disappear when you log out of the game and back in.



Relic Keep Guard Changes

- There is a small change to how some guards will now handle relic raids. For every Relic Keep, the interior doors will now be guarded by named guards from the keep that is closest to the other Relic Keep in that realm. For example, the interior doors of Castle Excalibur are now being guarded by Hurbury Knights. These inner door guards have been given strict instructions to not leave the courtyard at any time, and they also cannot be damaged by players outside of the area they protect.


- The "old" dragon items from Cuuldurach, Golestandt, and Gjalpinuva will now drop made of level 10 materials, instead of the standard classic Camelot level 8 materials. Unfortunately, this does not apply to existing original dragon accomplish this, totally new items had to be made that are copies of the original set of dragon items, because an object's material cannot be changed retroactively. Of these new items, most armor pieces are set to be reactive procs now, and some of the less popular weapon procs are changed to more favorable ones.

The Cloak of Elemental Buffering (Albion) should no longer have blank level, condition and durability attributes.


Quests- General

Albion Quests

- Casters that finish the quest The Stone of Arawn will now receive a focus staff instead of the previous staff which will no longer be given in the game. If you've already completed the quest and would prefer the new reward, you should return and speak with Honayt'rt in Wearyall Village.

- Clerics will now be given a choice to choose a more cleric-appriopriate weapon as their reward for The Stone of Arawn. If you've already completed the quest and would prefer the new reward, you should return and speak with Honayt'rt in Wearyall Village.

Midgard Quests

- Casters that finish the quest Ancestral Secrets will now receive a focus staff instead of the previous staff which will no longer be given in the game. If you've already completed the quest and would prefer the new reward, you should return and speak with Ota Yrling in Aegirhamn.

Hibernia Quests

- Casters that finish the quest The Lost Seed will now receive a focus staff instead of the previous staff which will no longer be given in the game. If you've already completed the quest and would prefer the new reward, you should return and speak with Terod in Droighaid.


- The Dancing Staff (Midgard) has had its stats increased to be more appropriate for the item's level and by popular demand now has focuses instead of the Power and Resist bonuses.

- The Dancing Staff of Darkness (Midgard) has also had its stats increased to be more appropriate for the item's level and by popular demand now has focuses instead of the Power and Resist bonuses.

Foundations news & more

, Aug 8, 03 9:47 PM.

Two notes - one is big, one is small:

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.64f Test Release Notes

Thursday, August 7, 2003



- With the introduction of the new housing zones, we have increased the decay rate on the reverse auctions of the housing lots. Lots will now drop at 1.2 platinum per hour, instead of the 500 gold per hour decay rate. Further, the minimum price on a housing lot has been lowered to 300 gold.


Albion Quests

- The weapon rewards from the quest The Lost Stone of Arawn can now be traded between players.

More news from the Herald- 8/7

, Aug 8, 03 9:45 PM.
It's mighty mighty, it lets it all hang out: Q: Does QUI affect run speed?

A: No. Run speed is a constant in our game, affected only by haste magic.

Q: Is it possible for a relic to be carried through Darkness Falls using the DF portal at the relic keep? What about through the RVR frontier dungeons?

A: You can't carry it through the DF portal located in the keep you got the relic from, because the portal only works for the relic's "home team." But it's quite possible to haul the relic into the RVR dungeons.

Q: I would like to know once and for all (to silence the debate) whether your torch (if on) can be seen by the enemy realm?

A: Yes. You're "lit up" if your torch is on.

Q: I just got done exploring Dartmoor on Pendragon, looking for named giants to kill to check out the new drops. I noticed that the named giants do not always drop items now. Is this intended? Or, put another way, are the named giants in Dartmoor supposed to drop items all the time as they used to, or has this changed with the new item drop list that they now utilize?

A: Well, this one engendered a two-part response from our friends on the world team. First, an excellent explanation of how we set drop rates for named mobs in Dark Age of Camelot emerged from the keyboard of the item princess. Read on:

"Drop rates for named mobs are determined by how often the mob can spawn, and to a lesser degree what level the mob is. A longer spawn rate means a higher chance at magic drops, while a shorter spawn rate means a lower chance at magic drops. Named mobs above level 50 will tend to have slightly higher drop rates than named mobs below level 50.

"The named mobs in Dartmoor, Sheeroe Hills, and Malmohus that received new items during 1.64 spawn frequently enough that they do not have a guaranteed 100% drop rate."

Great explanation – but does that mean the drop rates have been changed in 1.64 for these creatures? Short version – yes. The drop rates for the named mob encounters in the three zones listed above are incorrectly set on the live servers, and will change in 1.64. (You can't say we don't 'fess up when we did in fact make changes! ;) Thanks to the Pendragon tester for bringing this to my attention, so that I could make sure our whole player base was correctly informed.)

Q: I have a level 30 Paladin and he seems to parry better when he uses his slashing weapon more so that when he wields his war mace. Is the weapon type a modifier for the parry skill?

A: Certain weapon "styles" can give bonuses to parry/block/evade chance, but the weapons themselves don't.

Q: In the notes for 1.64D under the Items section you say, "Trophy items are no longer sellable." However, in another section of the notes you say that the items can now be searched for on the player consignment merchants. I'm confused.

A: Our content producer explains, "(As of 1.64) you can no longer accidentally sell trophies to a vendor for 2cp. You can still sell them through your merchant to other players."

Q: So, I was armor crafting, right? I bought 50 alloy bars to start with. I was crafting boned and llamar armor. After I was done salvaging the stuff I ended up with 70 alloy bars. I then made another full inventory and finally finished the night with 95 alloy bars. Is this right?

A: Sure looks good when you put it like that, eh? The fact of the matter is, though, while you came out of the deal with more alloy bars, you didn't get back any of your other components, so it's not quite the deal it first appears to be. The salvage system only returns one type of material to you.

Q: Which is better, 50 spec in weapon/offensive magic line XYZ or 39 (+11 item bonus points)?

A: I never answer these definitively, because that way lies madness. What's better? It's entirely subjective, and depends on you and your style of play. Do you solo or group? Do you prefer open field combat, or dungeon crawling? Are you into PVE or PVP? And if you picked PVP, do you enjoy mass combat or do you really like dueling? Are you going to make it all the way to fifty, or are you the type of player who actually prefers the thirties? Do you have a defensive or an offensive style?

Here's the thing. A "natural" 50, where you chose to put each of those points into the spec line, has some advantages. You get more spells and styles, obviously, and there are other formulas involving damage and skill that use your spec number. However, when we're talking about strictly base damage, 50 spec is equal to 39 plus 11 points in items. If you have that natural 50, plus 11 points in items, you will consistently hit things in your upper range because your base damage and your maximum damage are both high – in other words, low variance.

Many people choose to get to fifty with items, as opposed to going natural. They feel that the extra improvement and offensive prowess gained in one skill line going with spec points isn't equal to the value of getting a certain level of proficiency in another line with the points they "save."

The point is, it's about choices. You can be the best ever at one thing, or sacrifice a certain amount of your "perfection" to gain more coverage across your other lines. It's up to you, and no answer I can give you will be appropriate for all contexts.

Q: Is the Realm Ability "Second Wind" usable in combat?

A: Yes.

Q: What's the math for Mentalist's Level/Spec vs the level of pet you can charm?

A: I can't give out the formula, because it's too complicated, with too many factors playing a role. Roughly: The chance to charm a creature is a sliding scale. As the level of the potential pet exceeds the caster's level, your chance to charm greatly diminishes. Your spec in the pet line does play a part, however, so someone with specialization will consistently charm higher level pets.

Q: Insert necro question here.

A: Y'all, most of the necro questions I got this week got the response "currently under discussion and will be addressed in 1.65 if not sooner." Sorry to be so vague, but you are on the schedule.

Q: Is Shield damage (when using a bash intended to damage, for example) dependent on a primary weapon skill?

A: When using a shield bash, it's your shield skill that determines damage.

Q: Are monsters affected by acuity buffs?

A: Nope.

That's it for the column this week, thanks for all the questions. And thanks for the feedback on our new Herald design. Our programmer has been working on it for quite some time, and it's great having so many eyes on it helping us to put the final shine on everything.

If you're looking for opportunities to put your own shine on things a little more directly, don't forget to click the Team Lead Ticket and check out the volunteer opportunities.

Have a great weekend!


, Aug 5, 03 6:50 PM.
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